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Qwantas crew can't keep hands off each other

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Qwantas crew can't keep hands off each other

Old 17th Jun 2005, 00:13
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Now then boys and girls all stand close together and stay there and dont move, while I fetch my bucket of COLD WATER !!
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 06:08
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Crew VS Crew

When everone was on the same level..707 days..the level of animousity was minimal.In comes the jumbo..trouble brews.911 happens..no one vists the flightdeck.....trouble multiplies exponentially.Not all pilots are dinosaurs,not all CC are charming either.I don`t know what the big deal is.If the dung hits the fan we have to be on the same page otherwise everyone loses...their lives.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 08:51
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Yes, I think in general most guys dont look down at all on the FA's, its a self imposed opinion they have, and there are some techies that look down on the FA's. Who the hell cares? I dont , I just go to work, take my dough and go back to a REAL life!. They can like me, hate me, be jealous of me, look down on me, whatever, it doesnt bother me.Many a time I;m told "The computer does all the flying, you sit there all night and just watch, etc etc. And I think too many guys take the bait on this. It is just a completely uneducated opinion, shouldnt take it out on em, just educate them. All I know is I treat each person as an individual and don't tar with one brush. As for this incident, jeez, if this is a major gossip point, well obviously your life sucks, go and do something uselful with it, I know that I am. thats my 2 cents worth, (sorry maybe more if you collect your allowances! haha! )
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 08:53
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Thumbs down

Here the violence between crews aint confined to mainline either. Apparently a bit of a dust up in the regionals at a farewell last weekend. Heard a F/A got a beer bottle to the head. WTF is going on with that?
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 12:15
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Man Bilong Balus long PNG
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Thumbs down

I sit here and I read of my fellow Aviation professionals at each others throats, backstabbing, bitching and generally bringing each other down to gutter level, and I despair!!
A person far wiser than I shall ever be once said
A house divided cannot stand.
And the various Airline Management Authorities read these forums (and don't try to fool yourselves; they really do read these pages!!) and laugh.
Don't worry about management types, worry about our own! We will destroy ourselves!

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 13:28
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On Jerry Springer next week...

Jilted lovers. Qantas flight crew, cabin crew and techies in a three way spat on centre stage. Watch all the action.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 13:45
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Un f ing believeable.

The pooftas and the narcissists duking it out.

Unseemly undignified unprofessional and unjustifyable.

I shakes me 'ead
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 15:54
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Shakes me ead

Is that the rattling noise I hear?
You are a bit behind the times dear...Qf CC is populated by 70% real women.You are assuming that the Flight Attendants(a generic term) involved were male.
No... they weren`t dykes either.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 16:27
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Red face

Sounds pretty much the norm for here.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 16:29
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Half of all this sh#t comes from the fact that CC think they are equal to Tech crew in skills and job statis.... THEY ARE NOT. and They know it.!!! The tech crew know it and so does everyone else.
The difference is that now a days, all the Union crap telling CC that they are equal (in terms of responsibility on the AC too) is that they believe it, and hence have such little respect towards the Tech crews and what their (cc) true job responibilities are. Years ago CC who acted in any such disrespect would be stood down immediately.
A bit more old fashioned disapline would do the world of good I think and prevent such incidents from happening.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 16:43
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Ahhh yes the neolithic voice of 1962.(1862?)
Hear you have got a great head for radio..so why don`t you pull it in?
Bring back the cat o nine tails!Swine..beat them to within an inch of their lives.
Who do they think they are!

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Old 17th Jun 2005, 22:30
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In my humble opinion, the trashing of cabin crew by pilots, engineers by pilots and vice versa is directly related to one simple cause - lack of recognition of your worth by your own Board and senior management.

In fact they have regularly indicated they all despise you as lazy, overpaid layabouts who are unfit for anything much at all and are not part of the future of Qantas. Your opinions are worthless and are not considered relevant.

Policy and direction will be set at Board level with no inputs from underlings. You are a nothing person and will be treated accordingly. We have complete and total contempt for you. We care nothing for your future. You are an embarrassment. We would rather use cheap offshore labor which works harder than you do for a lot less money. Besides the girls and boys look prettier than you do anyway.

Seriously guys and girls, people work for one thing RECOGNITION. Recognition of their contribution, recognition of being part of a winning team. The posts on this thread, especially the angry ones, are all talking about this one thing really. You aren't getting any recognition from management, instead they devalue your contribution, so some of you have to try and find that essential recognition your selves by asking your workmates to give it to you, but since they themselves aren't recognised, they have nothing to give. Result frustration and anger.

Now QF was rated No.2 airline in the world a few weeks ago. Where is the celebratory email to all staff from GD thanking each and every member from the bottom of his heart for their outstanding contribution to this stellar performance? Where is the tee shirt and hat? Where is the bottle of Penfolds Grange for everyone? Where is the champagne and celebration...........and recognition?

Where is the revelation that since the current team have produced such an outstanding performance, both in performance and in profits, that no further outsourcing, foriegn staff hiring, or job cuts are considerd necessary?

My bet is its nowhere to be seen, except in a one paragraph article in your next staff magazine, containing one sentence of qualified thanks from Mr. GD. My guess is that the Board thinks they did all this themselves.


Amateur Psychologist and unprofessional pilot.
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Old 17th Jun 2005, 23:26
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The Reverend
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I guess he is pissed off for not beeing first.
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Old 18th Jun 2005, 03:27
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I reckon you're close to the money, Sunfish.
* the erosion of the the Captain`s authority;
* the degradation of the conditions ALL front line staff;
* the paring of staff to below reasonable levels;
* an unproportional increase in the numbers of "managers";
* a disproportionate increase of upper level managements' remuneration & conditions vs other staffs`;
* a decrease of the inflight "amenities" available to pax (with the cc`s copping the resultant abuse);
* higher stress levels of staff from management pressure to perform, or have their jobs outsourced.
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Old 18th Jun 2005, 03:33
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By George I think he`s got it!!
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Old 18th Jun 2005, 04:07
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pure risk

Pure risk and the rest of the rabble,
I have been reading with great amusement at the way the drivers see themselves,,,, you really think that your're indispensable....
Ask yourselves one question! what happened after the 89 dispute? what kind of jobs did you get?
Answer= Some got jobs overseas
some set up lawn mowing businesses
some got jobs in the sand removal business
some even bought cabs and started driving them!
I apologise to the majority of tech crew that are excellent at their jobs and don't have such inflated ego's.
the above is for the selfabusers.....

Oh yes and to the idiot what wrote here that CC see themselves as equals: just remember that everyone has a role to play in QF from the cleaners to load control to management, YOU alone do not control or run the airline.

Dont forget no one is indispensable, just remember 1989......lawnmowers

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Old 18th Jun 2005, 04:37
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Rumour has it that GD has referred to the pilots as "softcocks". It is nice to see the respect......
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Old 18th Jun 2005, 06:22
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The silly thing owner operaror 'Tow Truck Driver' is you are probably right. Most of the time the pilots get screwed. Guess what though, desk bound jockey's like you don,t know what you are missing!
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Old 18th Jun 2005, 07:41
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'Soft Cocks'....lol.

Hey, I heard a rumour his next Book is gonna be called..,

'Memoirs of Soft Cocks and Flight Decks'


Any one know where I can buy the:

Old Skool Tight Arse CEO's, Demoralizing and Intimidating Management Techniques and Political Influence Properganda -Quick Reference Handbook.

Im thinking of starting a fresh 'all new' Australian Airline.


Have fun, were all in it together whether your in Qantas or not. We are Australian and have to learn to take it on the chin properly when we give it to each other. Although, I do have a sneaking suspicion that things will be getting worse at Q quarters before they get any better. You guys at Qantas will loose a few people over the next couple of years. You will loose Recognition and Rewards for Contributions until he can cannabalize his Airline to compete with others. We will all be on B scale sooner or later, but in a few years given the current climate, all the whinging should be over, and all the recognition given back.. Dont burn any bridges I say

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Old 18th Jun 2005, 08:04
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Crickey towie, maaate, did yer 'ave ta raise that 1989 thing again?
But they did ground the airlines fer a few months, didn they, even tho they had a full complement of all the other staffers.

They mighten be inddispensable, but if yer aint got any pilots whose gunna get ya orf the ground?

(Just remember 1989...no-one flew until they got some pilots)

Be seein' youse round.
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