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Mayday TV show

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Mayday series starts on TV1 Tonight

The Mayday series starts on TV1 (NZ) tonight, January 14th at 20.35 Hrs
The programs are as listed below

The first episode Racing the Storm profiles American Airlines Flight 1420, which lands in Little Rock, Arkansas at the height of thunderstorm season. The MD80 ploughs off a wet runway, down an embankment and breaks apart, killing 11 people. Mayday delves into the time pressures and misjudgment that lead to this accident.

Subsequent Mayday flights are:

Unlocking Disaster an investigation of the 1989 United Airlines incident in Hawaii. Just out of Honolulu the cargo door of Flight 811 opens at an altitude of 33,000 feet, ripping a huge hole in the 747 taking out five rows of seats –and nine passengers – with it. Mayday investigates how delays in fixing known design faults can have tragic consequences.

Flying Blind As Aeroperu Flight 603 takes off from Lima at night its airspeed and altitude indicators jam. The flight crew is flying blind and heading for disaster. The Air Traffic Control tower is getting false readings from the plane’s jammed computer. The 757 crashes into the Pacific, killing all 70 on board. Mayday traces the cause of the computer malfunction and charts its tragic consequences.

Flying on Empty – An Air Transat Airbus runs out of fuel over the Atlantic and has to glide to a power-free landing. Mayday explores the causes that contributed to this near catastrophe and shows how the crew managed to glide to a safe landing.

Cutting Corners – Shortly after Air Alaska Flight 261 takes off from Puerta Vallarta the stabilizer – which controls the angle of the plane in flight – malfunctions. The pilots struggle to control the nose-diving plane but it rolls and dives into the ocean. The eighty-eight passengers and crew on board die. Mayday tells the story of how maintenance errors can lead to fatal crashes.

Fire on Board – The pilot of Swissair Flight 111 smells smoke in the cockpit less than an hour after take-off. It’s a race against time to dump fuel and land. Minutes later fire and complete electrical failure cause the MD11 to crash into the Atlantic killing all 229 passengers and crew on board. Mayday searches for the cause of the fire and asks why it spread so destructively so quickly.
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Old 14th Jan 2004, 10:22
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Saw that Little Rock episode on Australian TV recently.

Talk about a chain of events leading to disaster...

There were plenty of opportunities to make different command decisions.
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Old 14th Jan 2004, 11:49
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Thanks smandkjc for the heads up. I really enjoyed the first few episodes that aired on free TV recently so shall be watching them again on TV1, and this time hubby won't tape over them!

Thanks again
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Mayday TV show

Went for a search.. here tis first show on AA1420
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Now, my memory isn't the best, but I don't recall the middle 3 episodes, as above when this was on in Oz.

Does anybody else remember seeing them? Or was it selective programming by our illustrious networks?
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Old 15th Jan 2004, 04:25
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Buster, Channel 7 canned the series before it got to those eps. Now the only hope we have of seeing these episodes is when they show on cable (Discovery Channel has them) though I have no idea when that will be.

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Old 15th Jan 2004, 08:59
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Join Date: May 2000
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Posts: 9,577 of our fine, upstanding colleagues across the Tasman tapes them for us???? I think we'd need about 150 copies!!!
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Don't suppose anyone wants to tape them and post them on the internet? I was looking forward to seeing the other 3 episodes that were cancelled, good to finally see a relatively accurate aviation related TV show!

Edit: Just noticed a similar question above... Oh well
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Thanks for the heads-up.

I had my local library conduct a search for this series on DVD, as they are interested in adding it to the resources.

The production company (Cineflix Fims Canada) has not as yet released it on either DVD or VHS. They will advise when it is due (as apparently it is) for release.

I'm assuming this will only be the NZ TV1...? My sister has FOxtel... if only they'd show it.....

Channel 7 sucks

By the way...did any of you Aussies here see 'Crash Files" on the History Channel? They were quite interesting.... included the Concorde & the Payne Stewart Learjet. Pretty much doco-like with re-constructions etc. Also have these on tape....

[edit to add program info]

Some programs you might be interested in, Foxtel, Aust. Not sure about NZ

NGEO Sunday 18th

7.30pm PREMIERE Cheating Death Test Pilots
Ride shotgun as the world's greatest test pilots take high tech jets through their paces.

8.30pm PREMIERE Dam Busters
An epic tale of ingenuity, perseverance, skill and bravery, a mission that went down in history as one of the most daring raids of the second World War.

Escape! Plane Crash 10:30am & 2:30pm
The heroic efforts of engineers and aviators to make flying less risky.

12.02.04 7.30pm & 13.02.04 4.30AM

Power Zone
Extreme Machines Fear Of Flying: Crash Landing
Science/Technology. In this program, learn the risks of air travel and see what happens when planes crash. How does it feel when one's darkest fear becomes reality?

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Thumbs up

There's a new series of shows coming up on the National Geographic Channel on Foxtel (Ch18) starting this monday night dealing with air crashes.

It's called "Air Crash Investigation" and is scheduled to run for the next 5 - 6 weeks.

This week it's also being followed up by a show on the X-plane contest (the choice of designs for what eventally became the F-22)

Fingers crossed it's ok - I'll have the DVD recorder standing by at the ready this time...
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TV NZ showed the first 3 episodes of "Mayday" then canned the series.

Typical state outfit!!

Wish I had "Sky"....
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Been watching the air crash investigation on National Geographic for the last few weeks on my Sth African Pay TV here in the Middle East (shhh!) and the series is very good. Its very well researched and has access to the ATC who was working with the aircraft at the time (in the case of the SwissAir episode where fire in the cockpit got out of hand and crashed in Canada). Gut wrenching stuff to see the Controller talking about the aftermath of the accident and blaming himself (even though he did all he could). Saw the episode on the 757 with the jammed computer, and that was really scary. Very well done series, make sure you do watch it. cheers.

Also saw the battle for the X-plane series here a few months ago, very interesting, also worth a look.
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