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Hear Hear ,
Capt Kremin, well said!
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Capt Kremin it was 89 ol chap, and all the fossils are hoping you lot can get your act together, and combine with one strong union, call it what you will, and than and only then will you lot be a force to be reckoned with, and you are going to need to be such a force as management twist and turn in the years ahead, to get what they want, and bugger you. The fossils DON'T want to see another generation of pilots end up on s#it street, there is nothing pleasant about it at all. Take it from a lot of fossils, including me.
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Kremin wasn't referring to THE dispute, he was referring to when AFAP (overseas branch) formally split from the AFAP to form the AIPA. That some are still so caught up in the events of '89 that it impacts on their comprehension skills is telling.....or it was simply an honest mistake in which case it means nothing!
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Hi Keg
after reading your post I was afraid I too may have misinterpreted Capt Kremins post. Fortunately ,no, there can be no possible way of misinterpreting what Capt Kremin meant from the context of his post.
He was in fact talking about "The Rift" not "The Dispute", about that there can be no dispute.
Maybe age is catching up Teresa.
What was that term,cheeky F/O's use in situations like this,"Capt SOC" isn't it?
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You can call it Polly speak if you like, however I am not on any committee for ANY union and never have been!
Just a line driver who thinks! I joined QF in 88 so not involved directly with any of "the split" or the "dispute" I have nothing to gain.
If I wanted to be quiet I can just sit back as a mainline LH Captain, none of this will affect me - but I feel for others.
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You want all pilots to get their "act together, and combine with one strong union" and yet you start this thread off in a provocative manner towards QF pilots. What hope do the current generation of pilots have in forming a close bond with sniping from the sidelines from "fossils"like you. It is time to move on. Having just read AIPA Insights (newsletter for AIPA members) I believe they are doing their very best to support all Jetstar pilots in the current situation.
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So Kremin, you are suggesting that those 500 involved in "the rift", remained isolated and passed on none of their thoughts or ways to those that have followed.

And then we have the disgraceful contempt of all things non-mainline, until recent times. New concept, or was that something passed on by those "ineffective" 500.

Get a grip, you have an organisational culture that has not changed since the inception of the organisation in the 80's.

Your history speaks for itself.

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Teresa Green, what are you trying to achieve with your posts? Don't you think someone else could come up with similar anecdotes regarding Jetstar pilots bagging QF pilots. Your liberal use of the term 'Skygods' says it all.

It would seem one of your offspring are flying for JQ? Don't you think it would be to their advantage, to be involved in a body that wants to further the interests of professional pilots? Instead you're just dragging up all the old animosity.

I have family connections to the era you speak so fondly of in another thread, so I may even have met you, though I hope not. You are retired and should be enjoying that...yet you throw petrol on the fire in difficult times.
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Thumbs down


Whilst you feel that QF's history speaks for itself it appears unfortunately that your dislike for mainliners means that your view of that history is being distorted significantly. Given the articulated stance of many QF drivers on this forum (Going Boeing, noip, myself to name just three), it's pretty malicious to suggest that we have 'contempt' for things other than mainline. It's also pretty narrow minded to suggest that the organisational culture hasn't changed over the last decade when a) you're not part of it and b) it actually has- considerably- and for the better.

What is truly sad is that irrespective of the history, it is those with a good view of the future that see the need for unity, all the while you remain mired in your gloom and doom of the past. There is none so blind as those that will not see.

The options are plain as I see it. You can continue to view the world through your dislike and distrust or you can get on board and work for the future of the profession. As the J* adds say, you have a choice.

(PS: I have only contempt for individual PPRuNe posters when their comments indicate that they deserve it. Some of them are J*, some of them are QF drivers and some are DJ drivers. All of them tend to have a pretty big chip on the shoulder. Again, it's your choice).
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Maui, I joined QF during the mass recruitments of the late 80's. My "cultural indoctrination" was a brief history of what had happened at the beginning of the decade. It meant little to me then and it probably means even less to those who followed me. Very little gets mentioned about it ever by the line guys because 95% weren't involved and don't give a rats!
People don't care why it happened or who screwed who or about some unforgiveable slight at some long forgotten conference.
Your constant references to the dim past merely serve to prevent what could be a better future.
The Company rejoice when they see this sort of thing. Ian Oldmeadow gets a nice little bonus and pilots get nowhere.
Not one of the guys on the current AIPA COM was around in 1981. Col Adams was the last and he has retired.

FFS give it a rest.
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Jimothy, go read it again. What I am trying to say, that until both the groups can get it together you are pushing it uphill. Sure QF'S attitude over the years would get up anybodies nose, and it is not a attack on anyone in person, but the culture still exists, and by the way I also have one flying for QF, so that ends that theory. I just think it would be great if you all could get your s#it together and stick it to management thats all.
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