View Full Version : Air Accident Near Utoxeter

3rd Jun 2001, 18:19
News just breaking on ITN News of an aircraft accident near Uttoxeter, Staffs.
First reports are that there were five people onboard and it looks as though there have been fatalities.

No confirmation of wether it was a commercial, military or private aircraft at this stage.

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Wee Weasley Welshman
3rd Jun 2001, 20:09
Its about 1/2 mile from the village of Gratwich. Light piston twin, 5 POB, some injuries with fire crews cutting people free. Air ambulance in attendence. No obvious take off or land facility nearby.

Fingers crossed.


3rd Jun 2001, 21:27
What with the Biggin accidents and the several other fatal incidents so far this has been one of the worst years in my memory.

Very sad.


4th Jun 2001, 01:08
The news reported that everyone survived and is in intensive care in the hospital. I hope they make a speedy recovery!

4th Jun 2001, 21:17
It was a Partenavia reg:- N33PV trying to divert to Tatenhill instead of it's destination which was given as Haydock park.
Although on a (N) reg it was owned by a a company from Cornwall.
All 5 on board survived, some with serious injuries, another bad weekend in aviation.