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Sam Asama 4th Dec 2010 12:36

SERCO Baghdad
Anybody have info on the ToC's for Serco's new ATC contract in Iraq?

Short Approach? 4th Dec 2010 15:10

8 weeks on two weeks off. 180$. Remember vest outside the base.

Guy D'ageradar 4th Dec 2010 17:14

I think I'll stay put!

warsteiner888 4th Dec 2010 20:25

$180 means what exactly ?

Are they after ex mil or civil controllers for the jobs ?

Red Dragon 5th Dec 2010 12:26

Watsa matter Guy? No sense of adventure?


BeT 5th Dec 2010 12:28

$180k pa?

Unbelievable! They need to at least double that IMO - unless they are planning on recruiting from places where controllers are usually paid in nuts or something:eek:

Sam Asama 5th Dec 2010 16:06

Well.... if it's tax free, and if accommodation and meals are supplied, and if the rotation is good.. then it's not bad.

If you've worked as an "ex-pat" ATCO you know that the above are what make or break any particular contract.

And if you think $250K in Europe, North America, Oz, etc is better than $180K tax free (with accommodation), you need to study accounting...


Surferboy 5th Dec 2010 17:48

Unless you are employed by Eurocontrol and you pay virtually no tax! (Ok, you do pay a tiny bit..but that's just peanuts if you compare with any other European ANSP)

Cuddles 5th Dec 2010 19:07

It's better if you don't get shot at / blown up.

ferris 5th Dec 2010 20:16

And if you think $250K in Europe, North America, Oz, etc is better than $180K tax free (with accommodation), you need to study accounting...
And if YOU think that $180k in IRAQis better than $250k in ANY of the other places you mention (even with taxes), you need to get your head out of the accounting books and take a look around. Need to be a lot more dollars involved.
Plus all the other things you mention (roster etc.) are shite.

BeT 5th Dec 2010 20:37

@sam asama:

If you think $180k tax free in Iraq is better than $250k with taxes somewhere else in the world then you need to take your head out of the accounting books and join the rest of us over here in the real world!

I would fully expect food and lodgings on that Serco contract - but that will be crappy food in the 'Green Zone' hmmmm sounds luxurious!

$180k US p.a. tax free = €134,000 (approx).

Im two year qualified in a N. Europran area control centre and take around €85,000 NET per annum (or $113,000 US) - many of my more senior colleagues who have family and marriage allowances and are further up the pay scale DO take around the $180k pa mark.

IMO, I just cant see Westerners giving up everything and moving to Iraq for either a slightly higher (or maybe even equivalent) salary - the general consensus in our OPS room when this package was discussed was that Serco dont have a chance in hell with guys like us - BTW I appreciate fully that they may be happy to recruit from quieter centres around SE Asia etc where this package probably compare well.

Aside from all that the roster as posted above is absolute crap.

To get me, or an equivalent controller in to this job they need to be offering something along the lines of:

-$400k + pa tax free with free food and shelter
-6 months on, 3 months off (or better)
-Protection within the green zone.

Baghdad for $180k p.a - not in my lifetime!:}

Out on the catwalk 8th Dec 2010 15:40

Serco Baghdad
Short Approach reports:

"8 weeks on two weeks off. 180$. Remember vest outside the base."

Mind if I ask where this info came from? To my knowledge, Serco hasn't even advertised this outside of the company.

I ask this because I've heard more than one salary figure being bandied about - the same with the leave entitlement as well.

I'm just looking for something definitive, that's all.

Frunobulax 8th Dec 2010 16:52

Oh yes they did:

Air Traffic Control Officer - 1401045026 - Flight Jobs

Out on the catwalk 10th Dec 2010 06:03

Thanks for that – I check Flightglobal fairly regularly, but perhaps not as regularly as I should.

I was specifically asking about Short Approaches statement of the salary and leave entitlement, and where those came from – did they come from a reliable source, or was it coming from a friend of a friend of someones nephew . . . ?

As I said, I’ve heard more than one salary bandied about, and am just looking for something definitive (if that’s possible).

Green on, Go! 10th Dec 2010 09:18

Worked there in 2003 for approx AUD $150K tax free (food, uniform, accommodation, medical, kevlar, automatic weapon and ammunition included). One of the area radar consoles was my bedside table. :ok:

Granted, things have probably changed a lot since then, however, I would want substantially more than $180K tax free to work there again. Night life was a shocker.:sad:

eurocat2000 12th Dec 2010 07:10

Does anyone have any current information on living conditions and facilities within the Airport compound?

charly-viktor 14th Dec 2010 10:33

Beg me pardon guys, but didn't Mr. Obama say they are retrieving ALL troops till the end of 2011? The offered contract is for one year starting with April 2011. I don't think it is very funny to stay behind when coalition forces are gone! :=

Fox3snapshot 14th Dec 2010 16:38


Mr. Obama say they are retrieving ALL troops
Ummm....is that just American troops? The coalition isn't just the US (although they often think so!) and never convinced the Obama and US circus is ever talking about the rest of the world, after all we have been left behind before...as we were in Somalia!

Just wondered... :rolleyes:

charly-viktor 15th Dec 2010 14:58

Well, the main forces are American, British and Polish. I don't think that the others will stay behind wenn Uncle Sam is leaving to face the upcomming mess. And i don't think it is good for health to sit on Bagdhad tower like a turky at thanksgiving surrounded only by iraki troops.

hotspot1 4th Feb 2011 07:49

serco baghdad
news around the centre today is that Serco is having trouble filling the Area positions originally advertised and obviously the APP positions now coming up in April.

additionally it was rumoured that a salary of 170,000 GBP was quoted, which equates to around $257,000 AUD, but not sure if that is all up including the travel allowance they pay every time you go on your 2 week R&R, which appears to be about every 8 weeks or so.

accommodation within the airport perimeter could be dodgy and possibly similiar to the accommodation in the Kabul Airport military zone... 2 in a pseudo container.

anyone with further information to be able to clarify these and other items and who have had recent contact with Serco, it would be appreciated if some items could be clarified please, including the roster.

you can PM me if you like.



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