View Full Version : Does your employer provide CBT CD-ROM

3rd Jun 2001, 04:36
Does your employer provide CD-ROMs for CBT and misl. training, including aircraft systems freeplay, etc.

Any comments?

3rd Jun 2001, 04:57
No. I tried to get CD-roms on my aircraft to keep myself updated but it seems like they are very well protected. I guess if somebody got a hold of them they could be distributed cheaply. And after all it cost a lot to make them.

PPRuNe Towers
3rd Jun 2001, 12:58
Not the right forum for this query but we'll let it run for a while.

Regards from the Towers
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Yak Hunt
3rd Jun 2001, 13:06
I really don't see the problem in distributing manufacturers training data, after all it only means we are all a bit more up to date and surely this is the object of the exercise!! However I would suspect that fear of legal action for out of date material is the real cause.

Heavens Gate
3rd Jun 2001, 13:08
My airline does provide EVERYTHING on CD-Rom, from a/c manuals to regulations ....,
they even provide a personal computer to every pilot.

3rd Jun 2001, 13:39
Well Mr Gate, then you work for a real airline who actually appreciates its flightdeck staff. Rare nowadays....
Good for you! :)

3rd Jun 2001, 15:11
We get CBT and airport briefingbooks on CDROM, works great.

Had to sign an "I will not make illegal copies" form though ;)

3rd Jun 2001, 20:07
Suspect Track and I work at the same place, as I recieve the same CD ROM stuff as he does, with the same conditions. And it is the intention to have everything available on CD ROM in the near future

4th Jun 2001, 01:22
When we do the technical course it is done as a CBT course. We then get a CD-Rom which contains basically that CBT program. This program is obviously almost identical to the aircraft manual. This allows us to check up on technical items at home, and they are talking about putting everything on CD-Rom/laptop.


4th Jun 2001, 01:36
SOPS, Track, must be in the same company as me, I guess... Got the briefingbooks and CBT on CDROM, but I thought the CBT is only for our latest type... (as the others probably get replaced, in a few years everybody will have the CBT...)
It really helps (not so boring as the books)...

4th Jun 2001, 11:55
Just got my company laptop.

Itīs for:
- my cbt-groundcourse
- JAR refreshers on CD-ROM (no classroom instruction)
- other "courses" (FANS etc.)
- T/O-data calculation in the aircraft, to tweak more weight out the charts -updates on flash-ROM before every flight

In the future (whenever that is...) they want a "less-paper"-cockpit (paper-less will never work) as well as most communication (reports etc.) being done online.

Itīs not because they respect me, but because they (will) save a bundle on costs for administration/distribution as well as costs for training facilities (the rooms etc.) and instructors.

4th Jun 2001, 12:11
At our company flight crew laptops have just been approved, although when we see them will be a different matter !

(Uk charter)