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20th Jan 2002, 03:08
Hi all!

I'm going to test our national airline's MD-11 simulator next Tuesday. I'm not a real pilot, but have flown simulators for years, probably started over 10 years ago. In addition, my dad's got a PPL, so I've flown Cessnas and Pipers for years from the right seat <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> .

Anyway, I was hoping to get some kind of information on MD-11 systems, cockpit, special features etc. I can't seem to find any resources from the net, so if there's a real MD-11 pilot here, I'd really appreciate if he/she could give me a quick roundup on the cockpit.

If someone is helpful enough to actually reply to this, you can use all professional abbreviations etc. (i.e. no need to explain everything). I'm well aware of general systems and so on.. it's just MD-11 I'm not so familiar with.

Very many thanks to the person, who takes the time to help me!


Mad Dog 11
23rd Jan 2002, 03:43
Try this:

<a href="http://www.agrosz.com/md11" target="_blank">www.agrosz.com/md11</a>

Take care