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REX advertising O/S

Old 29th Jun 2007, 08:48
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REX advertising O/S

Found this just a minute ago.....
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 10:46
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Tis a shame when they wont touch lots of qualified pilots in the industry in Australia. I know of heaps including me that they wont touch, even with phone calls to Sandy, and emails to said person. Cant even get a look in. Never mind, both majors contacted me the last 2 weeks, Rex didn't want me, but maybe VB or Jet* do.

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Old 29th Jun 2007, 20:29
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I like the part about "This is an ongoing vacancy"

They sure got that right!
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 23:11
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This one has been on the horizon for a while and now it has moved closer.

Perhaps we can expect the following soon, and not just for the regionals ......

'Welcome aboard folks for **** flight 1234 Wagga to, sorry Wagga Wagga, to Sid-e-ney.
Your Captain today is Chuck and the S/O is Mohammed.
We look forward to transporting you to your destination where we understand that the footy finals are being held in the MCG as soon as the cricket finishes. We trust that you enjoy your flight. The weather over the Rockies, sorry, Great Divide, looks good and we expect to be on time.
For those transfering to Chicago, sorry, Bris-bane, please check with the desk at the top of the walkway, and have a good day'.

A sign of things to come.
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 23:19
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You guys need to listen to yourselves......
The amount of Ozzies flying around in the big bad world has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.
Who decided that companies should only search internally for suitable candidates? are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that because REX is an OZ company that it owes Oz pilots a job before any other suitable and legally able to work candidates?
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Smart move by Rex. Find pilots who want to live in Oz. Sponsor their immigration or work visa. Stitch them up, so they have to stay in the job for a set time. Cut turnover and training effort. They don't even seem to want over-qualified pilots any more. The locals shouldn't whinge, as plenty of jet jobs on the horizon.
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 23:50
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haughtney1, absolutely. First pickings must go to Australian residents... but the problem is the 'lack of suitable candidates' due to the companies (all of them) refusal to provide incentives to retain and attract the suitable and very experienced candidates throughout Oz.
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Old 30th Jun 2007, 00:02
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Bring in foreigners, put them on an AWA and pay them less. That'd be a smart move!
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First pickings must go to Australian residents...
Sorry thats Horsesh1t...if you want those rules...then perhaps the ozzies working overseas should have the same rules applied? you can't have it both ways
Gone are the days of local jobs for local people...get used to it, or get into another industry
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Haughtey...that is complete bollocks.

Most countries have a requirement to have residency, or at least a work permit - and you know it.

(Did they just give you a job in the EU or do you have an EU passport or right of residency eg Of Great Britain descent??)

Why should Australia open it's labour market to the world? These guys can't find crews because no one suitable is available.

They can't find them because:

1. They are cheapskates and won't pay enough to retain people.

2. Their recruitment system can't even find the applicants on their files with more than adequate qualifications (eg 1500hrs+ command on one of their aircraft type).

Recruiting from overseas is not a panacea.

Look within - before you look without.
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Old 30th Jun 2007, 00:58
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In my experience the same rules do apply (locals first for the jobs) overseas. Its just that many countries, certainly in asia and the far east cannot crew there aircraft with locals alone, even if there minimum entry criteria is a CPL only and no commercial experience. These companies sometimes have to pay handsomely for foreign contract pilots to attract away from there home shores. Thats why there are many Aussies flying overseas!!!. I have no doubt that if these countries had a ready supply of there own crew, then foreign pilots would be let anywhere near one of there aircraft!!!!
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Haughtney1 is absolutely right, and the most of the rest of you are hypochrites.

You want Oz airlines to only recruit ozmates, but when the hordes of Aussies head off to Europe and take British/Irish/French jobs (to name just a few of the countries infested with expat ozmates), that is fine! Talk about a double standard.

The news may not have reached the aviation backwaters of the South Pacific yet, but aviation is a global market these days, and that includes pilots. If you have (or can get) the appropriate licence, your abilities are in demand in many countries. I am not surprised that REX are looking overseas, they are wise to do so... best way to get pilots that are both skilled and experienced, and want to stay there.

Best thing for Euro pilots would be to send all the Aussies home... of course that would end recruitment in oz for years.

Citizenship and work permits are two-way streets, and the rules usually bend pretty easily when required by a labour shortage. Just as it should be...

Oh, and have some of you ever considered that the reason that you haven't been contacted by companies like REX, is because they have looked at your CV and references... and found you wanting?
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Old 30th Jun 2007, 02:16
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If the Europeans didn't need those vermin 'Ozmates' in Europe to fly their planes - they wouldn't be there flying them - period.
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REX are finished....I say again REX are finished...

These pricks continue to try everything other than pay guys more....

Well. guess it's too late and they are looking o/s,

Who in their right mind is going to come here and get paid $45000 to be an F/O on a clapped out old saab!!!

The only place I can think of is india.....good luck!!!

I recommend all REX pilots reading this double your efforts to get out before the doors shut.....
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Lightbulb Storm in a Teacup??????

Actually guys,

I think the market that REX are trying to poach are some of the Aussie/ Kiwi Pilots already working in the UK/ Europe.

The advertisement clearly states that applicants must have the right to live and work in Australia. As far as I'm aware, DIMA have deleted 'Aircraft Pilot" from their list of "in demand" skills/ qualifications- which means that REX would have to demonstrate to DIMA that there are no suitable Australian applicants- which as we all know is a load of bollocks.

So based on the above- the only applicants who are going to be elegible for this, are Aussie and Kiwi Pilots already working over there.

And- let's be honest- the sort of T's & C's that REX have on offer make up a part of the reasoning as to why so many of these Pilots moved OS in the first place.

For any concerned parties- I would recommend contacting your local MP and bringing this situation to light. Before you do, try and get some stats on how many professionally Licensed Pilots there are in Australia so that you can supply some credible information.

REX can't legally do this.
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Old 30th Jun 2007, 02:54
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2 words boys...........................Supply and Demand

The only reason Australians are employed overseas is Demand exceeds Supply.

Quite simple really hey.

The only reason I work for CX is that they cannot crew the Aircraft with enough locals, end of story.

So until Australia is genuinely in that position, then not one single person from O/S should be employed. Aussies first I'm happy to say.

That's how the rest of the world do it.
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Not too many people here appear to want to hear it, but this is yet another result of the debacle of 1989 - when we first saw instances of
'Welcome aboard folks for **** flight 1234 Wagga to, sorry Wagga Wagga, to Sid-e-ney. Your Captain today is Chuck and the S/O is Mohammed.
but the "Wagga Wagga" then was "Sydney" or "Melbourne" and the aeroplanes were somewhat bigger than a Saab.

And I hate to cruel the pitch for those bemoaning the "hordes" of Ozmates now flying in Europe, for even if most of those "Ozmates" have the coarse, barbaric accent of the Antipodes, the fact is, the vast majority (if not all) of them would not be able to work in Europe unless he or she had right of abode in Europe, either by holding an EU passport as well as his or her Oz passport, or by having an EU citizen grandparent, giving him or her right of return.

I was one of "them" who went to Europe eighteen years ago and got all the same "what are you doing here?" grief, the questioners conveniently forgetting the many Brit and European charter pilots (in some cases, THEM***ingSELVES!!!) who damn near tripped over each other in their haste to get out to Australia in 1989 to have a very well paid working holiday, thus ensuring the dispute in Australia would linger on and not be resolved, as it would have to have been if they had stayed away.

Anyone flying for a living in Australia today who says we need to put that year behind us and get on with life (as many seem to do) has to cop this and whatever else is handed out to them in the industry without complaint.

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Jet_A_Knight and ACMS, I actually sympathize with your sentiments and in many ways I used to have similar thoughts. Times change, as do labour guys need to wake up and smell the coffee, the world is a different place to the one you want it to be.
Gearupandorrf makes a valid point, REX are probably trying to poach a few homesick S340 drivers, although if you look on the jobs website you will see that a certain operator is advertising for S340 captains and offering 6000 euros per months, which I doubt REX could compete with.
At the end of the day REX appear to be looking to fill slots with experienced S340 drivers because it is a CHEAPER way to do it.
If the guys are licensed, are legal and capable..then IMHO it doesn't matter if they were born in sh1tkicker USA or donkey fart Tajikastan.
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I don't have a problem with Australian guys/girls coming home to take a job. I do have a problem with non-Australian guys/girls coming to Oz and taking jobs we have Australians for at home.

You couldn't get a job in the U.S.
You can't get a job in Europe

If we don't have the Pilot's available then fair enough, but WE DO HAVE PILOTS available to get the jobs.

I'll say it again, the ONLY reason Australians work overseas is because their locals cannot fill all the job positions and Aircraft would be parked. They don't do it because they love Aussies and want to help us.

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Old 1st Jul 2007, 00:36
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G.A Boy is absolutley right.
Qualified and capable locals should be given jobs over foreigners.
I have had the dis/pleasure of dealing with Sandy, so I know how the phone calls go.
I know for example of a very experienced ex cheif pilot of a former N.T charter company. Used to have around 10 aircraft inlcuding a turbine, so he has some experience. I am pretty sure he flies for the RFDS or air ambulance now on the east coast. He would have the necessary and relevant experience, good guy. And I`m sure there are alot like him who can`t get a look in. One has to ask why?
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