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9th Aug 2003, 04:40
An Aer Lingus BAE 146 at the holding point of RWY10 in EIDW has a hydraulic leak in low visibilty conditions RVR's of 325m
Crew report it to ATC and mutiple delays caused to following traffic.
The following aircraft had to shut down and wait while a 10nm spacing was put into effect and ATC and crew tried to get the aircraft back to the gate.

No injuries to pax but at one point the Capt had to advise ATC that passengers were begining to smell the fumes and advised he needed to get back to the gate asap...but no major panic.

All ended well except for about 4 guys in the queue who were all coming to their minimum fuel for dept .

Chaos ensuing as runway needs to be inspected etc...
multiple aircraft held on the ground waiting for their chance to go

Tom the Tenor
9th Aug 2003, 06:24
Quite a bit of chaos at Cork too this evening from about 2000L what with RVRs between 200 & 325 Metres. The EI 723 from EGLL and an LTE from AGP got in on CAT II approaches but many other diversions to S_ hannon including two GXs, two REs, one maybe two WWs and a FR and a CC 767 due in from DUB which was due outbound to Lourdes with pilgrims.

Oh, the WX at Cork sometimes! The campaign starts here for Cork to be upgraded to CAT III.

Glad everyone was okay off the EI 146 in Dublin. Just a few more months and they will be gone!

Fergus Kavanagh
10th Aug 2003, 05:26
Get a grip.

Maybe this is some definition of chaos I havent heard of before.

Minor disturbance, more like.

You need to get out more.

heavy glider
10th Aug 2003, 06:33
i'd agree with the definition of chaos. a lot of guys were on minimum fuel having to hold for longer than expected (30-40 mins), guys queing up for rwy10 running low on fuel before take off due to 30-40 mins taxiing. it was chaos alright, i'm glad that sort of wx doesn't happen too often. the heavy fog was not forecast which made things tricky.
i'm off out now. i get out loads by the way.:D

10th Aug 2003, 06:42
And at what time,approximately,was all this shehnanigans unfolding?

10th Aug 2003, 07:56
Hi there
considering you don't fly and this is your 2nd post you'll be forgiven,
but had you been on freq that night especially on ground or been the pilot of the SAS down to min fuel before you'd have to go back to the gate,
OR one of the 16 odd aircraft suddenly delayed pushing back with full loads on board.
OR the ground controllers who were trying to sort out who called for push first...second etc when none of the planes could see 10ft past their noses

THEN you would have realised how all of a sudden a minor problem with 1 aircraft at the holding point leaking hydraulic fluid all over the only available taxiway and on the runway, once he went back down to vacate past the line behind.....
and once the runway had been inspected in low vis conditions at a peak arrival and departure time 2100hrs

THEN and ONLY THEN would you realise that yes it was chaos for about 2hrs trying to sort the back log out.

So i suggest that it is YOU that gets out and gets a life.
:ok: :cool: ;) :p :ok:

Tom the Tenor
10th Aug 2003, 08:46
On Friday night after the CC 767 diverted to S_hannon from Cork without attempting an approach the plan was to bus all 311 pax up to E_INN for their flight to Lourdes. However, the fly in the ointment was that there were not any buses available for the task mainly because of the Robbie Williams concert at the Phoenix Park, Dublin. Then on Saturday afternoon at Cork when the weather was fine again there was an announcement made to the LDE pax saying it was being considered once again of bussing thrm to E_INN! At this point the scene became near riotous but happily soon after the now rested 767 and crew eventually made it in to Cork and the pax at last left for their pilgrimage to Lourdes at 1545 hours after the aircraft being on the ground at the remotest stand for 2 hours, 45 minutes even though there were plenty of closer stands available. A very long walk from the Cork terminal to the aircraft for the unfortunate pax. Imagine if it had been raining! Aer Rianta, who do Cork pax have to put up with this bull5h!t? :confused: