View Full Version : Emergency at Manchester 10/8

10th Aug 2003, 18:26
Heard Global A330 land this morning on 06 when all others using 24 at time , Captain on oxygen as well as number of cabin crew with some reporting vomiting.
Aircraft down ok but just wondering what was problem


11th Aug 2003, 00:14
BBC reports that it was a fuel leak and fumes in the cabin on a flight from Orlando to Manchester.

11th Aug 2003, 01:18
Further to the original TCX emergency this morning, BACE Embraer G-EMBY has just declared a Mayday and landed safely on 24R, I believe the problem was to do with the rear hold (?) Aircraft was working the TH172.

11th Aug 2003, 03:27
Thanks EGCC

As long as all ends well, but it did sound a bit exciting( for lack of a word) at one time and with the weather not very good at the time.

i need a break
11th Aug 2003, 05:29
The Aircaft was an Airbus A330 landed at 10.15 am followed by airport fire service and fire crews from manchester fire service to stand 23 also police and ambulance in attendence

i was informed that aircraft had filled with smoke not sure if it was in flight deck or cabin or both

well done to the crew to get it down on the ground without incident :ok: :ok:

as far as i am aware aircraft was still out of use at 16.00 hrs

11th Aug 2003, 22:49
Had I been a pax I would be asking why a diversion to Shannon or Dublin wasn't made. Irish ATC gave them the option.

During the extended flight to MAN both pax and cabin crew became nauseous while those at the sharp end sat in their protective hoods.

I'm not impressed by the crew's homing instinct.

CarltonBrowne the FO
11th Aug 2003, 23:41
qwerty2, One possible reason to continue to Manchester could have been the need to descend... if it takes 15-20 minutes to descend, you may as well cover ground in a straight line as flying in circles over a less familiar airport.
I'm speculating, of course. I wasn't there. And neither were you.

12th Aug 2003, 09:19
Criticism without facts?

It sounds like job well done to me. It could also be that by the time this situation occured the crew were already briefed for MAN and had the a/c set up accordingly. When things ain't quite going your way, crew familiarity with an airport has to be a big factor in the decision process, especially when combined with the distance to descend comments above.
Again, just speculation.

bagpuss lives
13th Aug 2003, 06:18
Full credit to the crew too who were thouroughly professional and very very calm and polite throughout :)

Great job fella's :D