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8th Aug 2003, 20:56
A little bird tells me that for the last couple of months agency employed pilots are being allowed airside and fly on a regular basis without airside passes.

They show their passport and licence and are vouched for by the Captain, who may not have even met them before.

The company concerned has no intention of applying to EMA for airside passes. The pilots concerned do not possess company ID cards and again I understand the company will not be issueing them.

I can understand a pilot having to use his licence and passport on an occassional basis, for example when they've just joined, but this appears to be abuse of the system.

So much for security and it's not the orange lot.


9th Aug 2003, 07:44
Surley it cannot be the blue lot? I mean Fishy Bishy would never allow something like this to happen-would he ???

9th Aug 2003, 19:37
'Fraid so!


Anthony Carn
9th Aug 2003, 21:02
Is it not one's duty to report security concerns to the responsible authority ? :confused:

neil armstrong
9th Aug 2003, 22:42
It takes so long to get a background check done these day's.
Wouldnt surprise me if the contract pilots leave for a new job before they would get a badge:O .
My EMA badge ran out 1,5 months ago ,i filled out the paperwork but i have no clue when i will get a new one.
Will all this paperwork make things any safer? ,i dont think so.


10th Aug 2003, 21:01

Is you application form sitting in your Base Captain's in-tray waiting for authorisation or is it with the EMA security department?

I've always found the EMA end of the system works really well. You can get a renewal done more or less "over the counter".


Anthony Carn
10th Aug 2003, 21:44
There were, consistently, two big bottlenecks in the systems I've used :

1/ Getting the correct manager to sign the renewal form and return it to me, or for him to pass it directly to security ( and him remembering to tell me he'd done so ! ).

2/ Fitting in with the limited opening hours of the appropriate department of the security unit.

If we did 9 to 5 jobs and did'nt nightstop there'd be less of a problem, but this really screws the process up and no-one seems to acknowledge the problems.

I've complained about the problems to both parties over the years, to no avail. EMA, or wherever else, is the same in this respect I guess.. :(

Anyway, I've now complained on PPRuNe as well, to even less effect, except for feeling better. :rolleyes:

neil armstrong
11th Aug 2003, 04:51
Ok i admit it's not just EMA's fault ,it's mainly the criminal records check.
So now im checking when a security guard will find out i have an expired badge.


11th Aug 2003, 19:52
The delays with criminal records check caused the government some embarrssment, if that's still possible, with the school teachers last year.

Why does it take so long?

Is manpower the problem?

Surely all they have to do is hit a few keys on a computer?


PS Is this the same check that they used on the trainee primary teacher recently convicted as a peadophile?