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2nd Aug 2003, 07:41
I have to do a presentation on the Battle of Hamburg during 1943 or the firestorm raid as it's more commonly known. The problem is I can't find any photos to use and was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. Also if anyone knows of any .mpg videos I'd be very grateful. Either of the bombers themselves but more useful would be the city.
Thanks for any help,

2nd Aug 2003, 09:24
Antelope I assume you are talking about Operation Gomorrah? I've seen stuff on Discovery Wings but with their appalling record of associating the wrong film clips to the topic it could have been any burning city. You could try the BBC or Imperial War Museum archives cos if anybody has it, one of them will.

In what context are you making this presentation?

Mac the Knife
3rd Aug 2003, 04:25
Antelope - good pix of the aftermath of Gomorrah at http://www.kkoegel.de/index.html

Horrific and pitiful.

12 pages of 18 thumbnails each - enough for anyone.
Nachsten Seite at the bottom of the page means Next Page.


Stories (in English) of survivors at http://www.seniorennet-hamburg.de/zeitzeugen/zeitindex_e.htm

3rd Aug 2003, 05:23
There's a newish site that has lots of WW2 aerial pics, lots of D-Day landings as they happened, and I think German cities. Can't recall address, sorry. Perhaps a search will reveal?

3rd Aug 2003, 23:32
Thanks for the info everyone, especially Mac, it proved very useful. The only item I'm short now is images of the bombers themselves, and possibly nightfighters (I've got some from the RAF site but was looking for a bit more). Videos freely available on the web, that can be inserted into powerpoint, would be excellent. Once again thanks everybody for some very useful info.