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Chemtrail and ATC?

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Chemtrail and ATC?

Old 23rd Mar 2011, 19:08
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Chemtrail and ATC?

Would any US or Canadian ATCOs care to comment on this internet piece, which I was directed to by a friend. I know it was a long time ago but, as always, I'm curious:

As continuing chemtrail activity culminated in massive aerial spraying over Vancouver Island and Washington state March 20, 2002, and broadening plumes once again fanned out to haze clear blue skies – Air Traffic Controllers at major airports across the United States expressed concern over the emissions constantly showing up on their radar screens.

These radar returns are the signature of the fine aluminum particles found in laboratory tests of chemtrail-contaminated rain taken in Espanola, Ontario in the summer of 1999. The lab analysis found reflective quartz particles in the chemtrail fallout — and levels of aluminum FIVE TIMES higher than Ontario’s maximum permissible health safety standards.

In a fourth interview with reporter S.T. Brendt last week, Deep Sky stated that Air Traffic Controllers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, all three major airports in New York, Los Angeles LAX, San Francisco, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Diego, Washington DC’s Dulles and Jacksonville, Florida, were being ordered to route airliners beneath formations of Air Force tanker planes spraying something that regularly clouds their screens.

Every controller, without exception, is being told to divert traffic due to military exercises , and to bring in traffic lower because of experiments that may degrade their radars. The controllers at Cleveland’s airport were surprised by the extent of obscuration on their radars.
Old 23rd Mar 2011, 19:46
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Standard internet BS.

Obviously, you at least think there is some probability, or you wouldn't have posted it.

I'm sure we'll get somebody wearing a tin foil hat to disagree with me.
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Old 24th Mar 2011, 07:58
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<<Obviously, you at least think there is some probability, or you wouldn't have posted it.>>

On the contrary, but I'm very curious about how these stories are started. There are people who are convinced that the contrails we see every morning over the UK are planes spraying us.
Old 24th Mar 2011, 08:53
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I always wondered why they tell us to push that button, but never tell us what it's for.
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Old 24th Mar 2011, 20:20
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It's been a while since Chemtrails were discussed and it's not even April 1st yet....
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Old 24th Mar 2011, 20:36
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I heard that the aircraft are spraying Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO). All the info is on This Website.
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Old 27th Mar 2011, 11:50
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I know, that the people who post on this forum know, that the whole chemtrails bollox is bogus.

However, there is a large swath of people who are totally ignorant of basic physics, meteorology and aerodynamics who have created a whole mythical conspiracy that involves airliners.

For years I have tried to reason with these people, and then generally taken the pee out of them. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of people who are making threats (either real or imaginary) about shooting down "spray tankers". I wouldn't t normally be too concerned, but some of the general vibes these fruitcakes are putting out is getting a bit more vitriolic.

If you have nothing better to do google aircrap and be prepared to be dazzled by stupidity and crass ignorance. Try engaging with them by using logic and reason and see how long you last before you get banned....

One of my colleagues tried it and was banned after various threats from the site owners.
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Old 28th Mar 2011, 13:26
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Had a bit of time to kill whilst having a break from studying, and have to say the internet is a wonderful invention, but with obvious pit falls... That website being a prime example of one of them.
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Old 29th Mar 2011, 08:54
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That web site is ace !!!!

Every word in it is so so so true.

Do you doubt me ?

Those who don't doubt me obviously know dihydrogen monoxide is H2O... Water !

It's a complete spoof site set up to see just how much people are taken in with bogus science and the general lack of critical thinking.

Every word is true about the chem trails on the site .... It's water, just as the site says. Read the site again using water rather than dihydrogen monoxide and I challenge you to find a lie.

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Old 29th Mar 2011, 09:15
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Had a guy on you tube tell me the pipe extruding out of the back of the wing was for dumping chemicals into the atmosphere, and that BA and other big airlines were under gov control. I then went on to tell him i work in a hangar for a major airline and explain i have seen no such "equipment and that he may be talking about the fuel jet pipe" I then asked what he did for a living, he replied I'm a butcher

At this point id given up trying to tell him it was the fuel jettison pipe and just agreed with him
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Old 29th Mar 2011, 09:19
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danjenkins... I know what you mean, believe me. I've tried sensible arguments, but you just can't through to loonies. In all walks of life there are people more prepared to believe loonies than professionals so we're just banging our heads against brick walls. Try a reasoned argument and their response is, invariably, that one is "covering up".
Old 29th Mar 2011, 09:23
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yeah, I sat there after laughing to my self thinking

I bite, I shouldn't have, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!

I just couldn't help my self
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Old 29th Mar 2011, 19:48
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I'm absolutely sure an Emirates A380 killed my flowerbed last summer.
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Old 31st Mar 2011, 09:21
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Got to love the people who buy airboxes and when the aircraft is not transmitting ADS-B and assume they are 'spraying'...

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Old 8th Apr 2011, 23:26
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There is no justification to ridicule the observations of chemtrails. This shows only that you are not informed. There are serious efforts in the scientific communities that are outspoken about these observations coinciding with extremely alarming levels of toxic heavy metals in rain water and soil over the recent years. It is far beyond just internet/youtube speculation, as you seem to believe.

Of course there are several likely unintelligent views among the skeptic public, like believing passenger commercial airlines are part of these activities, and of course some contrails are being mistaken for chemtrails. But if you discard the whole theory based on such opinions, you are no better knowledged yourself.

See for example a news report from German RTL: Germany admitted chemtrail operations in 2007:

It is also clear references to military operations by TV weather reporters:

Before you laugh off people's concerns about chemtrail, how much have you actually researched to understand if there are historic references and motives for such activity?
How many hours have you spent researching "Geoengineering" and it's history?

Have you seen the film "What in the world are they spraying?"

How many officially admitted historic events on toxic experimentation on large number of the public are you aware of, commited by the US and other nations during the last 100 or even 50 years?

Have you read the 1996 report by USAF Center for Strategy & Technology: "Owning the Weather in 2025"?

One quote: "In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. These levels could include unilateral actions, participation in a security framework such as NATO, membership in an international organization such as the UN, or participation in a coalition."

Though military application of weather modification is much older than that. i.e. Operation Popeye 1967.

Yet, US Air Force claims:
"Is not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so in the future"
"There is no such thing as a "Chemtrail""

This is just a fraction of pieces you should be aware of. If you only believe what is actually admitted by the various governments or media, then you have not read much history, other than the books they gave you in school. But you WILL find comfort of the majority. Cause the majority of people are just as poorly informed as yourself.

To call people nut-jobs based on inadequate knowledge is quite common. And specially here on the forum, where many of you have a profile and image to protect, I doubt anyone has the courage to go against the "forum consensus", although some try in a half-baked ironic fashion, to protect themselves while feeling for support. Well, that's just plain cowardliness. So you will grow old until you finally understand what is going on.

These things go much deeper than just a military purpose. But you will not bother to find out, so better just turn on the TV to feed you the daily dose of truth.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer

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Old 9th Apr 2011, 00:22
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Kerplunk, kerplunk. Whoops! Where's my thribble?
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 05:09
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My government issued document that details the flight list for three days ago, shows that two British Airways flights and one BMI flight were fitted with the chemicals and dispatched on their scheduled flights.

That particular day, the met office suggested dispersing the chemicals at an altitude of 34,000 feet as the wind and temperature layers of the atmosphere were conducive to spreading the chemicals over the entire English countryside over a period of two hours.

To ensure the maximum number of people sprayed they flights departed between 6:30am and 8:00am, every half hour along the same route.

There are only certain days and certain flights that we can release the chemicals, as only a number of pilots and air traffic staff are trained to perform these flights.

The effects of these chemicals are usually seen within 24 hours and so far they work very well at controlling the population. Eventually we will be able to spread these trial flights to more as we can get more air traffic staff and pilots through the security checks.

I hope this does help somewhat..
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 06:00
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Just a couple of points:

If the people filming 'chemtrails' are so concerned about the 'chemicals' that 'government agencies' are spraying all over an unsuspecting nation, why are they filming them and not hiding away, or wearing some form of protection from the 'chemicals'?

Second point, I had the misfortunate to speak to a 'chemtrail' believer. I asked what he thought the government were doing it for and he replied 'mind-control'. When I applied logic (not a good idea with these diehard conspiracy theorists) that such mind control wasn't working he asked how did I know. 'Simple, you believe in chemtrails, I don't', to which he replied, "I hadn't thought of that, you're right'.

Must go, there's a suspicious looking chemtrail issuing forth from my kettle.
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 06:09
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Dukof said 'So you will grow old until you finally understand what is going on'

Phew thanks for that mate, at least chemtrails are not killing us then, which is nice to know. In fact the chemicals being sprayed over us every day could be life-prolonging ones; if so a big thank you to my very considerate government.

Or to expand this further, maybe the chemicals being sprayed over us are designed to make us NOT believe in chemtrails; any thoughts fellow skeptics?
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 06:25
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