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Jester Wester 14th Feb 2013 22:12

Serco recruiting for Dubai?
I heard a rumour that Serco are looking to recruit again for Dubai. In view of having just lost the Abu Dhabi contract has anybody got any latest news on this?

ATSI 15th Feb 2013 07:00

If you're looking for jobs you should perhaps check Flight Global...

Air Traffic Control jobs

CEP 15th Feb 2013 10:24

Haven't heard of any courses lined up for expats this year, not sure about next year though. Know they're actively recruiting Nationals.

Euroc5175 17th Feb 2013 15:22

A tower course this year is looking likely with an approach course possible early next. Adverts will be via normal channels.

BA-Girl 28th Feb 2013 02:18

If anyone works in Dubai could you pm me please, after a bit of advice. Thanks :O

prowler 10th Mar 2013 19:20

Presently applicants being interviewed, after d 'online test'.

Those who are short listed will be contacted within a few weeks, for an early job offer starting around August, for admin stuff, to be followed by the eventual course in early September.

There could be another Tower course in the 1st quarter of 2014 too.

Presently there s an ab-initio course for UAE Nationals only, who will then proceed for OJT at DWC/OMDW.

If more resignations follow this year, then the chance for further recruitment could be better.

Good luck2all.....

LoserGill 10th Mar 2013 19:27

I had checked Serco's site in late February, the closing date was 13/03 but it seems that it was closed at the beginning of March.
Anyone else saw it that way?

RadarMaestro 11th Mar 2013 08:19

Just wrote the online test yesterday. I am very optimistic about starting in August. Funny thing is, that the online test have notjing to do with Start pushback approved or Radar contact, turn right heading 040.

It should be for teenagers who just finished high school, to see if they have an aptitude for our skills. Not for guyz with 10 to 15 years experience.

the Shue 12th Mar 2013 10:59

Aptitude tests??? In 2013?
I thought aptitude tests for ATC were done away with over 10 years ago as they were shown to provide absolutely worthless, and possibly misleading, information about a candidate. If a controller does well or poorly on the test you still have no idea whatsoever of how they actually perform, not even a guide line.

It's just like having UFC fighters do written tests, what they put down on paper means ... nothing, nothing at all.

Jof_1999 12th Mar 2013 11:09

I would like to see some of those UFC paper tests, that would be entertaining reading.

cleard4tkof 21st Mar 2013 09:37

Is there anyone who wrote the online test, and did interview and got confirmation about a starting date yet.

I'm waiting for a possible interview still.

Highland Director 21st Mar 2013 15:00

I did the online tests and was subsequently invited to take part in a telephone interview. Following the telephone interview I was invited to 'stage 2' which is a 2 day sim assessment which, if successful, will lead to a final formal interview.

jack schidt 23rd Mar 2013 23:01

Hi to all.

Not trying to hijack your ATC thread (I am an EK skipper) but the UAE is very matter of fact that you have to be able to jump hoops to get the job you want. Unfortunately HR and other departments all seem to get an input into recruitment and promotions and create an endless case for these selection procedures in the Middle East.

Having said that, as a global operator, the ATC in the UAE and especially the Dubai controllers are extremely professional and a joy to work with. I kid you not that Dubai airspace particularly, is constantly as busy it seems as the London TMA so be prepared to work hard in a demanding enviroment.

The controllers are paid well I am told and life in the Middle East is good if you are willing to fit in and make the most of it.

Good luck to you all and regarding those tests being inappropriate, the Air Law exam I had to do here a decade ago was a farce and an embarrassment to take. A lot of the questions were inaccurate and around 40% of them were completely out of date with modern aviation. With PDC installed in Dubai now there is massive efforts in this rejion to make it as modern as can possibly be and I think for anyone working here in aviation, it is a good place to be right now.

Regards to all.

Gulfstreamaviator 24th Mar 2013 05:33

I agree with JS
There is no LOGIC involved in the recruitment, operational policies, or in fact any level of live over here.

It is disorganised Chaos.
Thats why many people love it, and many hate it. I love it.

The recruitment and general hiring in EU is totally different, so just jump thru the hoops.

As JS said the Pilots air law exam was and I suspect still is a joke. A hangover from UK CAA 1960's..... Many questions were either incorrect or vague. I suspect so the pass/fail rate could be balanced as required. Question 1, had 4 answers, the correct answer was .................... not included as an option.

Please read all the posts about the UAE, and make your own decision based on your needs...... The salary is OK, the conditions are OK...if bringing family, beware it will be expensive, and spouse will almost certainly not last the term of your contract.

SERCO (as a Pilot, not a train or plane controller) have a good reputation, but are only the voice of the management.

Take care out there (here).


atcoexpert 29th Mar 2013 04:32

Did the online testing and the phone interview.
Got an email then inviting me to the next stage. When I replied to that email I was told the email was sent by mistake.
I finally got hold of someone on the phone and learned that I was just 1 point short of making it to the next stage.

I am still hopeful and waiting to hear back. I think they are inviting 16 applicants for sim runs and interview for 10 jobs. 5 starting this year in August and another 5 early next year.
I hope they don't get the 10 and I'll get another chance. :)

LoserGill 29th Mar 2013 17:20

That sucks, atcoexpert, for a lack of a better expression.... To have your hopes high one moment and then getting disappointing news based on their error is not entirely professional!
I'm wondering though, how do they expect people on the invite list to do the simulation test, they have to fly to Dubai from wherever they may be? That would be quite pricey for someone in North America!

Andy Mayes 29th Mar 2013 20:57

That would be quite pricey for someone in North America!
But shows whether the candidates actually want the job or not.

I personally would want a look round the place (to see how far away the restroom is;)) before signing a contract irrespective of where in the world I might be, the farther away, the more inclined I'd be to visit before signing!:)

Short Approach? 31st Mar 2013 08:24

I'm wondering though, how do they expect people on the invite list to do the simulation test, they have to fly to Dubai from wherever they may be? That would be quite pricey for someone in North America!
Obviously Serco will pay for your airfare and accommodation

clipped_wings 31st Mar 2013 09:39

It may seem quite an expense but in the long run its a win win for all.

Serco gets to fully evaluate the chances of the candidate validating in a very busy traffic environment before spending money on moving and training.

The candidate gets to see Serco and the different environment and decide if they really are committed to the relocation.

atcoexpert 31st Mar 2013 13:07

They pay for the airfares and 2 nights in Dubai.

I think it's quite good to get an idea about the place, the people ...

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