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31st Jul 2003, 15:11
Good morning Ppruners,

Having just come from an average 44deg in Cyprus back to my little shed and 14deg is a little shock to my system, but a bigger shock greeted me at Paphos Airport on seeing the sad and deplorable state of the two Avro Shackletons plus another A/c i think was a Frech maritime kite, the Shacks are simply rotting away in the salt laden atmosphere, Paphos is only some 300 metres from the deep blue stuff, I am totally baffled as to why this Greek guy has purchased these A/c just to let them rot away, they are I fear destined to be junked.:sad:

Ex Oggie
1st Aug 2003, 02:09
I have it on very good authority that they may be available for disposal in the near future, with the most likely outcome that they will be turned into neat little aluminium ingots. I do know the supposed reason for this, but consider it prudent not to go into details here.

1st Aug 2003, 15:11
If you could contact me thru the PM service I have need of a further question!
Peter RB;)

1st Aug 2003, 16:15
You chaps are just trying to upset me and make me cry. I knew they were in a bad state but it sounds as though they are worse than I thought. I spent more hours in those than I care to remember.

1st Aug 2003, 17:05
Well there are two still flying, one is South Africa and one in the USA. The Shackelton Association are making progress towards having the one at Coventry taxiable soon. Apparently they are replacing the oxygen system to boost the pneumatic capacity for the brakes, it had all four running again on Sunday.

1st Aug 2003, 17:48
see article here - http://www.aeroplanemonthly.com/news/news_archive/Paphos_Shaks/shak_1.htm There is also a derelict one at Nicosia airport. It was on the fire dump to the west of the airport when I last saw it in October 2000. Not sure it it was XF700, was not allowed to get too near by the UN guide!

2nd Aug 2003, 02:03
I was shadowed and then told in no uncertain terms that if I got my camera out I would be arrested, only this Wednesday in Paphos, but then I started to notice wheeled multichambered Anti A/C missile's at various strategic places around the perimiter of the outfield, so I tried but thought "it would be the wrong way to get my name known":(