View Full Version : Glide range of a Cessna Caravan?

17th Jan 2002, 08:31
Can someone tell me the glide range of a Cessna Caravan with the prop feathered, preferably in nm/1000ft? Does the Cargo pod fitted or removed underneath make much difference? Thanks in anticipation.

17th Jan 2002, 09:19
Hey CB,
Really sorry this is totally irrelevant to your post, but would you be able to shoot an email my way so i can reply? Too bad the private messages were eliminated. I'd like to ask you for some advice again though...Thanks heaps

17th Jan 2002, 20:07
Hi There,
the sales guf said around 17-1 ie around 2.8 nm per 1000'
I'd guess a pod would reduce this to ~13-15-1

18th Jan 2002, 14:45
ta very much.

Blue Hauler
18th Jan 2002, 17:08

The Cessna Caravan does glide extremely well with the prop feathered and twenty-five nautical miles or better from 10,000 feet (pod fitted) could be expected. At 100 KIAS a rate of descent of 500 - 600 feet per minute is not unrealistic. Time to glide from 10,000 feet is somewhere in the vicinity of fifteen to seventeen minutes. We have experimented with this to establish glide performance, i.e. prop feathered but the gas generator still running. Restoring the prop to fine and setting power to replicate the IAS and ROD will then reveal the next problem - how to land the damn thing.

I think the figure of two hundred foot pounds of torque simulated zero thrust. During the landing flare the aircraft floats considerably in ground effect with this setting. In the event of a genuine failure, one does not have the option of pulling the prop out of feather on finals as there is no oil pressure to drive the blades to fine pitch!