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Merged: Jetstar International News

Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Airline and RPT Rumours & News in Australia, enZed and the Pacific

Merged: Jetstar International News

Old 7th Dec 2005, 02:18
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Cie la vie Monsieur Keg....

What can I tell you... I've become a cheese eating surrender monkey!
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 03:21
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A320/A330 CCQ


My sources tell me that CASA will require 2000hrs PIC on Airbus before giving the A320/330 CCQ!!

Do any current Jet* people meet that requirement?
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 04:16
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There are a lot of Jetstar guys with 2000+ lhs A320.

I dont think CASA will be making such rediculous requirments though. A330 is same as 320 to operate just bigger.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 04:21
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Perhaps 1 very good reason why Jet* isn't in perth is becasue the CC can ony work up2 9 1/2 rosterd.Alot the flying planed for domestic needs the to crew to be able to work longer apart form doing overseas runs.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 05:13
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I dont think CASA will be making such rediculous requirments though.
CASA's main aim in life is rediculous requirements.

CCQ is common in other parts of the world so CASA won't have a bar of it, not when hey can invent some ridiculous method of their own, probably 2000PIC, left handed crew only, odd thursdays when there is a full moon.

And they'll trot out the square wheel again because everyone else is wrong and it has to roll one of these days.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 06:11
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I have been told.
There are at least 30 Capts at this time with more than 2000hrs Airbus, and some 15 at least with in excess of 6,000hrs on A320's, in 12 months time when or if the a/c arrive there will be about 60.with at least 1500hrs on type in command.
However I am told that the 2000hr requirement from CASA is going to be relaxed to more like 1,000 hrs, therefore J* pilots will be able to crew the a/c without the need for any direct entry captains.
And remember the a/c don't all arrive on day 1. It would be a gradual ramp up and consequently be quite manageable albeit busy.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 06:14
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When are the oders to be announced?

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Old 7th Dec 2005, 10:05
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It should have been announced 2 years ago but this crowd are frightened to do so in case it may effect the share price and therefore their bonus!

I dare say that the announcement will happen when they are backed into a corner.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 10:39
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They will probably come up with some excuse to delay it a further 6 months to give it more thought (and employ people to further study the proposals), all the while keeping the share price up with speculation.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 11:14
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What QF REALLY needs is to buy another couple of dozen 744s!
Wonder when the first passenger 747-8 will be ordered...
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 23:09
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Jetstar 60 A/C within 5 years

Just noticed on the ASX website that Jetstar International has been approved, and expects to be 60 A/C both international and domestic within 5 years. What was that Dixon said about it never being more than 20% the size of mainline the other day?

Also, a special meeting is being called next Wednesday to further discuss the fleet purchases.

Interesting times.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 23:14
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Wednesday 14th of December for the next board meeting. If Jetstar is only ever going to be 20% the size of mainline, then it must be a huge order for mainline next week (to bring it up to a total of 300 airframes), or Jetstar is going to be a lot bigger than 20%.

Just goes to show that GD can be totally trusted in everything he says.
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Old 7th Dec 2005, 23:22
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"Chucky"........me thinks you are on the ball with your first "prediction"....
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Old 8th Dec 2005, 00:00
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Angry Jetstar International

Well, what we've known for some time is now official. GD announced today that J* International to begin operations no later than January 2007. Management will be the lot in YMML currently managing J* Australia. Equipment to be used will be decided at a special Qantas board meeting hext week. Nothing else unexpected in the statement except that Australian will continue to operate (But for how much longer???) .

They will operate two class: Cattle Class and Star Class. Dixon claims that Qantas mainline will still be the main focus of the Qantas group but I wonder how this can be with so many subsidiaries vying for attention and a lot of resourcing.

Let the games begin...AIPA had better watch out for the challenges ahead.

Here is the press statement from Qantas web site:

The Board of Qantas Airways yesterday approved the establishment of a new long haul value based airline under the Jetstar brand.

The Chief Executive Officer of Qantas, Mr Geoff Dixon, said Jetstar would commence its international operations no later than January 2007.

Mr Dixon said the Qantas Board had also called a special meeting for Wednesday, 14 December, to further consider its long term fleet plan.

"This meeting is expected to discuss and approve major aircraft purchases, including the new aircraft for Jetstar's international operations," he said.

Mr Dixon said Jetstar's initial route structure would require 10 aircraft and would involve point-to-point routes between Australia and Asian and Pacific cities.

"Subsequent expansion will see Jetstar undertake two-stage flying to European and other destinations.

"At all times Jetstar's international services will complement Qantas' mainline international operations, with an emphasis on inbound and outbound leisure routes," he said.

Mr Dixon said Qantas expected that, within five years, the Jetstar Group would be operating a fleet of 60 narrow and wide body aircraft across its domestic and international network.

"However, this expansion will not be in any way at the expense of the Qantas full service domestic and international operations.

"Our aim for the Group is to expand in our traditional markets with Qantas and to expand in new markets with the most suitable product, be it Qantas or Jetstar.

"The Qantas mainline operations are and will remain our primary focus," he said.

Mr Dixon said Jetstar's international operations would be based in Melbourne under Jetstar's existing Australian management, with Alan Joyce as Chief Executive Officer.

"This move will create an additional 50 jobs immediately through the extension of the airline's head office in Melbourne. Hundreds of additional jobs will be created within Australia in the first three years of its operation," he said.

Mr Dixon said Jetstar would immediately commence the process of upgrading its Air Operator Certificate to operate wide bodied jet aircraft.

"We believe Jetstar will deliver the lowest cost air operations of any international carrier operating to Australia, similar to our experience with Jetstar's Australian operations."

Mr Dixon said Jetstar's international launch network would focus on destinations within six to 10 hours of Australia.

"Jetstar will have opportunities to fly to destinations already served by Qantas mainline, but from alternative Australian ports to the current Qantas services.

"We expect to make an announcement about initial routes in mid-2006."

Mr Dixon said Jetstar was on track to operate with its full Airbus A320 fleet of 23 aircraft for Australian domestic and trans-Tasman operations by mid-2006.

"Jetstar will also continue to look for opportunities to expand further in the Australian domestic and New Zealand markets," he said.

Mr Dixon said that as well as complementing Qantas' mainline operations, Jetstar would work closely with Jetstar Asia on opportunities in the intra-Asia market.

He said Australian Airlines would continue to supplement Qantas' mainline operations, principally on inbound and leisure markets.

Alan Joyce said Jetstar would offer two classes of travel on its international operations - Economy Class and StarClass (premium economy).

He said Jetstar's international product would feature:

* assigned seating with online seat selection at jetstar.com;
* baggage interlining for international connections on selected airlines, in line with Jetstar's trans-Tasman product;
* an expanded range of meals and snacks, including hot meals and local cuisine, which would be complimentary in StarClass and available for purchase on board or pre-purchase via jetstar.com in Economy Class;
* video on demand;
* the ability to earn Frequent Flyer points and Status Credit points on Jetflex and StarClass fares;
* a Qantas codeshare arrangement on all flights, giving Qantas Frequent Flyers the ability to redeem award points on Jetstar flights; and
* access to Qantas Club lounges for Qantas Club members.

"The StarClass product will offer a seat similar to Qantas Domestic Business Class and a range of other benefits such as higher baggage allowances and priority boarding," Mr Joyce said.

"Customers appreciate extra levels of comfort and space for longer haul flights, so we believe StarClass will offer a valuable option for Jetstar's international travellers."

Mr Joyce said Jetstar's long haul services would offer a real growth opportunity for the Australian tourism industry.

"We will be working closely with Tourism Australia and state tourism organisations to promote Australia in our new overseas markets," he said.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3367)
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Old 8th Dec 2005, 01:46
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Wouldn’t want to be an SO or JFO at mainline now! What’s that airline called again? Oh, QANTAS, that’s the one that fly’s to LHR and JFK.

With the brilliant negotiation skills of the Jet* PWC, I’m guessing they’ll do the heavy for less than the 320.
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Old 8th Dec 2005, 02:07
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The perfect oportunity for a group of pilots to get together, make a submission, severly undercut and screw the rest of the Australian pilot market.

Only this time they wont be able to say they did it because they feared for their jobs.
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Old 8th Dec 2005, 02:11
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With the brilliant negotiation skills of the Jet* PWC, I’m guessing they’ll do the heavy for less than the 320.
Would that be along the lines of the recent EBA cavein by those hairy chested, ace of the base, we know best and do as we say not as we do heroes at Qantas?
Old 8th Dec 2005, 04:25
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From what I hear they have already been approached by a group to man their aircraft and they definitely don't work in Australia.Interesting times ahead.
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Old 8th Dec 2005, 04:41
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Have heard the same rumour dunerider. Sounded like a very similar story to what happened to the VB guys when Pac Blue started operations
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Old 8th Dec 2005, 07:04
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Don't know of the basing, but 150 sand dwellers ready to go! Was that 777 or airbus on the cv?
The future of Oz pilot careers seems to have turned decidedly orange.
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