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Who wants to buy Virgin Blue?

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FP wrote
I mistrust the Singaporeans, even when they bring us gifts.
Too true and a very valuble maxim to live by. The point about Temasek and SQ is theyve never EVER been pioneers or risk-takers. Temasek wouldntve embarked on Tiger Aust if they didnt believe there was potentialy serious money in it and eventual benefits like the SQ long-time aim of gettin Pacific routes.

The menage-a-trois of 89 set the legal industrial precident for future AWAs. The ACTU knew it even if the average unwashed yob didnt. The surprising thing it took so long for IR laws to be changed to the draconian level it is now. Coupled with the Libs IR laws the timing was good with SerfChoice ensureing low salarys. I seen Tiger Aust AWA contract - it stinks. Even if Labor gets in and dumps SerfChoice its cleverley claused in such a way that very little in the AWA can be changed for the better. But no-one held a gun to anyones head to join TA so whatever industrialy-related crap that goes on in there now or later doesnt interest me in the slightest unless it slops over to VB.

I had a good look - Tiger apears to have HUGE financial backing with deep pockets and the players are prepared to very very patientley wait for the bucks and off-shoot benefits to start rolling in. Its entering the market to the thunderus applause of the public, which is generaly the way people react to short-sited optamism. Im not against mobs making ventures into aviation markets but Temasek is another bloodey thing alltogether. Once the stratagy of glits glammer and novelty wears off and TA has orchastrated a fully-secure market foothold in 2-3 years time will the pain start to bite. I reckon in the end TA will eventualy cause a drag-down of the salary and conditions at VB and others asuming it/they last that long. Shame if you ask me (and you didnt).

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Lets face it, SQ wants into Aus with domestic connections ie TA, screw Aussie airlines into oblivion (bankroll TA) and take over the big money
Aus USA routes.
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Slasher, TA are paying more than VB, so it will be difficult to see them dragging VB's T&C down. If you'd said that VB was putting pressure on QF T&C's, and responsible for Jet* T&C's being so poor, then I'd agree.

And let's not use this as another thread of how we wuz wronged in '89, whoever 'we' may be.

The T&C of QF and AN post '89 didn't drag any conditions down; they increased them, and I'll be saying no more on '89. That's already been done to death.

My view is that TA will generate a small increase in the market, but take business from VB, and some from the QF companies, but it will be VB that suffers most.

Regarding SQ not being risk takers, isn't that the way to go? I would have thought so.

Short Circuit, that's business and it's never been any different.

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I think you will find that Jetstar will be the ones that have the most to lose with Tiger. As for TA paying more, the terms I have heard are very conditional for TA and I would be surprised if they actually end up getting more than VB drivers.
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