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lbb7 5th Jan 2022 17:33

DART headings
Hello everyone!

I am currently preparing for the FEAST tests (in Spain) and I am a bit confused with the DART exercise from Skytest. So... the instructions say that the heading equals the direction basically, but while practicing the exercise I sometimes put "heading 30º" for example and some planes actually turn and go towards 30º while others just kind of rotate on themselves? They don't go towards 30º but instead maybe they rotate 30º and then head towards 0º? I am confused by this behavior. Am I doing something wrong? It is very difficult to direct all 4 aircrafts towards the 4 different check points when every aircraft just does whatever it wants lol (not laughing, just crying)

Am I making any sense? Anyone else with the same issue?

Nimmer 6th Jan 2022 07:12

Try inputting 3 digits ie 030, 045 etc.

lbb7 6th Jan 2022 13:32

Originally Posted by Nimmer (Post 11165978)
Try inputting 3 digits ie 030, 045 etc.

Thank you! I will try that. Does the heading work at any point of the radar or is it from the center only? (I mean, if I direct the airplane to “turn right 30°” while it’s entering the radar VS, directing it once it is in the center. To me it seems like it give different commands to the airplane)

thyper 16th Jan 2022 12:53


I am also beginner of skytest, feast. As I understand every a/c has their own headings different than others. So we need to set different angles for all of them if I am correct. I wish there was a video about DART test.

Runway26 18th Jan 2022 10:25

If you direct the plane to turn 30 degrees then you have to imagine the plane is already flying 360 degrees right? So a 30 degree turn will be from the track the aircraft is already propelling itself along, no matter which direction it is going.
so say it is flying at 90 degrees, east to west, and give right turn 30 degrees, it will then be flying 120 degrees?
i know what I’m trying to say here and could be wrong but putting it into words was more difficult than I imagined

Nightstop 18th Jan 2022 17:27

And you want to be ATCO’s? Oh dear, your lack of basic Compass knowledge is abysmal.

The Fat Controller 18th Jan 2022 17:44

Originally Posted by Nightstop (Post 11171744)
And you want to be ATCO’s? Oh dear, your lack of basic Compass knowledge is abysmal.

I'd love the hear the R/T for an SRA to Runway 18, those left/right turns with traffic coming down the screen are so difficult, LOL.

Nightstop 18th Jan 2022 18:05

Mind you, I did (years ago) fly a PAR approach to Stavanger 36 with the SVG Radar controller giving me heading corrections based upon runway 18. I couldn’t get a word in to interrupt, as the patter was continuous without pauses. I presume they were using 18 for several weeks before I popped up from NWI in an old F27 and needed a PAR approach to 36. After landing, I asked the TWR to pass on my thanks to the Radar controller and suggest he turned his thingy in the control room around to the correct runway orientation. Much laughter in the background. Fortunately I was able to interpret his instructions without the need for an overshoot (as they called it in those days). BTW, the Sola Strand Hotel on the beach was excellent (chef’s training school).

Runway26 19th Jan 2022 12:15

Originally Posted by Nightstop (Post 11171744)
And you want to be ATCO’s? Oh dear, your lack of basic Compass knowledge is abysmal.

I don’t want to be one…I am one.

2 sheds 19th Jan 2022 13:31

Would never have guessed that!

2 s

Glamdring 9th Feb 2022 08:53

Think the confusion here is that there's a massive difference between "Turn right three zero degrees" and "Turn right, heading zero three zero degrees".

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