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Samantha91 20th Jul 2012 22:09

Newbie Introduction
Hi my name is Samantha, I have just recently applied for NATS (Finally, after waiting over a year).
Just wondering how long the application process normally takes? Also if I succeed will I need to pass a physical test like you are required for the RAF such as run, sit ups and press ups?

Thanks Sam

lord of the zones 21st Jul 2012 11:36

The process can take anywhere from 3-4 months at best to ...considerably longer
(There have been people holding during the recruitment freeze for over a year!!!)
As for Physical...thankfully no running or sit ups or anything silly like that. just the ability to pass the European Class 3 medical certificate. and that is only looked at after the aptitude testing.

anotherthing 21st Jul 2012 15:59

Fitness and ATC
Hi Sam,

Although there are no physical fitness tests for NATS such as you mention, you will find that as a lady, you will do better in training if you are fit :E

Good luck with the application process :)

blueskythinking 21st Jul 2012 19:57

anotherthing- I pray to god you are no longer involved in ATCO training. Comments like that should have disappeared by now. Is it any wonder we have such a bad reputation as ojti 's at swanwick! I would also put money on it you are west end valid!!

GAPSTER 22nd Jul 2012 06:19

He should be made an example of...

Put him in stocks on "The Street" while his beachwear is ceremoniously removed by security.

anotherthing 22nd Jul 2012 11:27


Get over yourself... If you can't recognise a joke, even with the blatant smiley, then I feel sorry for you.

I am not a West end controller by the way... I work for a living :)

Note... another smiley. Heaven forbid, humour. If anyone really takes offence at my first reply, which anyone with half a brain can see was tongue in cheek, then they are probably not thick skinned enough to do the job :ugh:

Just for clarification, as far as anyone training or qualified goes, I could not give a monkey's whether they are male, female, or even as ugly as me... As long as they are honest, have integrity and are not lazy, then they will get treated fairly... the vast majority of TC OJTI's are this way inclined. If AC have a problem with OJTI reputation (though I am not aware of it), then that is another matter.

BigDaddyBoxMeal 22nd Jul 2012 13:45

which anyone with half a brain can see was tongue in cheek,
...was it? ;)

Plazbot 22nd Jul 2012 15:32

Yeah, we need picture before anyone can comment either way.....

Samantha91 22nd Jul 2012 18:40

Thanks for the reply, it puts my mind at ease. I am currently training to get myself in shape just in case my NATS application is unsuccessful and I am forced to apply for the RAF (which is my last resort).

Also I read somewhere that becoming an ATCA, after a couple of years I would get trained up as an ATC, is this true?

Thanks again

blueskythinking 23rd Jul 2012 11:40

anotherthing- ah TC. enough said. The old ' its only a joke ' defence. Refuge of sexists , racists and general bigots the world over. :E

Assume the smiley means I can say what I want?

Plazbot 23rd Jul 2012 20:16

I'm all of the above. Where are my pics?

GAPSTER 24th Jul 2012 19:06

Plaz :D....

Vulcan Lover 25th Jul 2012 08:51

" just in case my NATS application is unsuccessful and I am forced to apply for the RAF (which is my last resort). "

Having just insulted about 40% of ATCOs you would be the RAF's last resort too. Try to be more careful with your sentiments if you wish to be successful in life.

Krait 25th Jul 2012 09:19

anotherthing. nobody could be as ugly as you:bored:

but be careful with your humour, OJTi's are a touchy :mad: bunch!! One foot out of line and you're for the chop.

GAPSTER 27th Jul 2012 03:14

Nice one Vulcan.I guess the best of you are in Atlas right now?

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