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1,750 jobs to go at Qantas

Old 6th May 2009, 02:25
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LH Tech Crew haven't had a pay rise since the end of 2005. If the EBA vote get up on Friday then the pay rise included in it will be a compounded rise slightly over 17% by the EXPIRY of the EBA, which is the end of next year, 2010.
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Old 6th May 2009, 03:44
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dostum, your obvious and profound ignorance of the background pertaining to this issue, combined with your need to see fit to pass comment on it, is "astonishing".

Perhaps you should restrict your future pontifications to matters military, so as possibly to appear somewhat less cretinous and buffoonishly ill-informed.

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Old 7th May 2009, 09:40
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Back to the thread. Just read the QF News and AJ quoted as saying that the equivalent of 500 managers will be let go. What does equivalent mean here, like equivalent to grounding 10 aircraft. That means not actually grounding 10 aircraft but resting them a day or so each. So will they rest them (managers) a day at a time?
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Old 7th May 2009, 09:44
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Cabin crew has no shortage of superfluous "managers".

None have been let go thus far.
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Old 10th May 2009, 01:21
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Not so long ago, I did a trip to an Asian destination and had the pleasure of having a coffee with the on board supervisor in the city.

Just common chit chat, nothing special. The supervisor asked if my Team manager was XYZ. I said yea, and the supervisor ask what I think of XYZ, I only said the first thing that came to my mind : I do not trust XYZ.

Fast Forward 5 weeks into the future, yes, you are right folks, was yanked into the office with 40 questions why I did not trust XYZ. When asked wtf?
team manager said it was the supervisor's duty to talk to team managers about crew, even at a cafe in the city.

Qantas is hopeless, seriously, there is no hope left.

Fast forward 1 month later, the on board supervisor is now a CSM! (junior supervisor) and also gave me attitude, refuse to acknowledge me at QCC.

There is just no hope in this bunch of cabin crew, honestly.

Unless the pope perform some miracles, my opinion of crew and team managers will always be one of disgust and shame.

I simply hope these people are the first to go when CR comes around. Forget about crew helping crew, it's like , would you pat a cobra on its head? you try and help them and they sting you!
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Old 10th May 2009, 01:58
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according to insiders

there will only be a 15% reduction of visitors in the coming weeks. go figure!
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Old 10th May 2009, 02:27
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The lift doesn't go to the top floor........
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Old 11th May 2009, 00:05
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Heads Down is spot on the money.
QF CC Management are scary.
Like Secret police they operate to maintain security against internal threats to the corrupt regime they represent.
Secret police forces are typically associated with totalitarian regimes, as they are often used to maintain the political power of the state rather than uphold the rule of law. Instead of enforcing the rules as ordinary managers , the secret police management are endowed, sometimes officially, to operate beyond and above the law. The secret police forces are accountable only to the executive CC manager . They operate entirely or partially in secrecy, that is, most or all of their operations are obscure and hidden from the general management .Like Hitlers Germany they rely on a network of give ups, dobbers, pyschophants, brown nosers to stay in power and hence enforce "the law' .These people are promoted as a reward for their complicity. Ability is a non word. Time for the broom to sweep through.
Keep it coming Heads Down .
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Old 11th May 2009, 00:25
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it's much better that team managers spend the resources and money to assist and support crew in higher education courses Business etc. rather than lisening to needless gossip and issue clause 11. But you won't see that. They are too addicted to watching people in trouble,.

Psychologist have studied this group of people as addicted to authoritarian behavior, they simply love seeing people in trouble, it gives them a sense of satisfaction that they are not in the **** you are in when they give you a clause 11

Is there any wonder Qantas has never been voted Employer of Choice in the last century?

The reason why Qantas would not invest and empower their crew to higher learning to succeed is because they really do not want to see you succeed in life, simple as that.

They would like to see you serving meals for the rest of your life.

talk about investment in their people, another crock of Qantas ****.

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Old 23rd May 2009, 03:54
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All Quiet On The Western Front ???

Heard any new news or gossip ?

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Old 23rd May 2009, 05:35
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it would appear that out of the 1750 to be let go, about Zero was let go so far.
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Old 23rd May 2009, 08:52
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Was of the impression IT took a hit...
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Old 23rd May 2009, 22:25
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Or maybe as one of my more cynical friends suggested, the announcement was nothing more than a beat up by management to influence the share price as some of their shares were due to vest.
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Old 23rd May 2009, 23:07
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Nope. A number of 'contractors' have been let go in Group Flight Training. In many cases these guys and gals were with QF over a significant period of time and were great instructors. I don't think that it was only contractors that were let go in Flight Training either. I don't have firm information but a number of employees have been made redundant. The Chief Pilot put a memo out on Friday about the issue but didn't provide specific numbers.

The real number may or may not be 1750 but there are colleagues who are being made redundant and that's a tragedy for all of us.
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As Usual

The wrong people are let go and the deadwood stay.In Cabin Services there are at least 16 people who have overstayed their welcome largley down to their complete incompetence.
In any company management needs to be turned over around every 5 years in order to provide fresh perspective,new ideas and a new direction.Many in this current bunch have been here for 8 years...way too long
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Old 24th May 2009, 00:43
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Was of the impression IT took a hit...
How would anyone notice the difference?
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Umm, you no longer need Windows '96 to access Qantas IT e-mails?
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I just dont get it

Apparently we have to shed about 1700 jobs. I get that,but at the same time as one of the last Qantas crew to be hired I could be staring down the barrel of redundancy.Yet I was recently forced to attend "Qantanimo" and do the exceptional thing.There were over a hundred people there. They gave us a nice lunch which was the highlight of the day.Even at say $10 a person for lunch thats $1000 a day,5 days a week.So $5000 a week just for food to run this day of nothing but fluff. Add on that the costs of busses,other companies to teach you new tricks( I can now speed think supposedly ),waiters etc.There were also people there from inter-state,so flights and hotel costs as well. I reckon they spend more on just one of this stupid day than it takes to keep 20 of me in a job.
So they can afford all of this but they have to sack 1700 staff because of costs? I could really understand them doing things like this in good times,but now?
It really makes no sense and makes me so angry at the company. The "no expense spared" feeling of the day made me more "disengaged" from Qantas than they could think. And I really donít get why Joyce and his band of executives cant see it. Perhaps because they know their jobs are safe? Some old woman was carrying on about how the place was $10 million to build and how everything was "wonderful". Great,how many jobs could have been saved with that 10 million dollars? Do the idiots that run exceptional have a direct line to reality? Probably not,am sure their jobs are safe as well
I simply cannot afford to lose my job,I have a mortgage. But they can afford to keep doing this crap at the expense of peoples livelihoods. It makes me sick. I wish Joyce could see reality,he is no better than Dixon in regards to how he sees employees. We are disposable.

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The longer you are in Qantas the more you will realise the end does not have to justify the means. Couple of years too, they did a video crystal ball thingy with bright orange deco from an outside company to Perth base, yet nothing had improved after that. So they brought in Paris cross crewing and than morale perked up. Rather then bringing in some expensive 3rd party intervention, one just needs to change the structure a little to stimulate motivation. Corporate companies like fancy training, fancy word like teamwork, exceptional etc to justify the positions of the chiefs. So far all of LG's initiation has been dismal failures. Not one customer even noticed this "exceptional" that LG invented years ago and she is still building on it with this latest "excellence" exercise. But the board loves buzzwords like that.

I think no one can do without a job at Qantas, they still overall pay above market rates for doing what the market deemed as "unskilled" work. "Unskilled" work is where you can be up and running in just a few days, CASA is happy so long as the company is happy to train EP in a few days and the strike breakers have proven this can be done, and Auckland recruitment can select suitable people within one afternoon.

The ones that can do least without the job are the very senior ones, ironically they are the most secure ones in the company. Over the span of couple of decades, these seniors would have but saved up a nice large chunk and in fact many of the seniors who opted VR are very comfortable with their own savings, and defined super payouts and the redundancies payment, but then you have to ask the union why in the face of it all, they still want to enforce the clause that would leave the junior ones who need the money most to go first.

They say this is fairness, so is virtually writing your own roster.

Also being "so angry at the company" is taboo in this forum, members here will gang up and gouge you for that very expression, they will make sure you take the QCC lift to the top floor and take medication you don't need. Sad but there are a lot of Qantas members here who want to support management decision and when there is a voice of dissent, they smother you to a virtual death.

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Another idiotic post from heads up...........English is obviously not your first language!
Once again go and seek some help!
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