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1st Aug 2003, 19:49
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Tony Flynn
1st Aug 2003, 19:56
"Then again I'm not really surprised as you do work for Britannia"

Er..... why did you travel with them then?

1st Aug 2003, 19:58
er... I didn't.

Tony Flynn
1st Aug 2003, 20:01
oops, just re-read your post...

1st Aug 2003, 20:08
I try not to swallow the stereotypical reports that I hear of BY Captains.

But on one afternoon in BHX a BY skipper slammed into me knocked my bags out of my hand. His flight case rammed into the hostie walking behind me, and he didn't say a word and continued walking. His FO accompanying him apologised on his behalf. I had trouble in restraining the hostie and her hot temper after that.

You gotta laugh though
If thats the nature of some of BY staff then fair play to them. And god have mercy on the FO's souls.

Boeing 7E7
1st Aug 2003, 20:37
Thanks for the post Heathrow_Express. Without any more facts to the matter I initially sided with the BY captain. As you mentioned you were no ordinary passenger, but a CAPTAIN for British Airways, that makes all the difference and we see how wronged you were. Keep up the good work.

Notso Fantastic
1st Aug 2003, 20:54
Oh dear. It's not shaping up to be a normal happy Pprune day, you know, everyone sweetness and light..........

1st Aug 2003, 21:04

I too am a BA captain but frankly I cringed at your posting.

You may be upset that your bag was not accepted for whatever reason but to criticise the BY captain and BY in general will only serve to further the unfortunate stereotypical image that we have.

Perhaps when you have calmed down you might consider withdrawing your rather unnecessary insults.

1st Aug 2003, 21:30
My suspicions would be more directed at Servisair on this matter. They, presumably, checked you in, lost your baggage and then were desperate to repatriate it. My bet is that in the haste to do so that the paperwork was incorrect for the Brit flight and quickly corrected for the Excel one. The info received by HE was probably an effort by S'air to save them further embarrassment and lay blame elsewhere.

1st Aug 2003, 21:51
Did you attend your last CRM course or was it beneath you?

BY Captains do not unilaterally refuse rushed baggage unless there is a reason. Without knowing the reason it is not fair to attribute the blaim to the commander of the aircraft
How does it go

Big Kahuna Burger
1st Aug 2003, 22:00
HE. Jeez....

I am embarresed by your post.
I dont work that far away from you

1st Aug 2003, 22:05
I suggest you obtain all the facts before you start slagging of a Company based on one Captain and one flight. As a Capt for BY I have never refused to take a rush bag as long as it has gone through all the proper security checks and as far as I am aware most of my colleague's would do the same. However what I will not do is accept the bag if it means delaying the aircraft, which happens a number of times. Fortunately I'm not narrow minded enough to base my opinion of BA on the attitude of individual members of staff, just as well isn't it

1st Aug 2003, 23:06

Got the anti-BA brigrade out without too much trouble.

I've removed the original posting

The issue of me being BA is irrelevant as I was on a commercial under Mr.

Ok if Servisair are lying then there's no problem. Its just thats not the story I've been given.

As for BY if you feel agrieved by your public perception then welcome to the club after all all BA pilots are w****rs aren't we?


we prefer DODAR



1st Aug 2003, 23:41
HE ,

it would appear that you have also roused the pprune mafia who police the opinions of others if they are not as well balanced , professional and down right gentlemanly as theirs.

The biggest fence in the world.

You can be critised for your opinion but not the actions of the other chap.

It is also my opinion that By capts at man are arrogant (personnal experience) so i want to be abused as well. oh and i am crap at crm as well.

The onus is on them to counter the general opinion of their flight deck, which i might add is shared by the staff of a certain simulator centre near london south.

For an easy life restrict your postings to being pleased about their births, sad about their boys club losses, and dont dare second guess their command authority, it is sacrosanct.

I'll be back in an hour to check my abuse.

dont forget to search my other postings to get the full scale of the size of my percieved chip and down right disrespect for anything.

blue skies.

Ps M.Mouse the stereotypical image exists because it is the most accurate.

1st Aug 2003, 23:49
"pprune mafia" :eek: :hmm:

Come on guys everyone has the right for an opinion whether it is balanced or not...

2nd Aug 2003, 00:53
I'm unbalanced but I like me.:O