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nodelay 29th Jan 2006 08:35

Home to Duty - Proposed management buy out
Don't take the carrot

Average HTD of 25 p/m equals a buy out of 850. That's just 2 yrs and 10 months of HTD. After that you get - NOTHING. (However the company does save a tidy sum)

SilentHandover 29th Jan 2006 09:27

But on the other hand management will be within their rights to remove HTD without our consent, so if we refuse we will get nothing. Seems like quite a good deal to me.

Or so I am advised by my union rep.

radar707 29th Jan 2006 09:50

Haven't seen anything about this one, when did that appear?

TATC 29th Jan 2006 09:56

From what i hear in rumours etc Home to Duty was requested by the unions with tongue in cheek not thinking we would get it. We did.

Not all units currently get Home to Duty Payments - Luton Tower for one I think

Management can give 6 months notice to withdraw Home to Duty Allowance and we would receive no payment.

To me the buy out on offer seems a very good deal - rather get almost three years of payments as a lump sum than nothing at all

BALIX 29th Jan 2006 14:54

Well, I'd take the carrot. Home to duty milage is a complete anachronism and how it has survived so long I'll never know. It is only worth washers to anyone who lives within a few miles of work and why should the company subsidise those who choose to live a long way away?

Anyone remember the good old days when we actually had to claim it shift-by-shift? 4p a mile - same rate as now only with additional admin costs...

eastern wiseguy 29th Jan 2006 16:13

Anyone remember the good old days when we actually had to claim it shift-by-shift? 4p a mile - same rate as now only with additional admin costs
Yes ...and LHG ! That dates me!

BEXIL160 29th Jan 2006 16:50

" I certify that on the dates covered by this claim I used my own vehicle for these journeys"..... Yep, dates me too:uhoh:


BALIX 29th Jan 2006 20:20

Well done Bex, I'd forgotten the little submission we had to write on each form. It was a hell of a dilema when you had to borrow the missuses car to get to work, wasn't it :confused: :confused: ;)

As for LHG and other 'additional' payments, interesting to see that the latest pay offer seems to be heading back down the road of paying for a bit of this, a bit of that... More forms to fill in, perhaps?

chiglet 29th Jan 2006 22:54

izzit "tax free?"
or for ATCOs only?

SilentHandover 30th Jan 2006 06:36


I am advised by my PCS rep that it applies to us ATSA's too. The payment is taxable and non-pensionable.

ukatco_535 30th Jan 2006 08:27

Must admit not heard anything about it -

Although in the great scheme of things it is a small amount of money per month, it seems quite a sneaky way of doing things considering the pay deal has not long been published.... surely this should have been mentioned in the deal??

I can't believe that it has just been mooted in the past week - it has taken 2 years to sort the pay deal out and even then it has been put to us late.

Or is this the first time that management have been able to make a descisive descision without far**ng about for months on end?? Knowing the capabilities of our management - I doubt it; This idea must have been floating around for ages, whilst the pay negotiations were happening.

It seems like a case of the management going behind our backs.

why should the company subsidise those who choose to live a long way away?

Is this a case of "I don't get it, why should you??" - (merely playing the Devils Advocate with that comment). It is a payment we are told about in T&Cs - if people choose to live close to work, then good luck to them.... I for one will choose not to live too close when I move to Swanwick - the house prices are going to increase with such an influx - why should I get less house for my money just to live close??

Yes it is all about personal choices, but thats not the point.

Yes, it can be withdrawn with 6 months notice - so why be so underhand?? :} :}

Standard Noise 30th Jan 2006 09:03

Considering you've had a good run of luck up to now and bearing in mind it could all go wrong from here on in, the banker is offering you 850 pounds, it's time to make a decision, deal or no deal?

flower 30th Jan 2006 09:33

Having HTD itself doesn't particularly bother me, it is a bit of an anathema in todays workplace, what does bother me is why this wasn't included in the latest pay deal, where has it suddenly come from ?
It feels as if every little perk that ATC may have had is being taken away by stealth.

Barry Cuda 30th Jan 2006 10:25

Apparently it's all to do with making 1.5 million savings in the CP2 budget and therefore NOT linked to the pay deal... It will be subject to a seperate ballot at some point in the near future.

BALIX 30th Jan 2006 10:40

Originally Posted by ukatco_535
Is this a case of "I don't get it, why should you??" - (merely playing the Devils Advocate with that comment).

Well, your devilishness, I can assure you it isn't anything to do with jealousy. If it was I'd live in Prestwick and have a go at people who live in Troon as well as those who commute from Glasgow. I just feel that HTD is a relic of a bygone age.

Does anyone know of any other organisation that pays an allowance to its employees merely for turning up to work? Well, apart from pilots...

ukatco_535 30th Jan 2006 11:35

The military do in some cases........

But thats not really my point - it just seems, as Flower says, that the management are trying to slip it through the back door when everyone is thinking about the pay deal.

Although not that large an amount of money even if on top whack (£44.60 before tax); it does become significant to those on the full HTD when you consider it against the cost of living pay rise we are being offered.

(Granted we get an uplift of one spine point in April - approximately £1500 per annum or £125 per month pre tax but then take £44.60 off that and it starts to erode the pay deal even further)

So in that instance; those not on HTD are gaining in the long term if it gets binned because any pay deal is to them, what they will get, not what they will get minus HTD

63000 Triple Zilch 30th Jan 2006 22:19

When HTD was first introduced in 1974 it was as an inducement to LATCC to change from a 4 watch to 5 watch system. There was a lot of opposition to working AAOMMNNSOO and most preferred to work A M/N S O tha advantage being that you worked 18 hours in 24 0745-1245 and then 1945-0745 !!! It was calculated on the difference between the private car rate [business rate] and the public transport rate. The rationale was that the new shift times would mean that you could not use public transport in order to get to and from home on all the shifts. Currently the Business rate is 40p a mile and the lower rate is around 14p [not sure exactly]. For 18 months the allowance followed this formula starting at 2.2p per mile and by 1976 was at 4p per mile! Then came the oil crisis in 1976 and the CAA froze the allowance at 4p. This was because the difference between the 2 rates was increasing rapidly. It was agreed that this was a short term measure and as soon as Govt pay policy permitted they would reinstate the difference!! 30 years later they have not yet got round to hiking HTD up to the 26p per mile that it should now be at
Well there is a bit of background information from an old wrinklie that was part of the IPCS [ATCA union] that negotiated this deal. Incidentally as an ATCA who lived in Reading and worked at LATCC the HTD was equivalent to 25% of my gross pay in 1975!! How times change!!!

Legs11 31st Jan 2006 13:32

is 850 being offered to everyone, or just those who receive HTD?

SilentHandover 31st Jan 2006 13:59

Everyone get's £250, then you get an amount based on how much HTD you receive making a total of just over £1300 before tax as a maximum.

BALIX 31st Jan 2006 14:05

Originally Posted by Legs11
is 850 being offered to everyone, or just those who receive HTD?

Nope. It is 250 plus twice your annual allowance. So those who live next door to work and can't be arsed claiming will get 250. I get 11.89 per month so will receive 250+285.36. Those on the full whack of 44.60 get 1070+250. All taxed of course. And also asuming I read the notice right...

I will lose out after a smidgen under four years but I will still be voting for it as 300 in my mit is better than eight quid a month. Especially when the management could conceivably withdraw it anyway.

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