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Merged: Tiger Tales

Old 20th Aug 2014, 08:45
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Did I hear "BINGO"... was it from TonyT?

Happy landings

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Old 20th Aug 2014, 11:05
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OEB, I have no idea why pilots at the first sign of conflict turn on each other. I don't know all the specifics but wish you all the best in redressing this situation and hope you find a company where you are happier.
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Assuming said pilot has been sacked. What reason was given for the sacking?

What I would be interested to know is if it related to operational matters or alleged drug taking.
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I'm still not sure why anyone would be drug tested 5X in a year. I have yet to be done once!
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Old 20th Aug 2014, 11:54
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Was accused of being a drug addict without a single test by Tigerair or CASA or after numerous requests for proof was completely denied
Ok that's different to the original story (about 80 pages ago) but thats ok, you didn't get to tell that story.

Accused of drugs with no positive drug test. Refuse drug test. Fired.

I was of the impression that refusing to comply with a drug test was the same as a positive outcome as far as 'most companies' are concerned, as well as CASA. That would be adequate reason for dismissal right there.
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I'm just not sure plastering all of this all over PPRuNe is the best course of action.....?
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OEB, time to delete a few of these last ones of yours & go underground with all this, I'd suggest.
You're better served that way and it gives no heads-up or lead time, to those you have in your line of fire.
Trust me, It's from experience.

Happy landings

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It is one thing to be screwed over by the company, and then to be so disrespected by posters such as Tony the Tiler is just unimaginable and disgusting.

And then this..

You didnít join a union when 80% of your mates did. You didnít join a union when your mates took protected industrial action to further the contract YOU work under (worked, past tense now). I bet you tried to join a union when your own backside was on fire.
Tony, do you enjoy being such a horrible heartless pr*ck who uses someone else misfortune to push the union barrow? If your comments are representative of the Union's thoughts on this terrible incident, I'll give up my union membership as soon as I can!!!
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A little perspective please.

It would seem that there are three parts to this problem:

1) A Tiger aeroplane had an incorrect fuel plan for a flight to Perth. The crew used initiative to attempt to fix these issues (with attendant curfew time pressures). This incident highlighted deficiencies in the flight planning / operational control areas of the operation.

2) The PIC of said aeroplane was accused of drug abuse, CASA suspended his medical, and Tiger sacked him. As to the co-operation or conspiring of Tiger and CASA; this is unknown, and could have been explored through discovery during a court process.

3) Details of the above events have leaked to the national newspapers, the sacked PIC is in the frame for the leaks.

Tiger were perversely given a gift when point 3 occurred. It now matters naught what the details of point 1 and 2 are. He can be legitimately sacked for point 3.
I submit that if the chronology of these three points is correct then, as a sacked employee, he is not bound by any company media policy and as a private citizen can say whatever he likes to the media. If he was sacked at point 2, point 3 is irrelevant.

Actually I submit there are actually four points to this problem. The three you listed, and then a fourth which are Monday Morning Quarterbacks such as yourself TT.

All of you, put yourself in Capt. Guy's position and truly question what your response would be. If what he says is indeed correct, or even partially correct, then he has been treated very unfairly indeed. I find it very unsettling that my fellow pilots are more incensed by some possibly ill considered posts by OEB than the travesty that Capt. Guy is faced with.

I know I would be extremely angry if this had happened to me. I suggest I would probably also write and say things that I wouldn't if I hadn't been so angry.

Is it helping his case, probably not, but I think he has every right to vent some frustration. People all react to extreme stress differently. As his fellow pilots it reflects very poorly on some of us that we're not ready to support him during this very stressful time. And by support, I don't mean lining up to tell him what he's doing wrong. That just adds more stress to the situation.

And to turn this into a union issue is just reprehensible.

Good luck Capt Guy, OEB et al. I wish you all the best. If what you say is true I sincerely hope that the truth is revealed and those that created the situation you face are held accountable for their actions.

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