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brissyboy 22nd Mar 2010 03:42

Ricciuto 2, Cuong, The_AU_Viper, Alpha Foxtrot Romeo & bris_rob looks like we are all in brissy starting up in melbourne on the 7th June, are you guys all keen to get together in the next couple of weeks to have beers and discuss accom course etc?

Toboto 22nd Mar 2010 08:37

Got my pre course material today on usb does anyone know if asa ship a hard copy as well?

gemmy 22nd Mar 2010 08:47

Nope - USB is how it comes now... Some people have printed it all out here at the Academy.

ricciuto2 22nd Mar 2010 08:54

Cuong is in Sydney I think, but sounds good to me!

Alpha Foxtrot Romeo 22nd Mar 2010 09:42

Hey Brisbane based Class of June '10... Yep very keen to meet up beforehand, would it be best to organise through PM or private emails so we don't clog up this forum?

BTW, I've just come back from spending a couple of hours with the guys in the Brissy Tower so I could get a feel for what it's like - and it was awesome... Although they were speaking a different language most of the time, they did explain everything so I could understand what they were on about. I'm now going to try and organise a visit to Archerfield Tower to get a feel for how that operates. So if any of you are doing the Tower course, get in touch with Casey and she'll help you organise it - they are all very welcoming and helpful...

Cuong 22nd Mar 2010 12:44

Yep, I'm in Sydney. I'll be down in Melbourne a couple of days before we start so I'd be keen for something then.

Been looking around for some accommodation, most places are within about 30 minutes of the airport which is fine with me. Also very shocked at the rent of some of those places, not used to seeing such nice homes going for so little here in Sydney. On that note, would anyone currently doing the course be able to tell me the amount that gets put into our accounts per week after tax and everything? I know the salary that is stated, but having this bit of info will help sort out budgets. I usually wouldn't have a problem with pay, but with car repayments things might get a little tight.


mikethepomme 22nd Mar 2010 21:41

1250 is correct... give or take 46cents

brissyboy 23rd Mar 2010 00:54

Anyone else but Toboto who is starting in June received the material?

Cuong 23rd Mar 2010 05:13

Thanks for clearing up the pay.
I haven't received the reading material yet, but I only received my written offer (online) today.

melbATC 23rd Mar 2010 08:49

Crikey only 38,000.

Please somebody tell me thats probation or something?
Yes it is the first part of probation, you get an increase when you get to field training, however that won't be for at least 10 months. :E

gemmy 24th Mar 2010 07:44


MikethePomme stated $1250.46 correctly... but just to clear that up, that is fortnightly.. as you did ask what the weekly income is & don't want you to go out leasing a penthouse ;-).

I live 32kms away from the airport & it takes 30mins just before the peak hour traffic hits... so there is no way I could leave home after 0730am. I get to the academy early (we start at 0900) and squeeze in some more study time.

We all got our Travel $$ & Medical money back within the first 3-4weeks.. got out first pay 3 weeks in.

Just a couple of things to think of when you move down.. ! :-).

Cuong 25th Mar 2010 00:37

Ouch ><
So we have to save up enough $$ to cover living expenses for 3 weeks and rent for 3 weeks as well as bond, before we even head down there! AND we have to pay medicals and travel up front. Hopefully it's a big first pay cheque.

What's the dress code like for classes? Jeans and t-shirt ok?

Toboto 25th Mar 2010 04:56

Corporate Dress I believe, any current students care to clarify?

gemmy 25th Mar 2010 05:42

HAHAHA.... Corporate Dress for Day 1-3 (Induction & First Impressions)

Jeans/polo top. Some guys wear Shorts...Tshirts etc. Just no thongs, baseball caps etc. Some people still chose to wear corporate dress daily......

Your first pay day (usually 3 weeks in depending on what date you start) is just the standard $1250. I got my travel Money & Medical money a week later.

Remember also that in Melbourne, realestates ask for your rent a month in advance & a month's bond !!

gemmy 25th Mar 2010 05:45

For you June guys... your first pay packet will be on the 24th June (although ours tends to be in there on Wed arvos.. not Thurs). :-)

V11 26th Mar 2010 09:52

My friends who work in offices tell me corporate dress for men is pants, shirt, but leave off the tie. At the academy they let us know we can continue with corporate dress if we like, but as Gemmy (who I would vote the best dressed in our class http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/wink2.gif) said, smart casual (jeans and polo) is also fine.

enemyMiG 27th Mar 2010 11:16

Same with the guys up in Melb Tower, we observed from our visit last week - very relaxed :cool:

ricciuto2 29th Mar 2010 09:39

reckon trackies would be ok in the melbourne winter? haha i love them :D

and cuong don't worry about money man, i'll make sure we get through to pay easy ;)

hows the accommmodation search coming?

atomicant_au 31st Mar 2010 03:19

Starting April 19, anyone else?
Hi everyone, Im starting en-route April 19, I was a bit slow getting on here to chat, was told to look here by a user on the ASA forum as no newbies are online there.
Im moving to Melbourne with my family next week and have to find a house and arrange transport to work once the rental car goes.
I would like to contact anyone on the April 19 course as there are 12 +4 tower guys Im told.
I hope car pooling can be an option (cost sharing) as I have to get on my feet in Melbourne as Ive been grounded for a while and not working(flying) so funds disapeared real fast in the lead up to the course, as least Ive had time to read the study material!:O

brissyboy 6th Apr 2010 01:27

Does anyone know if we need an ASIC prior to getting to course or do you sort that while there?

melbATC 6th Apr 2010 05:44

Does anyone know if we need an ASIC prior to getting to course or do you sort that while there?
The ASIC is sorted out after you start.

Cranny 7th Apr 2010 09:58

Starting April 19, anyone else?
G'day atomicant_au,
I'm starting Apr 19. Living inner 'burbs just west of melb 'bout a 25min drive to AsA. Let me know how you go.

atomicant_au 7th Apr 2010 11:22

Hi Cranny
Got the removalists sorted today and left work for the last time, so not long now til the move south.
Then the fun begins with looking for a house near the airport etc.:D

kookabat 11th Apr 2010 04:09

Last I spoke with Casey, a few weeks ago, a July course was a slim possibility but August was the most likely next one.

cptn caveman 13th Apr 2010 10:45

has anybody else received the on the merit list email in dec 2009 and not had their referees checked? i think i must be at the very bottom of list. lol

nick83 14th Apr 2010 04:55

Caveman, there's a few of us down there with you! I'm on the December OOM and was asked by e-mail early February to update my references but none of them have been contacted yet.

Laino 14th Apr 2010 07:55

Same here Caveman and Nick. I contacted ASA about 4 weeks ago and they were meant to have completed my referee check before Easter, still waiting.

gemmy 15th Apr 2010 10:25

Good Luck to those of you starting course on Monday.. great timing for you to start with a 4 day weekend next week!!

Time flies at the Academy, feels as though we only started last week ourselves, however we are into week 8 come Monday!!!!

To those of you on the Merit List.. hang in there - It's worth the wait.

Nichollg 18th Apr 2010 10:09

Good luck to the new guys for there first day tomorrow. :ok:

enemyMiG 18th Apr 2010 12:31

Don't forget to wear a tie.
Also, shorts are only acceptable if accompanied by long socks.

gemmy 19th Apr 2010 10:08

enemyMIG.. you are cruel. Why don't you go ahead & tell them the statistics whilst you're at it ;-)

enemyMiG 20th Apr 2010 09:03

Now, now gemmy :=

You know that 89.73% of all statistics are made up

Cuong 20th Apr 2010 13:33

But they are 100% correct 65% of the time

atomicant_au 21st Apr 2010 12:34

3 days of induction done
Hi Guys, just completed 3 days of induction for ATC 36, we have been bombarded with "war stories" about the rates of success on previous courses, like the App course sent to the UK where 1 out of 40 passed.
Hope to get something useful done tomorrow like applying for travel expences befor the 4 day weekend!

flyingbricksh 21st Apr 2010 21:43

Hi can anybody on this thread shed any light on comming over to Aus as a rated Controller? T&Cs, pat etc..

pm me all info appreciated

max1 22nd Apr 2010 15:19

Can anyone in the College confirm or deny that the last course had only 2 out of 10 check out.

rr007 23rd Apr 2010 01:22

that's correct, the course that finished up this week only 2 made it through (though I'm sure they started with 8 not 10)

max1 23rd Apr 2010 01:29

Thanks for the info, congrats to the 2 who made it. Now the hard work starts.
I feel sympathy for the 6 who didn't.

melbATC 23rd Apr 2010 07:14

At what stage did the 6-8 find out that they failed - was it during the course work, or during the simulator phase? I assume that if you don't make the required 70%+ on the various exams you'd find out soon enough and could try to go back to your old life. What sort of warning do you get, and what sort of support do you get after you've been dropped??? I know the dole isn't a whole lot less than the training wage, but it would be nice to know there's some recognition of the sacrifices people are making in taking the training plunge and giving them support while they pick up the pieces.
From memory there have been no failures from the course in the last few years for not passing the theory exams. The people that drop out have failed during the sim phase of training.

However you only get 2 supp's for theory so it is still very possible to fail during this stage.

As far as support if you don't make it, some people will be offered positions within the company in other roles, however you can not count on it.

Other than that support if you fail is virtually non existent.

There is a lot of pressure on you while you are training, however all I can say is if you make it it is worth all the hard work.

atomicant_au 23rd Apr 2010 11:24

All good stories grow with time????
Well that sounds more realistic, some of our instructors have been contradicting each other as a good story gets corrected by someone with the technical knowhow and not just an expanded opinion from another perspective. I think its mostly just reality check for the new students to shock us into getting motivated to self study and accept the reality of the job, ie you ca or cant do it in the sim. my 2cents worth anyway.

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