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RNAS Brawdy - HMS Goldcrest History?

I am currently researching the History of RN Air Traffic Control - and asking for info on the navy's time in charge of Brawdy airfield in Pembrokeshire - known as HMS Goldcrest.

I believe the RAF opened it on 04 August 1942... when did they hand it over to the RN?

The Runway was extended in 1963... (but I have accounts of possible earlier extension in early 50s when jets first arrived... can anyone confirm this?)

Handed back to RAF 01 April 1971. Usual website have little more, has anyone got any info - other dates, ATC equipment, procedures?

What I have Cossor 787 radar and Army 4Mk7 radar... Hunter 1in1s (remembered fondly from my days at VL). DF procedures, I have a dit about the QGH pattern descending down through airway Green 1 - (but no one realised until the first radars were installed)... etc

Presume GCA/PAR was the RN standard kit (CPN4) - when did it arrive?

If you have photos even better. Look forward to hearing from you.
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not much Mr B, but try these


Dale Marloes St Ishmaels St. Brides Local History

Handed over to RN 01/01/46 according to :

RAF Brawdy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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DM thanks for the PM...

I have learnt the RN and RAF swopped Angle / Dale and that Dale was commissioned as Goldcrest in Sept 43 but some years later, when runway extension was impractical, and repair was too costly the Admiralty decided to put their effort into nearby Brawdy - which was also named Goldcrest (when Dale closed - It seems naval practise to call satellite airfields after their parent, rather than a heirarchical title... i.e Goldcrest (secondary) rather than Goldcrest (the second))
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Check your PMs.
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HMS Goldcrest ATC

Hi I served at HMS Goldcrest from 1966 to 1971( with a couple of breaks aboard HMS Hermes & Ark Royal) when the RAF took over. My branch was Aircraft Handler, My specialisation was crash rescue firesuitman but our branch was ATC trained and supplied the ratings who manned the tower. Unlike the RAF we had a crash & rescue unit on the pan at the beginning of the duty runway with a Runway Control Van manned by the fire crew (wheel watch and able to take over the circuit in an emergency) (believe it or not it was a Bedford QL the date on the engine plate was 1941) All Leading Airmen ( RAF equivalent was Corporal) had to pass the local controllers course at RAF Shawbury and could run the circuit as required.

We had an large variety of aircraft put their wheels down on the two serviceable runways including AEW Gannets, Hunters, Vampires, Meteors, Canberras, Bregeut Alize, Hastings, Nord Atlas (bringing the German Panzer crews for training at Morbier) and many more ,even a two seat Spitfire in an emergency during the Atlantic Air race. With Vulcans & Nimrod doing rollers. As to the technical aspects I,m afraid that has disappeared from my memory after 40+ years but get back to me if you think I could help (I have a lot of memories about day to day events bye from Bobbyjack
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