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sweetlady1122002 18th Dec 2008 07:35

Eurocontrol Testing and Interviews
Hello :)

New here, I have been invited for Phase 1 at Eurocontrol, in Jan 12th, just trying to find out if there are any heading over there this Jan,

Read a lot on this forum about Eurocontrol and it sounds a great company, so hoping for the best :)

Any advise to help my chances will be greatly appreciated :)

doc_exe 18th Dec 2008 08:14

i passed the first phase... is one of the hardest..except the interview that i failed ....
you can practice with making different test online like IQ , and try to do them really quickly ... good luck:ok::ok::ok:

classicwings 18th Dec 2008 11:25

You should ask them for a copy of their ATCO recruitment CD which I have still got from 2000 in my application pack. Its called 'Skyscape, Your International career as and air traffic controller' with Eurocontrol. I would have thought it has been updated by now but there are some very good quizzes on there which test both your ATC knowledge and aptitude, and it gives a detailed insight into life as an ATCO with Eurocontol at Maastrict UAC. It also contains interviews/ questions with some current Eurocontrol controllers.

Well worth getting hold of before going for your selection I'd say!:):O:)

sweetlady1122002 18th Dec 2008 11:27

Thanks Classic,

Will certainly asked them about it, as I really want the job now!

classicwings 18th Dec 2008 11:29

Your finger is certainly on the pulse sweetlady, I hadnt even finished editing that post when you replied! P.s have you tried NATS selection?

sweetlady1122002 18th Dec 2008 11:35

hey doc,

thx as well, :)

sweetlady1122002 18th Dec 2008 11:38


tried NATs, and sadly was rejected, but they were really my second choice, :)

doc_exe 18th Dec 2008 11:43

NATS don't refund the travel costs ?:mad::mad:

sweetlady1122002 18th Dec 2008 11:46

Sorry Doc,

They don't refund travel costs!, :), I went to Manchester for the selection and to be fair, it wasn't that costly :) since am based in London, I would have gone to the London selection however it as all booked up!, then it would have cost me nothing! well next to nothing!

doc_exe 18th Dec 2008 12:12

nice.... but for me from moldova i must pay for air ticket about Price calculation. All taxes and charges included
1 Adult x (649.14 Fare and Taxes and charges)
649.14 Total :

and if unsuccessful:ugh::ugh::ugh:

sweetlady1122002 18th Dec 2008 13:06

Yes, it will be very costly indeed!

Have you applied to both NATs and Eurocontrol? since they are the two that i have noticed is most written about, in most cases in a positive light, I deduct from this as them being the top companies to work for

Jagohu 18th Dec 2008 22:15

Good luck, we need motivated people :)

sweetlady1122002 19th Dec 2008 10:25

I will need it! reading all I can at the moment to improve my chances!:)

TC_Ukraine 21st Jan 2009 10:09

and so?
I sent request on their ([email protected]) e-mail 8 days ago. still waiting for ID number/username to register(((

GhostUK 21st Jan 2009 10:31


How much does eurocontrol charge? (if successful ofcourse)
Or is it a scholarship program as with NATS?

Moira 21st Jan 2009 11:01

GhostUK, you can find all the info on their website

As to your question (taken from the website):

Remuneration during training
During their training students will be remunerated in accordance with the regulations in force. An expatriation allowance and family allowances are paid in addition if appropriate. Single students who are expatriated are paid a net sum of € 1320 per month during the first phase of training (15 weeks), € 1651 per month during the second phase (approx. 5 months) and € 2198 per month during the final phase of training. These amounts include the obligatory deductions for contributions to cover insurance against sickness, accidents and disablement as well as a contribution towards the Agency’s own pension scheme. Additionally, when called upon to work shifts, staff will be paid the appropriate shift allowances.

Erikk 21st Jan 2009 11:05

Monthly Net Salary
-First training phase (15 weeks)
Single National 1095 Single expatriate 1307
-Second training phase (approx. 5 months)
Single National 1508 Single expatriate 1801
-Third training phase (56 weeks)
Single National 1800 Single expatriate 2151

This information can be found on
EUROCONTROL - Frequently asked questions

GhostUK 21st Jan 2009 12:02

Ok so it basically is a scholarship program with no fee's attached..?

Bah, just realised the training program is only for undergraduates and graduates. I'm just a lonely college dropout. :(

sweetlady1122002 21st Jan 2009 12:26

ghost UK

Sadly,very sadly i did not make it past the afternoon session, oh well...

what i did want to say is that if you have GCSE's maths and english grade above C ghost and you are under 25, then you have met half the minimum requirements, the next is your eye sight :)

I would advise if you really are interested you really should apply, I did not make it, but from what i can say about the company is that they sound a great company to work for and the process to getting invited for phase one was quite smooth, :)

GhostUK 21st Jan 2009 13:07

Really??, do you think I can get in with my GCSE's? and no alevels or degree's? I have got all my GCSE's above grade C.

And since presently working as a dispensing optician, I've had more then my shares of eye examinations.

Thanks sweetlady1122002, I'll def try and apply to eurocontrol aswell.

I'm really sorry that you didnt make it thru.
Are you planning on reapplying to Nats or eurocontrol again?

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