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Thecope 21st Jun 2013 14:15

Looking for atc training in West Midlands uk
I currently living in west midland uk. However a trip to nats to complete a course would mean either 3 hrs traveling every day or living down there. Either are not really suitable as I don't currently have time to travel or money to live down there. So my question is, is there a local place that does air traffic training for when I leave education. :confused:

sambatc 21st Jun 2013 14:27

no. sorry.

Squawk 7500 21st Jun 2013 14:53

If you're offered a place with NATS they will pay you minimum wage whilst at the college plus a small accommodation allowance. You won't be rich but it's enough to live on.

chevvron 21st Jun 2013 14:55

Would Cwmbran, Monmouth be any closer?

4Screwaircrew 21st Jun 2013 15:24

There is a facility at Gloucester Staverton.

whitelighter 21st Jun 2013 17:39

If you can't commit to moving, I'd find a different career.

Living away from home is going to be the least of your hardships.

Nats pay you 11k pa plus 60 a week tax free living allowance. Rent a room, sell your car, bike everywhere and live frugally. If you want it you'll do it (but I think that question has already been answered)

Not Long Now 21st Jun 2013 18:46

If you can't afford to stay near Whiteley and let NATS pay you to be trained I doubt you will be able to afford the many many thousands for a privately funded course which is the only other option. Except the RAF.

Jof_1999 21st Jun 2013 19:32


There is always the Royal Navy, a much better uniform.

Not Long Now 21st Jun 2013 20:39

Fair enough. Is there still an Army Air Corp, and do they have controllers?

Jof_1999 21st Jun 2013 20:52

There is but they dont have controllers. The uniform cannot be that good as I am coming over to the dark side of NATS.

PhiltheReaper 22nd Jun 2013 08:05

I for one won't jump down this young person's throat. Good on you for finding out about a potential career before you have left school. I know all too many final year Uni students who aren't even considering a career, and they graduate in a matter of days!

The way I see it you have the NATS option, which I feel has been described here fairly well.

The Self-funded option - depending on how many ratings you want, even if its Tower Only you're after to begin with, you're looking at well over 10,000.

The Military - They will very much move you away from home, and yes the Royal Navy is by far the best uniform going in Air Traffic, and pay you pretty well for the privilege too. But, for now at least, your ratings will not be valid outside of the military. So when you retire from your stint inside, you will be looking to pay for your courses anyway.

Other options I feel might be worth mentioning are:

Eurocontrol. Not currently recruiting for controllers, but by the time you leave school they might be. (I think the wait is at least a couple of years at this time).

And finally;
It might well be worth getting a job as an Air Traffic Control Assistant and looking for onward training through you airport, once you are there. It is by no means certain as an entry route, but if you can make it happen (and people do), then you'd have the benefit of a job to go to after getting the rating, which gives you a place to validate, a steady income and you may well not have to pay a penny for you training either. The downside is, you might wait a whole career to see this come to fruition.

Hope it was useful,


dagowly 22nd Jun 2013 09:52

Not necessarily true. The RAF can send off their blue books to the CAA and you can get some civilian ratings awarded. It's been done loads, just isn't publicised as the RAF don't pay their controllers fairly.

sambatc 22nd Jun 2013 10:29

I'll be sure to mention that to the ex-RAF controller on my course at the college!

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 22nd Jun 2013 11:51

But what are those civilian ratings on? A Civvy Licence?

I worked with several ex-RAF controllers, all who had had to go through the full civvy training so is this a new procedure?

ATCO91 22nd Jun 2013 11:58

Its so easy to patronise and jump down the throat of an enthusiast just looking for some friendly advise. In short, no is the answer, as previously mentioned, your choices are GlobalATS (Gloucester airport), Cwmbran (I think still ran by BAE Systems) or NATS. The latter will pay you whilst you train, the first two you will have to privately fund at around 15-20K for a TWR validation.

My advise is you go and visit some local units, send a friendly email, make a phone call and I,m sure they will welcome you with open arms, make sure its definitely the sort of career you want to spend your life doing. Best of luck,

Jof_1999 22nd Jun 2013 12:26

As a current Navy controller but soon to be civilian controller I am pretty sure that my military llicence becomes useless the second I leave the military. I know alot of people that have made the transition and have never heard of anyone getting their blue book swapped for a yellow one.

Squawk 7500 22nd Jun 2013 12:37

Yeah I'm pretty sure whoever told you the CAA will award you civil ratings from a blue book is pulling your leg.

TCAS FAN 22nd Jun 2013 14:07

CAA will give military aerodrome rated, recently validated ATCOs a FISO Licence as a consolation prize.

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 22nd Jun 2013 14:59

Aha... a whole world of difference.

Jof_1999 22nd Jun 2013 18:46

As far as I know if we go do our training at Cwmbran then we get cedit for the Met which takes 1 week off the course. If we train with NATS then we do the full course.

Back to the original question, you would be crazy to pay thousands of pounds to train if you can get paid for it. Either accept that you are going to have to be mobile if you want to be a controller or think about another career. Either way good luck.

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