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QANTAS - Working on the A380

Old 21st Nov 2009, 06:16
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To suggest that anyone would openly sms during the landing or taxi phase of the flight is ridiculous.

Not quite as ridiculous however as suggesting that CC were observed shouting [you'd have to, to be heard] at each other from opposing doors about the earnings of others.

Did you miss that distinction Twiggs when you jumped in so quickly to confirm the assertion???

PlaneGuy013's comments are nothing more than a blindingly transparent and rather pathetic attempt to vilify and demonise QF's more expensive cabin crew group.

In who's interests would it be to do that I wonder.......?

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Nice try, thankfully I have never been out with a hostie let alone dumped. Too much attitude for me. Thinking they're gods gift to everything, when they're really just aerial waitresses.

No b scales in Qantas mainline mate. The 767 is actually on a better wicket now, thanks for enquiring!

Beef or chicken, wow, rocket science!
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thankfully I have never been out with a hostie let alone dumped
Quite right. A god like you, dumped ?

Even the concept itself is beyond comprehension.

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It is indeed. I have flown LH every few weeks for years and also have the impression that both the A380 crews and London-based crews on the 747 are more professional and engaged than the others. I have fifteen or so colleagues who travel as frequently as I or almost. Their views are similar. I wish it weren't so but abuse of pax who don't know the rules -how could they?- and manifest lack of interest in pax needs are all too frequent on the 747s. This is not universal by any means; most of the crew are both friendly and helpful. But some should be in other jobs.

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Those in The Wrong Job

In almost job/profession known to man there are those that dont have the skills/personality/ education or intellect to do whatever job as well as their colleagues.
Flying is no different.
There are probably around 10% of CC who should be doing something else.Unfortunately if you are on aircraft which is crewed by a portion of that 10% you will leave with a less than favourable impression.This can be down to training or the recruitment process.
"This is not universal by any means;most of the crew are both friendly and helpful.But some should be in other jobs"
CC in every airline tend to be a soft target.The abuse that Sing Air girls get from overweight middle aged Australian males is unbelievable.Most airline crews at some stage have to accept a rollicking over something that they have no contol over.Female passengers can be particularly cruel to female CC.Makes me wonder why any female would want to be a flight attendant.
Vomit,abuse,cleaning toilets,back of the clock flying,loneliness,homesickness are all reasons for doing something else.The remuneration these days is paltry.It has become a short term vocation for young single people with very little life experience.Takes about two years to toughen up.By the time that happens its ready to leave.
A continuous stream of new young faces.Fodder for airlines and the increasingly unpleasant travelling public
Dont become a flight attendant.Do your body and your dignity a favour and do something else.
Look at this website and the criticism directed at CC.Most posters here deride the position as vacuous.The only time their opinion changes is when they experience a medical or operational emergency.Who do they look for for help.?
The hostie you just abused because she forgot your drink may just be the one who saves your life later

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Thank God for Funbags

I flew for thirty years and met a lot of people like Funbags.Because of people like him I talked both my daughters out of wanting to be flight attendants.
One is a lawyer and the other a corporate PA.Thank God for people like Funbags
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Apparently plans are now in place for the closure of the London cabin crew base. It will be put before the board shortly to be signed off. The reason for the closure being continuing poor customer feedback, Sydney management being unable to maintain control of management of the base, continual high staff turnover and sick leave and cost savings now negligible with the introduction of QCCA Australian based crew.
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