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Well finally things are moving. On the IAA site now, an advert will appear on 29th Apr in Flight Intl for these posts.

So come on guys, what can an applicant expect, by way of shift options(what are the shifts right now?), annual leave etc.

What's the atmosphere like now, after the storm!!

I had put this to bed in my mind, it simply wasn't going to happen, so I reckoned. (based on the grapevine)

But now, curiosity, if nothing else will make me apply.

Your thoughts will be taken on board.

Thanks for any advice.

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Old 29th Apr 2008, 17:45
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Strange how a couple of weeks ago the IAA claimed they had plenty of staff. Mysterious...
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In Shannon it is a 5 on and 3 off system, from 01 May shifts as follows, and for arguments sake starting your shift cycle on a Monday:

Monday: Late 1 - 1130-2115
Tuesday: Swing 1 - 0830 - 1635
Wednesday: Dog - 0800 - 1300
Thursday: Night 1 - 0000 - 0840
Friday: Night 2 - 2100 - 0815
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest

There are some alternate cycles of all days, but only a few people doing those, and also there is about once about every 8 cycles a 5 on 3 off of Swing X - 1000-1935, but the above is the core roster.

Come join us, the more the merrier!!! But things havn't changed that much in terms of availability of leave etc, outside the Summer Blocks, there is none, it is going to be a pretty miserable summer!!

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bad dog, baaaaaaad dog!

Wednesday: Dog - 0300 - 1300
The duty is 0800-1300
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Sure come on'll be more than welcome given that you'll be replacing the people leaving!!!!
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Lowest Level...thanks for that..

eh...Jolly that sarcasm I hear???...or maybe a hint that newcomers are really not welcome in some quarters...???

Can anyone expand on the mood in camp generally, 'specially in Dub?
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It will be nice if someone from IAA report to us (pprune community) how many people got the job ,at the end of process. Do not count inter irish movement .Only strangers and those who validate at working position(s) within IAA.
It could be interesting.
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Hey Rocky...Sarcasm??? Never....honestly, the more the merrier. Casual leave at the moment is non-existent but hopefully, the new polished roster together with a few newcomers will sort that in time. Paytalks, well haven't heard about them in a while...we'll linger on. Newcomers are more than welcome. A few have started here already and have been welcomed with open arms. Things are settling a little but its a long road. Best of luck. Lowest Level gave the info to date so no point in harpin on....
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Jolly Roger,

OK, I hear you, 5 by 5....thanks for that,

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Come quick, one more vacancy, more to follow

It would appear that there will be a requirement for even more staff, particularly in Shannon.

This is a rumour network after all ....

1 just gone to the gulf, 2/3/4 to follow
1-3 going to parts in mainland Europe
1-2 heading downunder or thereabouts
How many to go to to NATS?
So thats potentially 9 down plus any for NATS in the next 6 months, or is it?

Last one out switch off the UPS
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Cead Mile Failte

For any controllers thinking of coming to work with us in Ireland , you will be given a hundred thousand welcomes. It's our custom.
Hey Jolly. Just make sure you take that bloody MUTT with you.
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I'll put him on a LOOOONG leash....
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