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LVP in force requirements

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LVP in force requirements

Old 27th Sep 2013, 01:50
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LVP in force requirements

Hi all,

When one of the airport declare "LVP in force", what are the requirements for them to do? Do they have any checklist of actions to be done before declaring? Hope anybody can help with the reference..
Thank you.
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Old 27th Sep 2013, 20:10
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Normally extra safeguarding of the runway to ensure the ILS sensitive areas and obstacle free zone is not penetrated, eg using Cat II/III runway holding points and using specific runway entry/exit points. Also certain access points to the runway can be physically closed with barriers to reduce risk of runway incursion. It can also mean restricting the number of aircraft movements so as to keep a safe operation during the low visibility.

ATC and Airfield Operations would have specific checklists to complete before LVPs can be introduced.
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Old 27th Sep 2013, 22:52
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At my field the following must be in place before LVP can be in force:
-All gates must be closed and keys accounted for
-All LVP-warning lights for vehicles on
-All vehicle movement on the manouvering area suspended
-RWY & TWY lights on
-Backup power generator on
-ILS CAT II/III-protected zone clear (CAT II/III-holding points in use)
-Stopbars on
-ATIS transmits LVP in force.
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Old 28th Sep 2013, 02:10
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and you need some fog, obviously.
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Old 28th Sep 2013, 10:52
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Fog is not a requirement for all LVP scenarios.
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Old 28th Sep 2013, 12:48
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Indeed, GT3!
Our requirement is RVR below 600 M or cloudbase/VV below 250 FT.

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Old 28th Sep 2013, 13:50
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Thank you very much for the explanation..

@ supraspinatus & Musket90, can an airport without CAT II / III ILS declare it?
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Old 28th Sep 2013, 21:07
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@ Stroyee: LVP is procedures for ILS CAT II/III and LVTO. For operations in reduced visibility EU OPS / EUR DOC 016(?) call it LVO "low visibility operations".
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Old 29th Sep 2013, 21:41
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Thank you Supraspinatus...
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Old 30th Sep 2013, 10:12
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Hello Stroyee,

I will try to give you the answer on your question "whether LVP can be applied at aerodromes without CARII or CAT II).

Firstly let me highlight that main objective of LVP is to safeguard LOC and GP sensitive and critical areas in order to ensure integrity and accuracy of ILS signal used by aircraft/pilots when they perform thier low visibility flight operations.
LVP are established and applied at aerodromes to support safe instrument flight operations when RVR is less than 550 m and/or vertical visibility or ceiling is less than 200m. These can be the following types of aircraft flight operations:
a) Departure operations in RVR conditions less than a value of 550 m (LVD);
b) CAT II approach and landing operations;
c) CAT III approach and landing operations.

If aerodrome does not have CAT II or III ILS, TWR still may develop/apply certain procedures which support ATC in fulfiling basic ATC objectives on the manoeuvering area when TWR ATCO can not see (by visual reference) part or the whole of manouevering area.
These procedures are called RAVP in european terminology, but the name is less important that their purpose:-).

Reduced Aerodrome Visibility Procedures (RAVP), applied at an aerodrome to ensure safe operations on the manoeuvring area whenever conditions are such that all or part of the manoeuvring area cannot be visually monitored from the control tower;

If you need more specific guidelines you may send me PM.

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Old 1st Oct 2013, 12:19
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Again, i learn something new. It is great information.
Thank you very much for your explanation japanac & LookingForAJob..
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Old 7th Mar 2014, 11:05
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LVP only for T/O

Can an airport be declared for LVP for takeoff operations only. Which mean the airport have only CAT I (no CATII or CATIII) approach. But the charts indicate that below 400m visibility you need to have LVP in progress for takeoff. What are the requirements for an airport to be declared as LVP in progress only for takeoff operations?

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Old 7th Mar 2014, 13:27
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REB737, it still depends on local instructions. When there's no cat2/3 ILS, then it's all about ensuring that the runway is clear from other traffic and obstacles and that any risk of collision with other traffic on taxiways is reduced to minimum. For example, at my aerodrome, there can be only one aircraft taxiing at once, and additionally another one pushing back, provided that he's well clear of the taxi route. Taxiing is permitted only behind follow-me car and the duty officer checks the entire runway for obstacles before each departure. And there's no other vehicle traffic permitted.
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Old 7th Mar 2014, 14:08
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I suppose there are also lighting and back-up power requirements (especially at night). Where do I find a complete the list of requirements to have an airport LVP approved for takeoff operations only?
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Old 7th Mar 2014, 14:44
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Agree with what you say about CAT II/III ops, and what others have said about safeguarding the ILS. I have always been of the belief that the UK CAA (Aerodrome & Air Traffic Standards) and others have not grasped the whole issue which I maintain should make LVP mandatory for all licensed aerodromes (both instrument and non- instrument) for fixed wing movements.

Bearing in mind that the ATCO/FISO's prime tool for operating is MK1 eyeball, if MET conditions prevent ATC or AFIS from seeing the whole of the manoeuvring area, some level of LVP should be brought into force, in this case for runway safeguarding purposes. Such hazards as bird concentrations, other wildlife, runway incursions etc could occur without the ATCO/FISO seeing it. Not all aerodromes have a totally secure boundary.

At the bottom end of the aerodrome scale, how can an aerodrome operator operating an Air/Ground service exercise a duty of care if he/she cannot see the whole of the manoeuvring area to be used by a fixed wing aircraft? Especially bearing in mind that it is more likely that there is not a secure perimeter fence, increasing the likelihood of wildlife or trespassers.

If aerodrome staffing levels do not permit LVPs at non-instrument aerodromes, fixed wing departures requiring use of a licensed aerodrome should have their permission to use the aerodrome withdrawn (assuming its at an Ordinary Licence aerodrome) when part of, or the whole, manoeuvring area cannot be visually monitored by A/G. Going back to the duty of care, should all fixed wing movements be suspended until MET conditions improve?

Possibly an issue that AATSD Aerodrome and ATC Inspectors could give some thought to before subsequent Audits?
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Old 7th Mar 2014, 20:19
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Can an airport be declared for LVP for takeoff operations only.
You may find several airports with LVP but CAT I only - e.g. EPKK or EVRA.
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