View Full Version : Another BA cancellation!?

Windle Poons
5th Aug 2003, 09:36
And not due to industrial action this time, but could still possibly be expensive.:uhoh:

A not so little bird tells me that Concorde aborted during take off for a night flight from EGLL at around 22:30 local last night (04-Aug-03). My bird was unable to tell me exactly why.

Does anyone know?


5th Aug 2003, 15:26
Some sort of instrumentation problem, aborted take off run.

At the same time the spare was just going through the road crossing. Bad timing!

5th Aug 2003, 17:24
A very late attempted departure of the BA001, normally out of LHR around 1845LT, didnt taxi out until approx 2225LT.
Police helicopter also hovering above threshold for 09L for sometime.
Never heard it depart last night.

5th Aug 2003, 21:56
The DELAYED BA001 departed today at 13:10 from Terminal 4.

I guess they ran out of time last night to get out of LHR before the evening noise regs would make the departure impossible.

10 out of 10 to BA for flying the service and not disapointing anyone. Had this happened a year or 2 back, they would have simply cancelled the flight and re-booked the pax on another subsonic service.

Airline Tycoon
6th Aug 2003, 05:09
Bad two days for the bird then because BA001 aborted it's take off tonight (5 Aug) aswell!! Finally departed at 2145L.

6th Aug 2003, 06:05
Ah! And there was me about to post the question as to why SSC thundered over me whilst driving around the perimeter road towards the BA hangars, about an hour and 15 mins ago!

6th Aug 2003, 19:44
I think, given the nature of most of her current PAX, the more boarding / taxiing, takeoffs (even aborted ones!) the better... and presumably each return to stand accompanied by rerturn to lounge?!*!


7th Aug 2003, 16:54
nod. not a very sensible comment.

7th Aug 2003, 20:19

I think you are taking life a bit seriously... In fact, I have already had an eMail from an upcoming Conc PAX who would relish any "extra" experiences they could gain for the (considerable) money they have spent for a flight before she goes... And as they pointed out, the chance of an extra takeoff / landing (like this weeks Gander pit stop) - wow!

FYI - previously if Concorde had filed to get airborne that night, all would have been reseated on 747s ASAP. But of the 98 PAX, very few (maybe none?) wanted this option... Hence it went 18 hours late instead... And I still stand by my comment that another go in the lounge was surely enjoyed by most...


Jordan D
7th Aug 2003, 23:45
How do you guys get so much info on Concorde? I'd like to know, so that I too can have a look .... if its freely available that is....


9th Aug 2003, 19:17
Concorde has gone late a lot this week due to the O.A.T. being too high (For the non-pilot this means that the higher the temperature the less thrust an aircraft can generate). Apparently the pointy one has been sat 'waiting' for a temperature in the high 20's before they could launch. This sometimes took until 9pm.