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11th Aug 2003, 05:49
I read in The Irish Independent that Icelandair is to operate four 757´s from Dublin, in the name of Freshaer. Starting Oct. 1st.
Does anybody know anything about this deal?

11th Aug 2003, 05:54
Information here:


mr Q
11th Aug 2003, 15:51
Today's Irish Times
FreshAer, the British company planning to launch budget flights from the Republic in October, is preparing to refund all payments received from customers. Siobhán Creaton, Finance Correspondent, reports

It also announced yesterday that it will not accept any further bookings until it has received regulatory approval.

In a statement, it also revealed the departure from the company of its chairman and chief executive, Mr John Lepp and its commercial manager, Mr Erig Conway.

Its sole director, Mr Tony Robinson, said Mr Lepp's departure was being announced "with regret" and as a result of "adverse publicity".

On Saturday The Irish Times disclosed that Mr Lepp, whose full name is Mr John Ditchfield-Lepp, was convicted on two counts of trading with intent to defraud creditors in London in 1999.

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison and disqualified from acting as a company director until October 2009.

Mr Lepp, who is believed to hold 34 per cent of FreshAer, has also withdrawn his financial support from the company.

FreshAer had been selling tickets to destinations in the UK and Spain to Irish consumers through its website and telephone lines for almost two weeks but had not been licensed to operate as an airline or tour operator in this State.

The company refused to state how many bookings it had taken or the amount of money to be repaid.

The airline is still intending to begin flights in October after it has obtained the necessary approval. Mr Robinson said the airline had decided to refund payments and cease taking bookings in order to co-operate fully with the Commission for Aviation Regulation. It began the application process to secure a licence to carry passengers last week.

Mr Robinson said FreshAer had taken "the regrettable step of stopping all further bookings until such time that it is fully licensed in the eyes of both EU and Irish legislation".

The company has written to all customers telling them that their money will be refunded.

"FreshAer has instructed its merchant services bank to reverse all payments received by customers and to refund the full amount directly to their credit cards - a process which may take up to 10 working days to complete", according to the company statement.

Referring to The Irish Times report of Mr Lepp's disqualification as a director in the UK, Mr Robinson pointed out that he would still have been entitled to be a director of a company incorporated in Ireland.

He stressed that Mr Lepp was not, and never had been, a director of FreshAer.

"Right from the outset, Mr Lepp has made his position clear to us and at all times has been honest and honourable. He has acted as a spokesman/consultant for the company and a key investor who has invested heavily into the FreshAer.com concept."

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Localiser Green
11th Aug 2003, 16:41
Mr Robinson said FreshAer had taken "the regrettable step of stopping all further bookings until such time that it is fully licensed in the eyes of both EU and Irish legislation".

Might have been an idea not to commence bookings until they were "fully licensed in the eyes of both EU and Irish legislation", no? :rolleyes:

Funny, their website still gives the phone number for "advanced bookings".

11th Aug 2003, 17:04
Just a question was the icelandic company wich was mentioned Icelandair (callsign iceair) and operate 757?
Or was it Islandsflug (callsign icebird) operate 737 and others but not a 757 '

12th Aug 2003, 06:03
The company involved (so to speak) with Freshaer is Icelandair, callsign Iceair, the flag carrier of Iceland.

mr Q
12th Aug 2003, 20:51
...Icelandair says no Freshaer Irish Times Tues
......it also emerged yesterday the Iceland Air sister company, Luftleidir, which was supposed to provide the FreshAer service when it began in October, has stopped negotiating with the company. A Luftleidir spokesman said the talks ended at the weekend and added that it was unlikely that it would enter into any agreement with the British-based business.

FreshAer has begun the process of applying to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) for its airline and tour operator licences. It is likely to take at least six months to get certification.

The firm had been running a promotion with the Evening Herald newspaper offering free flight vouchers to readers. A spokesman for Independent News & Media, which owns the paper, said it had not issued any vouchers after learning FreshAer was not licensed.