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9th Aug 2003, 18:17
I cannot see any mention of this but there is a programme above celebrating the Concorde, when they will gather together and interview many persons involved in the first production from Filton to recollect their thoughts on the above. It will be repeated on Friday moring.

12th Aug 2003, 02:55
enjoyed the program - but doesn't that Mary Goldring woman get on yer nerves! Curmudgeonly or what?

19th Oct 2003, 05:37
Talking of that

Bitter and twisted sad old woman says "I was right all along"


19th Oct 2003, 05:57
Gold Ringpiece always was a lone voice.

Thank heavens that decisions weren't made by bean counters like her back in the 1960s.....

Saw Concorde's first flight on TV. Watched many of the test flights. Saw the 2 together at Paris in 1969. Saw the first commercial trip on TV....

But I'm not going to watch the death of this fine aeroplane at LHR next week. Killed off by those ba wimps of little pride......

19th Oct 2003, 22:30
Archers omnibus was good, too...

Those of us interested in the many facets of aviation are sorry to see Concorde grounded. However, if we consider its operation from the point of view of the operator(s), if it does not make money, it does not make commercial sense. If it were to continue in service, its costs would have to be subsidised by the (majority of) passengers flying in "conventional" aircraft. Their costs would go up.
Let us remember Concorde for what it was, a wonderful example of innovation and expertise, with a little well deserved national pride thrown in.:O

21st Oct 2003, 10:07
Not sure if this was the same show, but I did enjoy Tony Benn's recollections.

That man impresses me more everytime I hear him. One of the best men / politicians in the UK. Whatever you think of his ideas.


21st Oct 2003, 14:50
I believe it was Tony Benn who strangled Beagle - the light aeroplane manufacturer I mean, not our beloved contributor...

21st Oct 2003, 14:52
However, I've always wondered whether Wedgie Benn would have argued quite so vociferously in favour of Concorde if Filton hadn't been in his constituency - and the jobs of many hundreds depended on the ac going ahead?

Gold ringpiece always used to drone on about how Concorde could never make money as it was 'too heavy' :confused:

Friday 24th - a shameful day for ba.