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Joyce the new CEO of Qantas

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They'll need a new "welcome onboard" message...

Something like: "Welcome to Qantas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jetstar Airways P/L".
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It's fairly obvious now as to what the "Dixon Plan " was/is.
JetStar to grow to a 100 fleet plus airline.
Obviously at Qantas' expense.
All very well, but where do you think all those pilots needed to fly those aircraft are going to come from?
Forget 457 visas.
The overall crewing establishment of a combined QF/JQ ,with forecast growth, won't change, only the mix will.
It's obvious that for JetStar to grow Qantas must shrink and it's only logical that a large number of those "polluting Qantas pilots " will be working for the LCC offshoot? (Is that soon to be parent?)
Is this what was meant by soon to be ex-Chief Pilot Manning when he waxed lyrically about how they ? (management?) had given up trying to convince Qantas Captains of managements vision.
The future of the company lay in it's S/O's and F/O's.
Just look at how the payscales in JetStar have been pitched.
For a Qantas S/O or F/O to take an upgrade under a JetStar type contract will mostly mean the upgrade in rank without a corresponding upgrade in pay or conditions.
Faced with the alternative I'd say most will jump.
However Qantas Captains by and large will be looking at a sizable pay cut.
Leaves you to wonder what if anything they can do.
Leaving the present EBA open would be an obvious tactic to gain some form of negotiating leverage over the new management team and try and extract some sort of guarantees.
No wonder management never expected to "win over" those individuals.
This is going to make for some very interesting group dynamics.
One question that springs to mind is the concept of a "group opportunity list" once there becomes no differences in cost.
What sort of a seniority integration list will evolve?
Interesting times indeed.
Here's to the future, what ever it may bring.

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Qantas share price down....

Could have something to do with Manila but the CEO selection has hardly been taken well by the market!

Is this guy the answer to the QF problems?
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DJ Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon's Strategies To Be Continued - Joyce28/07/2008 03:02PM AEST
MELBOURNE (Dow Jones)--Qantas Airways Ltd.'s (QAN.AU) new chief executive-elect, Alan Joyce, Monday said he plans to continue the strategies forged by current boss Geoff Dixon.

"This is a change of baton," Joyce, the current head of Qantas' budget offshoot Jetstar, said at a media briefing.

"There'll be a continuation of a lot of the strategies that Geoff has employed and particularly the two brands strategy and the segmentation of the business which I think are important for our future."

Joyce was anointed earlier Monday as Dixon's successor and will take up the role after the company's annual shareholder meeting on Nov. 28. Dixon, who has led the company since 2000, will stay on in a consultancy role until March 2009.

Asked about the likelihood of increased consolidation in the aviation industry given the effect of soaring jet fuel prices, Dixon told the briefing he believes strongly in consolidation.

"I think there will be consolidation at a much more rapid pace," Dixon said. "And personally, and I'm on my way out...I do not believe that Qantas will not, someway or another, consolidate with some other airline some time in the future."

Joyce said he agreed that if the current high fuel price continued a lot of airlines won't be economic as stand alone entities.

"I think Qantas will keep an eye out for opportunities," Joyce said.

Commenting on trade, Dixon said Qantas was "doing better" than he would've thought given the fuel prices and turmoil in financial markets.

"We're trading pretty well," Dixon said. "We're still pretty confident of the future but it's difficult times."
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The Ducks Are Lining Up

The pilot EBA almost completed
The LAME deal done
CC EBA done and dusted for 5 years
Dixon Departs
Joyce arrives
The decks are cleared.
Now read the fine print in these new awards.
The detail will provide some clues as to the direction of Qantas under Joyce.
Some employees will be working under the JetStar banner whether they like it or not.
Qantas is morphing into a new corporate creature.
One that most of us wont like.
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All this Doom n Gloom!

Now let me get this straight....... Joyce gets the top job at QF.

So what does he do?

According to some of you lot he deliberately and with ruthless zeal destroys the airline thus biting the hand that feeds him.

And all this because he thinks his pilots are overpaid right?

Is he really that stupid?
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Every experienced GA/regoinal driver in the country should be stoked it's Joyce's trainset now!
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The take on it all...

Dixon ejects as Qantas jumps for Joyce

Ben Sandilands writes:

While Geoff Dixon appears to have been ejected from Qantas faster than an oxygen bottle can burst through the side of a rusting jet, tips about an announcement of his successor were being made weeks ago. The shock however comes from Alan Joyce, the CEO of Jetstar, being named designate chief executive over the favourite Peter Greg, the CFO, and the second favourite, executive general manager John Borghetti. With hindsight there were clues from Jetstar people that Joyce was indeed the man, including jokes about how good the giant Airbus A380 would look in Jetstar colours. Dixon achieved incredibly good things for Qantas shareholders, and the Australian Government, since he turned into a taxpaying enterprise an airline that more than recovered all the losses it had incurred between being nationalised by the Chifley government upon the end of World War II and privatised in 1993.

His critics, however, damn him for also diminishing the Qantas brand by under resourcing maintenance to the point where the airline stood more for unreliable and dirty jets than quality flight, and safety was eroded to the point where overflowing sinks nearly brought down a 747 when they shorted most of the electrical system.
It is a controversial legacy, and it's a fair bet to say Dixon won’t give a damn. At the recent media conference announcing job cuts at Qantas he was challenged about the legacy he would leave when he left. He replied, "I don’t even think about my legacy." At that conference Dixon said he expected to leave around mid February, when the first half results for the current year are released. Joyce is very much a non-legacy man too. He has driven Dixon’s agenda for rooting out legacy mindsets and entrenched work practices in Jetstar in pursuit of a new mass market for low fares and undermining the old Qantas ways until, eventually, its procedures and standards would be those of the budget carrier. It had been widely expected that Jetstar will in effect take over Qantas. But not under Joyce.

Coincidentally, there are signs of problems with the Jetstar model during high fuel prices and economic uncertainty. Dixon is on the record many times recently as saying demand was drying up at the low fare end of the market. And his critics had argued that he was also disguising the subsidising of Jetstar through the transfer of assets from Qantas.
How Joyce deals with the new dynamics of high oil air transport is the big unknown.
One bean counter replacing another it seems.
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Whatever your view of the CEO elect is the timing of the announcement that I find curious.

Is this an attempt to deflect attention from the aircraft in Manila or is this one incident/crisis too many for GD?
Qantas, the "Flying Sheltered Workshop and Airline Museum" has a new CEO.
I understand that some do not care for history and tradition genex but I guess that your partly right in that J* does operate under the umbrella of the Qantas the sheltered workshop analolgy would be close to the mark....

However,if J* is lucky enough to survive as long as Qantas has and build a reputation as Qantas has then you might be in a position to make remarks like that in around 80 years or so...
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Now that Joyce has won the pot of gold ,so to speak ,and is now ,or soon will be, the "face" of Qantas, I wonder if maybe he could now afford some dental work along with some elocution classes mixed with some speech pathology!
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Can anyone confirm whether Alan Joyce is an AUSTRALIAN?

Could this be another example of Qantas outsourcing?
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Qantas. The world's most experienced f%$*UP!
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Can anyone confirm whether Alan Joyce is an AUSTRALIAN?
Irish-born, Australian citizenship I believe.
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AJ is a

dual citizen, aussie and irish. once again ben sandilands puts the Qantas story it in a rather good context.
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Silver and Orange paint ????
I Hope they have lots of White and Red Paint for all the JQ aircraft that are going to be painted ....
mark my words over nite JQ will become QF ......
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Tough Challenge

It will be a very big challenge ahead for Alan Joyce now he is in charge of the entire Qantas Group.

He did a very good job in helping to get Jetstar off the ground and this is his reward.

One also needs to take in to account that he had the benefit of Qantas backing when purchasing shiny new aircraft(at cheap prices) with well established infrastructure already in place provided by Qantas.Not many stand alone LCC's have this backing in the formative years.

People are keen to draw quick comparisons to Michael O Leary from Ryanair.
Let us not forget that Joyce has simply copied the Ryanair/Easyjet/Southwest model.
He may well be a good manager but he is no visionary. A very good copycat perhaps.This does not make him a poor manager however.

Mainline has an old fleet so it will be interesting to see how he will also handle the other aspects of the Group such as Frequent flyer/ Freight/ Holidays e.t.c.

I think the doom and gloom prospects are overplayed.Jetstar is a low cost product that could not compete on premium routes as it is not a premium product.It has and will continue to have its place just as mainline will continue to.

I wish him all the best for what will be a tough job ahead.If he treats his staff with respect then perhaps the outcome could be positive for all employees and shareholders.

Lets give the man a chance.
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What is the perfered alternative ??

Dixon ?

Gregg ?

Borgetti ?

Amongst those names, surely Joyce dosent sound so bad..... does it ??
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The new CEO

and a look into the future

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Does Joyce actually speak to staff, if so that's an improvement on Darth, if not, no change.

Darth has alienated the entire workforce - if Joyce wants the company to survive he needs the staff on side.
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At least he will assist the engineers to do dual safty checks
two be sure,two be sure
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