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A question for you guys,
Do you normally take any action to avoid garbling?
As far as i can remember ive only heard a couple of my colleagues using the phraseology "for radar discerning", and i can assure you it is not due to a lack of traffic. I was wondering if its so uncommon in your countries/units too.
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Garbling is nothing else than a pain in the bottom.

I don't do anything against it. For the time being, I still have the strips to know what's happening.
I only ask the pilots to confirm their actual levels when traffic seems to go up and down : STCA triggers with any other traffic in the vicinity. When the computer loses corelation between FPL and target, we have to force it manually, but the mouse's often confused when traffics are too close to each other, so that's a loss of time.
Computer considers the traffic with no corelation is not RVSM....
Usually, I rely on my strips, trust the pilots when they say they are still RVSM and wait for these annoying, useless orange warnings to stop flashing.

Wonder if it will be worse with CPDLC, enhenced ModeS, and all the things they intend to add on the radar/squawk communications.
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On first contact If I have a pair of overflights transiting through the ( large ) UIR , and the time, I will sometimes "split" the traffic by 5 degrees so that there is a clear picture of the returns on the display.Of course I only do this if I like the person on the next sector )


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I thought that garbling died with monopulse SSR. Now label overlay - that's another thing.
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I thought that garbling died with monopulse SSR. Now label overlay - that's another thing
Mode S will kill garbling, monopulse SSR is as susceptible to garbling as sliding window SSR was.

[pedantic mode off]

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And Mode S is mandatory equipment at least on the airborne side of things for the last few years already. Don't you guys on the ground use it? It did cost a lot of money to retrofit to the required enhanced surveillance level (Mode S was mandatory before, but with less transmitted data, TCAS requires Mode S). Same actually for CPDLC, datalink is required equipment for any new delivered plane since 01.01.2011 in europe, however i do know ATC has still until 2013 for full operational use.
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Mode S is in use (by those who still work!!) in the UK. I believe Maastricht UACC are using datalink and others will follow.
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