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Senate Hearing into Qantas Sale (Keep Jetstar Australian) Act.

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Senate Hearing into Qantas Sale (Keep Jetstar Australian) Act.

Old 20th Mar 2007, 22:10
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Senate Hearing into Qantas Sale (Keep Jetstar Australian) Act.

Having viewed the hansard/transcript from this hearing I have only one question :

Bearing in mind that the stated aim of this hearing was to ascertain whether or not Jetstar had to keep its operation (flight operations, catering, maintenance, crewing) based in Australia to remain compliant with the act, why was AIPA the only body present representing pilots? ie where were the AFAP and JPC?

C'mon fellas, pick up your game, give your union a kick up the proverbial!!! THIS EFFECTS YOU!!!!!! You may have made yourselves the cheapest jet pilots in Oz, but for god sakes look at the big picture... dont think they wont jump at the chance to undercut you as well...

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Old 21st Mar 2007, 02:32
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I suppose they CHOSE not to!
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Old 21st Mar 2007, 10:03
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First Time

Long time reader first time poster.
I too have read with interest this recording of statements from the many unions representing many employees in the Qantas Group. From the TWU to AIPA to ALAEA.
I find it reprehensible that AFAP and JPC couldnt give a stuff enough about the future of their members to not even put in a submission to the hearing. I take it from their silence on the issue that they are happy to see the futures of their members be shifted offshore without putting up a fight.
Hang your heads in shame!!!!
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Old 21st Mar 2007, 10:48
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QNH. I doubt that many J* would give a rats about what you find reprehensible, considering you probably wouldn't really have a clue about the many complex issues at stake here. I also doubt too many would take much serious interest in a thread started with the typical insult J* pilots have learnt to ignore.

ODL, what makes you think any of us would would react positively to your post.

For the record we are not the lowesr paid jet operator in Aus.

We are however probably the fastest growing. How do you feel about that?
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Old 21st Mar 2007, 11:52
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Issue not Person

You were the type of person why I have previously chosen not to post on this forum. Donít play the issue, play the man- thatís the way. Real professional mate!
I assume from your outburst that you are a member of the JPC, possibly even a Committee member who has a set against Qantas pilots from sometime ago that you cannot get over. You do the profession proud.
Now if you believe that I have ďno clueĒ as to the issues, why donít you enlighten me and the other crew who read this and are not privy to your invaluable insight?
Now contrary to your reading of the above posts, there was no attack on any JetStar or QantasLink pilots per se. What the thread is about is why AFAP and JPC donít see fit to ensuring the future of their members as all the other unions did. Maybe with your insights you can provide that?
If the shoe was on the other foot, I would be livid that my union was not looking after my best interests. Hence that is why I voted for change in our union 18 months ago. I didnít believe that my interests were being served and I was vocal to them about that. Now if you and your fellow members are upset that your interests are not being protected as well as they should be- then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you think that they are at the moment, then stay as you are, but donít dare complain when they try to screw you over too. Rolling over at every opportunity only makes you weaker.
So would you be okay with the fact if they took operations and engineering etc offshore under JetStar because it is not covered under the QSA? This is not just about getting cheaper pilots. This is about admin, engineering, catering, flight planning/dispatch, cabin crew as well. Everyone could be affected by this. And it is selfish to think of it any other way.
In regards to your shallow question, obviously posed out of ego, I think the fact that the group is growing is great. I have no problem with that fact. What I do have a problem with is using people who are selling themselves short and taking advantage of that. You are worth more, and so is your future.
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 09:59
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Your post highlights precisely the attitude that is also evident by your complete apathy towards your "Union's" lack of interest (somemight say lack of proactiveness) towards this whole matter!
When you pull your head out the sand and see what is happening to OUR (thats right, we are both stakeholders who stand to lose a LOT in this) company, then string a couple of words togheter and write to your union rep!
Until then I hope your world, viewed behind rose coloured glasses, is a peachy place to be...

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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 10:26
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Keep it civil people....there is NO reason differing opinion cannot be equally valued even if you don't agree with them.
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