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Dr Jekyll
15th Aug 2003, 03:26
Sitting on Bournemouth beach on the hottest day of the year, I just happened to notice some very scantily clad female students. Some topless, some not.

The curious thing was that when getting dried and dressed, the ones that had been happily topless were scrupulously carefull that no additional flesh should be exposed. Whereas those that had kept their tops on, whilst reasonably discreet, didn't seem to care if the whole beach got a glimpse of their untanned boobs and bums.

I don't know if they were all the same nationality so that could be something to do with it. Alternatively perhaps its an age thing, the older ones keeping their tops on out of vanity rather than modesty.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's certainly a fascinating subject for speculation.

tony draper
15th Aug 2003, 03:36
How come I never see anything like that?, could be me old eyes I suppose,, time I traded me old 7x50's for some of those 25x 80's.

Notso Fantastic
15th Aug 2003, 04:07
Draper- you ain't got no beaches anyway up there in't frozen north. All t'girls only have goosebumps on't coal slag beach up there!

Onan the Clumsy
15th Aug 2003, 04:20
And that dead bloke from Get Carter. :zzz:

tony draper
15th Aug 2003, 04:37
I will have you know some of the finest beaches in the UK are on the Northumberland coast, that get Carter Beach is in the county or Durham, Blackhall to be exact, one used to collect fossils there.

Flying Boat
15th Aug 2003, 04:43
Is that what you call girls 35+ up there?


Boss Raptor
15th Aug 2003, 05:16
My theory...

The girls who are topless are comfortable with their bodies and quite rightly do not have inhibitions or guilt about their exposure/freedom...

However those 'topped' are not so forthcoming probably holding a guilt conscience vis a vis their open exposure...almost closet exhibitionists who feel the need to 'tantalise and expose' possibly to aleviate their oppressive guilt feelings and fulfil their urge for freedom and to 'expose', thereby creating a 'thrill'...

Well that is my theory


PS. we have topless babes in Margate this year...at the more respectable bays/beaches not the seafront :p

15th Aug 2003, 05:48
I can hear music in the background... sounds like the Stranglers...

15th Aug 2003, 07:04
Damn, you beat me to it Reynolds!

15th Aug 2003, 11:44
I know a chap who retired to Brisbane. Every day he told his wife he was going for a walk to check out the fried eggs. She thought he was going for a snack until she accompanied him one day... :E

BTW drapes, those fantastic beaches in Northumberland are all deserted. The council go out every morning and gather up any frozen corpses left over from yesterday..

Through difficulties to the cinema

15th Aug 2003, 17:48
There I was, a few weeks ago, 'twas a sunny Sunday and I was bored so out came the camera and the car keys. Off I bimbled to the end of Portsea island where the Hayling Ferry runs.

Lots of derelict boats with people living in them, interesting characters, wartime defences.......all great subjects for a day with the black and white film.

Then I walked round the headland and I saw the Japanese Holy Grail! A Norwegian sea captain's dream.

She was sitting against the sea defences with not a square inch of cloth covering her 280 pound bulk. She was so fat that her belly roll was acting the role of modesty panel. As I got closer her husband started to bristle even though I had put the camera away.

I think he thought I was after his "chick"

I'm sure she was a nice lady but I wouldn't want to paint her without a lunch break.


15th Aug 2003, 18:01
And a couple of gallons in reserve.

I stopped using black and white film after the processing costs became more than colour.

16th Aug 2003, 09:16
I remember back in '79 I found myself at Gaviota Beach North of Santa Barbara. Its a nudist beach and I went along on an invite from all the secretaries and young enlisted girls I met at Vandenberg.

The Saturday I went it was mostly old mares with 50 or more excess pounds --and the secretaries (who actually looked better with their clothes on). Towards the end of the morning, I found myself playing volleyball, one-on-one with an 18 year old brunette who was about the shade of milk chocolate --everywhere. We played volleyball for nearly an hour and I remember thinking, "This kid is only 18, I am not interested in any kid." I was a ripe old 23.

Two things keep coming back now when I think back over that beautiful day:

1. I wonder what she looks like now after growing up in a family of nudists? Probably like an old leather bag. Sad, she was gorgeous then with all the highlights in her thick long hair.

2. The second thing I think of is, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT??? DOH!!!

Wrong thinking will be punished.


One of the two mates I went with spent the whole time on his towel "drilling for oil" and with red hair and fair skin, he spent the next week in class standing because his backside was blistered.


19th Aug 2003, 04:11
Mr Draper is so right. Some of the Beaches up in the NE are amazing - there is one just south of Berwick which is as good as any in the world........ Never any nice women on them though

19th Aug 2003, 04:46
skegness..ahh the mamor..memories..nice pubs aswell and full of very accoma-dating and friendly ladies..beats this corfu and faliki rubbish spots anyday..and you dont have to suffer sardine class flights either.

still to all you modern day coach drivers-LGW_ALC_LGW ..bet you could nt stop for a pee on the way..

post is tongue in cheek of course

Windy Militant
19th Aug 2003, 16:40
Not a beach of any sort for miles hereabouts. But I remember a few years ago there was a story in the Local papers about a nudist beach near St Davids in Wales where the irate and rather indignant bathers called the police to try and apprehend the perverts in aeroplanes who were continuously photographing them. Turned out that the Round Britain Microlight rally had found a really good place to put a turning point. Unfortunately the place they chose was just the other side of the brow of the cliff over looking the nudist beach. The ground crew sat there with their big white cross were totally oblivious to what was going on not more than a hundred yards away:eek: ;)

20th Aug 2003, 04:43
Re:Northern Beaches

I remember flying back to Boulmer from Newcastle along a very long sandy beach (Redcar??) with loads of nude sunbathers on it amongst the dunes.
Some of them were bieng very energetic too!!!!(until a Seaking stood on its tail and came back to hover above them!!) Tee Hee

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