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9th Aug 2003, 19:39
There is a programme on tomorrow as above featuring many of those involved in the Concorde production in the '60s' called I think 'Concorde Reunion'. It brings together all the various staff involved to discuss recollections etc. It will be repeated next Friday morning though I do not know what time.

10th Aug 2003, 19:05
A very nicely done program, punctuated by the insane blatherings of that awful woman.

Some memorable quotes:

"When you drain the swamp, you don't consult the frogs". (The French Technology Minister, comparing British and French attitudes to public consultation over SST noise)

Benn saying that half of Concorde was built in feet, the other in metres and they both fitted perfectly.

On the occasion of HRH's first flight "Prince Philip, as an environmentalist, what did you think of the noise and the smoke?" HRH: "Well I was inside and I wasn't smoking!".

When that woman suggested that the technology was out of date, Benn replying that you don't suggest replacing Westminster Abbey with a prefabricated chapel just because it was built 1100 years ago.....

And finally, when asked his reaction when Concorde finally stops flying:

Raymond Baxter: "I'll probably blub."

Genghis the Engineer
10th Aug 2003, 22:34
Likewise, I caught it by accident but it was an incredibly interesting programme. Whatever you think of her views, I think it was appropriate to include the dreadful Mary Goldring, it made the picture fairly complete.

And Tony Benn has certainly gone up in my estimation after listening to him on Concorde for an hour.

For those who missed it, you can get repeats of Radio 4 programmes online here (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/progs/listenagain.shtml) , the programme is just called "Reunion".