View Full Version : What happened to the HLA RIP thread?

22nd Jan 2002, 13:17
Well, did they go under or didn't they?

22nd Jan 2002, 13:53
Same thing happened to the BWA post I placed on the day BWA called in the Administrators. There is a fine line to walk between removing "Rumours and News" that impact on our lives and removing deliberately untrue posts that would have a negative impact.

Hear that senior H/L executives were in Scandinavia yesterday, which could be regarding talks with FLS bosses regarding some JV or takeover. Perhaps the H/L RIP post was deliberately placed to scare off the financial backers on any such venture.???

Capt PPRuNe
22nd Jan 2002, 15:16
The post was removed because the rumour was apparently malicious and unsubstantiated. As for evolantes allegation, I suggest you get your facts straight. The BWA threads were removed because there were several going on at the same time on the same topic. There was always at least one thread on the BWA saga open on the forums.

If anyone is going to post a thread that cannot be substantiated in any way whatsoever and have a potential to cause problems then be prepared to see those threads removed unless there is at least a source for the information. In the case of the HLA thread absolutely nothing was forthcoming.