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Nancy Bird-Walton Dies..

Old 13th Jan 2009, 04:05
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Nancy Bird-Walton Dies..

From yahoo news..

Australian aviation pioneer Nancy Bird Walton has died at her Sydney home, aged 93.

Named a Living National Treasure by the National Trust of Australia in 1997, Ms Walton died from natural causes about 2pm (AEDT) on Tuesday at Mosman on Sydney's north shore.

Ms Walton was 17 when she learned to fly in 1933, taught by Charles Kingsford Smith.

Two years later she became the first woman in Australia to obtain her commercial pilot's licence.

Ms Walton went on to pioneer an air ambulance service for outback NSW.
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What a sad loss. You will be remembered forever Nancy.

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Farewell to a Gem

Disco Stu
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Learnt morse from her 78 RPM vinyl. A grand old Dame of Australian aviation merely strapping on a new set of wings I'm sure. Contributed much, we need more such as she. RIP
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They broke the mould after they made Nancy,

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A life worth celebrating.

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A true lady, in every sense of the word - and an inspiration to all pilots, not just us girls. A pioneer in her time and a dedicated ambassador for Australian aviation.

Godspeed on gossamer wings, Ms Walton
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A quick search on this forum will show how much respect she has amongst the community, and how awfully much a lot of people have learned from her.

Your name will fly on with VH-OQA, and I hope you do to wherever you are.
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Nancy Bird-Walton

Probably no aviator in Australia has not heard the name Nancy Bird-Walton and there was no section of the aviation fraternity to which Nancy would not make herself available if asked. Any pilot who lands on the Old Bar Heritage Airstrip, near Taree and opened in the late 1920's, can say a quite "Thank You" to Nancy. She, along with many others, lent her support to the struggle to save Old Bar Airstrip from becoming sporting fields. Not once, but twice, Nancy attended celebrations at Old Bar. First in 1988 when Old Bar was "rededicated" and again in 2000 when she officially "reopened" the airstrip, which had been closed for the previous six years. We have indeed lost a true aviation icon and a real lady. As another posted, Nancy will surely be just using a different set of wings. Thank you Nancy from the Old Bar Heritage Airstrip Management Committee.
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Nancy was an inspiration to us all. Such a feisty character and a wicked sense of humour.

I feel privileged to have met her and we'll certainly miss her.

What a life!
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Nancy has slipped the surly bonds of earth....and touched the face of God.

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God bless you and keep you Nancy. Oscar Quebec Alpha will serve as a reminder of what you achieved every time we see her taxi by or fly over bearing your name proudly.

A magnificent lady and a huge loss to Australia and Aviation.

Condolences to those left behind.

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She changed her name to Nancy-Bird Walton some time ago!

That's also how her name appears on the first Qantas A380!
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We have lost Aviations Matriach, how many of us could have done what Nancy did, I suspect very few, flying aircraft made of glue and wood this amazing woman flew the Australian outback, with few aids, certainly no air conditioning, and was far flung stations connection to the rest of the world. The RFDS was her passion, as was flying. How many women she inspired to follow her, and for years she was the president of the Australian Womens Pilot Assoc. The fact that we now have women, as QF and other airline Captains is no small legacy of Nancy and her ambition to have women take their place as pilots and follow in her footsteps. Vale Nancy you were amazing, now flying with much loved friends, you have cemented your place in Australian history, and will live on forever, it was a privelege to know you.
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An extract to a letter to the editor I sent earlier today...

Today is a truly tragic day in Australian aviation. Nancy-Bird Walton was a hero. To a nation, a national treasure, to an aspiring pilot, a hero and to a female pilot, the ultimate role model. She deserved every part of her OBE. I remember meeting her at an early fundraising event for the Bankstown Aviation Museum, as an eager 8 year old she was a delightful and lovely woman, who gladly autographed something for me and spoke to me about aeroplanes. She was delightful! Her impact will be felt forever, as an innovator (with her development of aeromedical services), as the leader and patron of the Australian Women Pilotsí Association (which she founded), as a delightful, caring, intelligent, legitimate and beautiful woman, and most importantly as a fantastic wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and daughter.

Long live the Queen of the Skies. May you enjoy the great blue skies of Heaven. God Bless.
Vale Nancy-Bird Walton. 16/10/1915-13/1/2009.
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Another victim of her 78rpm Morse lessons in 1968.

She will be missed.
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I am sad to hear that she has passed away. I read about her first a few years back. I was impressed with what she accomplished. One great aviator. Her fame is not limited to within Australia and NZ.
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Post Outback

I think my lasting memory of Nancy will be her endeavours during Federation Airshows in the Outback; 6 airshows in Western Queensland in 2001.

Nancy flew in the Connie and at each stop sat at a table in a shade-tent signing her book [with a donation to HARS from each one sold.] Hat, gloves and immaculately dressed, she was always a lady!

Equally, she was an ambassador for aviation at all times. Over the years she's used her position speaking in various fora to lambast the authorities for the decline in LAME's in Oz and always promoting women pilots.

A privilege to have known her...RIP.

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Yes I have to agree with Feather on the outback Airshows. She was fantastic, and had stamina well beyond her age. I ran into her again in Roma at the Women Pilot's Conference where Dick Smith donated his jet and his pilot Richard to bring her in from Sydney.

She will be remembered for her spirit, her kindness, and her beauty.

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Those of us who fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive with a gift that lies within our hands and beneath our feet.

Fly high Nancy
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