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aaronorpz 16th Nov 2020 09:25

ATIS when ATS is closed
Good morning,

In France, we have basically 2 types of messages to receive meteo information inside an aircraft:
- If the ATS (Air Traffic Services) is open, an ATC controler is here, he creates an ATIS message
- If the ATS is closed, ATC controler is not here, the weather station at the aerodrome provides a STAP message

The STAP message basically contains same meteorological informations than the ATIS message.
But unlike the ATIS message which is permanentely broadcasted, the STAP message is sent to the pilot upon his demand -> 3 OR 5 calls with his tranceiver.

My quesiton is the following:
What is the internationnal equivalent name for the "french" STAP message ?

Thanks you by advance for your help

Jim59 16th Nov 2020 12:27

A quick browse on the internet found the following Q and A in connection with French Approach Plates.

Q: On some of the plates, it says "In the absence of ATS obtain local QNH on STAP". Anyone know how to find out which frequency to tune into for the STAP (Automatic transmission of system parameters) ?

A: It'll be on the TWR frequency in the absence of ATS?

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