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Qantas Airbus A330/200/300 The Flying Freezer

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Qantas Airbus A330/200/300 The Flying Freezer

Old 28th Feb 2009, 11:24
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Why would we want "max hot" when we can make it temperate? ...which is what is required.
Fact...no matter who controls what on an Airbus A330 the temperature features are a mess.
Which is why QF have now given permission for crew to wear all weather jackets in the cabin on night sectors.
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 11:34
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For the flight deck old trout.
Pity the poor second officer that has to sit behind you for 14 hours.
But then again you probably have 12 hours in the bunk.
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 11:44
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Good God

Not TWO Captains on the same Flight Deck.
Who gets to be on top?The Svelte 172cm/ 120kg one?
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 15:04
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These sort of infantile debates proves and achieves nothing......

I don't care who controls the cabin temp or who has the biggest knob but I do care about the cabin temp being comfortable and consistent.....which it isn't....

The point which is the theme of this thread is about the temp in the galleys and doors and not who controls it.

Back Seat Driver....To simply have a shot at someone because they are saying it is cold only reflects poorly on your personality but thats your choice.

I have never seen the drivers sitting up there with blankets wrapped around themselves to keep warm whereas this is a common occurrence in the galleys.In fact I cannot remember any flightdeck being anything other than warm as toast.

To suggest that those Cabin Crew unhappy with this are less capable than you to withstand cold shows a lot about you....so much for CRM
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 15:33
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Just remember this.............

The punter allows the Co. to pay your salary, no punters, no salary wits.

I grew up in the 1960s UK charter industry, I learnt very, very early who pays my wages

We all know the industry wording behind QANTAS, so stop acting like some spaced out queens
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 20:25
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The FAP contols the Cabin Temeperature within a required range.Pilot input not required.Unfortunately the temperature indicated on the FAP is not the actual temperature in the Cabin.Neither the Flt Deck Knob or the FAP controls the temperature in the Galleys.
Switching the chillers off after the meal service helps
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 23:14
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This is really becoming tedious and it's no wonder that the mods lose patience....

This is not about the insecurities of those posting here.....this is about Galley temps being so cold that you have to wear several layers of extra clothing to keep warm other than those supplied by the company.....if you think about it,crew wearing blankets is not a good look and does not fit into the image the company wants the pax to see.

Lets' look at several facts....

The flight deck never gets this cold ...

The galley's are not controlled by either the flight deck or the FAP .....

The temp datum is set by the pilots but then is adjusted by Cabin Crew using the FAP to several degrees +/-.This is so that we do not have to bother the flight deck every 30 minutes or so and should not be misconstrued by pilots here as an attempt to over ride their authority.

A380-800 driver,to be honest I don't care if the drivers want to control the temp .If you as pilots feel your power is being usurped by Cabin Crew adjusting the cabin temp then do it and be prepared to have Cabin Crew call you several times an hour...

If the CSM does not have to do it then it's one less thing for Cabin Crew to do.This is not a pi$$ing contest .....

The problem could simply be fixed by either a tech mod or by supplying more clothing for the Cabin Crew.

Knowing the cost involved for a tech mod it would seem the easiest and cheapest fix would be to give the crew some extra clothing but as usual the Middle East will find peace before this happens....
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 01:02
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I would suggest that A380 driver is representative of a select few pilots who have social inabilities and severe "power" "iSSsewes". He is not "luckily" the representative nor should be construed as the voice of the majority of pilots.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 01:30
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A Moment of Clarity

Blueloo you have nailed it in one.
Have a look at "Qantas A380 woes" Thread.
He has SkyGod issues
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 02:52
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Temp Controls

The most recent post by LowerLobe is the most truthful and balanced post I have read thus far on this thread. I know nothing about the A330 system, however it seems that the "Master Temp Control" is in the cockpit and a "Trimming Control" is in the cabin. What I am unable to determine from any post is whether or not anyone is able to "trim" individual zones. As a retired Classic F/E I am aware that the temperature in various zones can vary markedly and that is why there were five Zone controls on the F/E panel. I agree that it must be uncomfortable for the CC if they are unable to maintain a comfortable working environment and regardless of what is needed to address the problem it should be sorted out. As for the obvious sniping by those at the sharp end toward those in the cabin, and vice versa, it seems to an old bugger like me to be childish crap which does nothing to enhance the operation.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 04:22
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you can

control the cabins from the FAP but it is the galleys(especially the rear galley which is a problem). there has been a minor mod done but it is not enough. easy solution-bring back the cardigans.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 06:29
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Too Much to Ask?

I just want to work in a comfortable environment and provide the same for the passengers
I am not interested in the condescending advice from some pompous pratt who dwells in the sandpit and is totally absorbed in his own micro managing self importance
The issues are cold galleys at doors 2 and 4 on the A330 and the stability of temperature throughout the cabin.
Passengers continually complain about the coldness.Qantas only provides a limited number of extra blankets.
Set the temperature to 24 and it is either too hot or too cold.The true temperature in the cabin is not indicative of that displayed on the FAP.It can be 26 in the Cabin..too hot...and it is still freezing in the galleys.
There appears to a fault that is common to all Qantas A330.
I live on these things.Have spoken to the pilots who by their own admission have limited input.
It requires constant monitoring and is never right.I continously walk through the cabin monitoring the temperature and taking note of passengers wearing not only a blanket but also a sweater.I alter the temperature to create a comfortable evironment.It doesnt stay stable for long.Flt level changes also seem to have an impact.
I dont know what the answer is and neither apparently does engineering.
In the meantime we can now rug up
A380 Driver save your sarcasm and unimaginative infantile commentary for some low bar where the non english speaking girls are impressed ...NOT.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 06:48
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Bring back the cardigans and half the problem is solved. I agree the FAP temp shown is never what it actually is in the cabin. No aircraft I've flown on has had such a variation in temp in different cabin zones. J class are too hot, Y between doors 3 & 4 are freezing their arses off, you can't win!

After awhile of futilely playing with the temp controls on the FAp we give up calling the guys at the front because they get just as sick of adjusting the bloody thing as we do!! I recall at one point extra blankets were being loaded for pax sat at Doors 3 exit rows, as they were too cold even with temp at max.

The suggestion of turning chillers off after themeal service sounds good in theory but I didn't think we were permitted to do that as we are still using items out of carts until right before landing. Once chillers have been off for an hour we can't use the cart contents. Unless of course it's bottled water/whatever but no-one wants room temp water & juice for the arrival service do they??

As I see it, easiest solution for all, give us cardigans. EK have them, Etihad have them, DJ have jumpers, how come we don't have anything ' in between' a blouse and a jacket? No wonder everyone is always off sick with colds/coughs/flu.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 06:58
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Let's try and stay on the same page here and not get involved with personalities....

A380-800 driver...I can't comment on EK 330's but we all know that different airlines use different galleys and they don't come from the same company...

Perhaps QF's galleys have different configurations and so on....but you can take it as a fact that QF's galleys on the 200 and 300's are cold and that doesn't begin to describe the temp.As Defcon said the Cabin Temp is also anything but stable and cruising alt seems to play around in the equation some where...

To me it doesn't matter one iota who controls the temp and perhaps it keeps the drivers awake at night when the phone calls persist from Cabin Crew but if I were tech crew I would be happy to leave it to the crew dealing with the pax and the cabin...unless of course it was ridiculously low or high and that would indicate yet another problem of a more serious nature...

As has been said all it would take to fix is the simple cardigan.....but finding next weeks lotto numbers would be easier to arrange.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 07:11
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Has anyone thought to document some hard evidence...?

Like a thermometer and a camera.

Send it off to your union, safety department, CASA, ATSB. Everyone really. Not much point complaining here!
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 07:20
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Surveys,documentation and the Association together with OH and S are all involved.
Maybe a result soon
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 09:18
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Slander ?

You mean libel
Slander is oral defamation whereas libel is written
You accuse others of getting their facts wrong.
Try first to get yours right
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 09:53
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I would venture that the complaints of, too hot and too cold by the pax are more than likely referenced to the air exiting the individual air vents (which heat up and cool down, by the addition of, or restriction of, the trim air, trying to stabilize the area temp) rather than the ambient cabin temperature. As Defcon says (and I'm assuming you're a CSM or CSS)
I alter the temperature to create a comfortable environment
then you would cause the trim air temperature to vary wildy in a vain attempt to alter the ambient cabin temp. Better off to alter the fap a little, and forget for an hour or so.
And bye the bye Defcon, your "QF computer generated fuel dump, with #3 engine shutdown", in the A380 locked thread was simply a #3 fuel feed tank, quantity totaliser fault, that would not allow the tank to be re-fueled prior to departure. The fact that you make unsubstantiated farcical claims in the manner that you did in a public forum shows that you are mischievous and irresponsible, and have no idea what you are talking about.

Last edited by Back Seat Driver; 1st Mar 2009 at 10:09. Reason: To remove calling Defcon4 a goose.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 10:07
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If you re read Defcons post the fuel dump part was not related to last nights QF 31.
Why would a fuel dump occur on the ground?
What would be the purpose of such a "mischievious" post
The matter is done and dusted.
You have never made an erroneous post?
Be a little magnanimous with your infinite wisdom and knowledge
You will find that it was most likely my post,
Take your venom out on me

Last edited by blackguard; 1st Mar 2009 at 10:20.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 10:40
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go boeing....

Bugger, just got home from flying my boeing - with a wonderfully temperate cabin - and nearly dropped my glass of red reading this highly amusing thread about you poor creatures.
What a dreadful state of affairs that such an advanced manufacturer can't even get a temp controller to work properly.....
bloody frogs..

I won't even mention that pithy little bon mot about 'if it ain't boeing, I ain't going'. That would be going too far. ahem.

Hope you all get it sorted out - get a decent uniform with jumpers whilst you're at it.

now, where is that bloody bottle..
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