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Australian Gov. Aviation training package

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Australian Gov. Aviation training package

Old 23rd Jun 2008, 20:49
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Am I the only one who noticed that pilots have been "officially added to skills shortage list"??? that means more points for immigration purposes. maybe REX and Deathstar wont be needing those 457 visa's after all....
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Old 23rd Jun 2008, 23:10
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I have been a participant in one way or another with the development process of these training packages for a very long time now. The latest rewrite sorts out a lot of administrative bumpf and aligns the whole lot with CASA manual of standards.

In simple terms the idea is that you will get a nationally recognized academic qualification for study and achievement for you aviation-based qualifications. As a commercial pilot you may be accredited a diploma in aviation, the content of which can be recognised towards other study - for example if you want to do more private study and convert it to a degree. These paper qualifications will be immediately recognised if you move into another industry such as maritime which has similar standards. The package covers heaps of vocations within the industry, not just aircrew and is meant to make your academic qualifications more standardised and transportable.

However, as Niles pointed out....the reality for us pilots is that employer companies need only a License level qualification for their employees to satisfy CASA requirements, and are not interested in more academics in general. The Unis obviously want to fill up more academic content in their aviation courses to (1) have longer courses, more business - minimum degree is 3 years, and especially (2) attract foreign students, because our government will not provide provided sponsored study visas for much less than degree level. So the unis fought to pump up the theory content for the award of a degree. In the end they lost out as no one was prepared to pay for unnecessary bumpf, and a diploma level was made against the existing commercial license. Employers were only interested in keeping their pilots licensed without additional costs. The ADF and CASA aligned their 'competency wordings' more closely so ADF pilots competencies could map directly to the CASA standards and so more easily gain accreditations.

So not much has really changed. CASA, the ADF and flying training organizations seem generally satisfied. Future licence holders should receive a bit of paper with their training that can be framed on the wall over the bar, and of course the package contractors received a sizable government payout. For those hoping to waltz down to RAAF HQ with ATPL/diploma in hand and ask for an F111 job or straight into a PC9, ...sorry...there is no requirement for any employer to accept your credentials (as for any job), and every employer can of course stipulate their own/additional standards ....UNLIKE a university or other registered training organisation (RTO) which will accept your bit of paper in your desire for greater academia. Similary the ADF IRT standard is still not recognised because it does not operate under the CAA, but the Defence Act (unless your IRE is also an ATO)!

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Old 23rd Jun 2008, 23:41
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So, Roller, you are saying that the only thing CASA and the Defence force are "Alligning" is by making all ADF instructors ATO's?

Under the present "Regulations" this is the only thing that can happen and the rest is proping up the education system to the detriment of the aviation industry by waisting public money on something that the "Industry" does not need, nor want, nor is required by the regulations to becoome a Pilot!

Or does the Minister want to "Rewrite the regulations"?

Sounds like "Yes Minister" gone to heaven!
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 00:51
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pilots have been "officially added to skills shortage list"??? that means more points for immigration purposes.

Not according to the Immigration website.

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Old 24th Jun 2008, 05:49
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The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,
Regional Development and Local Government

17 June 2008


Today I launched the new Aviation Training Package which delivers for the first time Australia-wide standards and qualifications for pilots and other aviation workers.
The development of this Package is particularly timely given that commercial plane and helicopter pilots were recently added to the Government's official national skills shortage list.
Industry predicts a pilot shortage of up to 1,800 over the next two to three years. Already regional services are being reduced or cancelled due to a lack of pilots.(Or Fuel surely?)
There are three special features to the Package:
  • It cuts through a myriad of state qualifications and provides nationally consistent qualifications, making it easier for people considering a career in the aviation industry;
  • For the first time the two regulators of Australia's aviation industry - the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Defence Department - have agreed on standards and requirements for pilot qualifications. This means aviation workers will be able to move more freely between civilian and defence workforces;
  • It will make it easier for overseas students to train in Australia, enhancing our reputation as a world leader when it comes to aviation training.
The Aviation Training Package is now the official guide for training pilots and other aviation workers.
Previously to become a pilot, there were a variety of state and territory qualifications, and the experience of Defence personnel was not properly recognised by civilian authorities and civilian experience wasn't formally recognised by Defence.
The new Package will be an important resource for trainers, registered training organisations, potential trainees and those already in the aviation industry.
The Aviation Training Package has been developed by the Transport and Logistics Skills Council following extensive industry consultation.
The Council has worked closely with the CASA and Defence to ensure skilled pilots can move more freely between the civilian and defence workforces - ultimately helping to overcome pilot shortages in the aviation industry.
The Aviation Training Package brings together two key priorities of the Rudd Labor Government - building a world class aviation industry and delivering an 'education revolution'.
Our first Budget provided $1.9 billion over five years to fund up to 630,000 training places through the Productivity Places Program.
This extra funding will help the Transport and Logistics Skills Council to support skills development in Australia's transport sectors, including the aviation industry.
Addressing skill shortages is also one of the issues being considered in the development of the Government's Aviation White Paper.
The Aviation White Paper - which will be finalised by mid-2009 - will guide industry growth over the next decade and beyond. It will for the first time bring together all aspects of national aviation policy into a single statement.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 15:03
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So if I already hold all the CASA qualifications, where do I go to obtain a Diploma? Is there any other work required?
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 08:16
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This is the greatest farce I have ever seen in this industry.
I can tell you that I was "invited" to a validation meeting in respect to the new aviation training package and can tell you that it was all over but the shouting before I got there.
I raised several questions and concerns as an RTO director and a professional pilot, that this was a retrograde step and would have serious consequences to all of the industry, but especially mum and dad flying schools and the good old traditional path of getting a commercial license.
I raised it with the CASA ombudsman but they simply did not want to knkow.
This is how it cam about and what drove it.
To be eligible for a student visa, a nationally accredited course under the AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework) needs to be registered with CRICOS (International Students).
International students can then apply for a visa (student) to come tho OZ to study.
This option through a Cert IV course has been available for several years.
The problem was, no students completed the cert IV, they received their licensing without it.
As such the course (cert IV) came under scrutiny due to lack of completions and was going to be scrapped (read de registered).
The larger Registered Training Organisations (TAFE) objected and went about finding a solution in an attempt to maintain their overseas student numbers (read revenue).
The industry consultation consisted of TAFE, QF and Defence!
Greatest load of Sh1t I have ever seen, but nobody cares.
I told the girl who set this in train and managed the program, she had been sold a pup and that it would have serious ramifications to the industry, deaf ears.
This was done to maintain international student revenue and for no other reason.
I am happy to take do whatever it takes to make some sense out of this.
As an owner of a relatively large RTO with avaition qualifications on our scope of registration, I could gain significantly financially out of this, but as a professional aviator with a passion for the industry this stinks.
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