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Chuck Ellsworth
30th Jul 2003, 08:36
Hi gang:

Well I finally delivered N9521C from North Weald to Suffolk Virginia
via Wick Scotland, Keflavik Iceland, Narsarsuaq Greenland, Goose Bay, Bangor Mane, Windham CT and Sufflok. It has been a long journey from South Africa to there and I will probably miss flying the damn thing.

Hey Pigboat, sorry I couldn't stop at your airport but it just didn't work out that way.

Anyhow 21C now has a new home and should last for years and years with two new engines and all the rest of the work that was done on it. It is flat out the best PBY in the world.

Now all I have to do is get my money back from Transport Canada that was basically stolen from me by some of their so called TC management and life will get back to normal.

If any of you would care to follow my problem with Transport just go to www.underground.tc.ca

My latest post can be found in General, the thread name is " Who are these people "

Enjoy, and think seriously about what they have done....you could be next....


30th Jul 2003, 09:15
No probs Chuck. NQ - ZV would have been one helluva ride.:eek:

How long did it take NQ - YR? That was the longest leg, I guess.

30th Jul 2003, 11:41
Chuck, did you ever get CFNJF over to Plane Sailing ? It was a no-show at Coventry, so I assume it is/was still at YCD.

Lu Zuckerman
30th Jul 2003, 20:15
To: Chuck Ellsworth

With some guys it is Pen!s envy with me it is PBY envy. I spent over 1400 hours as a flight engineer in P Boats in the USCG and when I read posts such as yours I get a bit nostalgic. I personally believe the P Boat is the best aircraft ever made with the possible exception of the JRF in which I got a lot of right seat time.

:ok: :sad:

Edited to put the second l in Chucks' last name.

Chuck Ellsworth
30th Jul 2003, 22:42
Paper Tiger:

NJF is still here in Nanaimo, they did a test flight on it a few days after I left for North Weald and the left engine started losing power.

Anyhow the engine had ground up its master rod bearing and from there just trashed the rest of it.

They now have a new engine hung and Gary Short is about to ground run it. I am going out this AM to give him moral support. I may test fly it if they want me to, however a couple of Plane Sailing guys will deliver it to England.

I am not going to ferry any more airplanes, 21C was my last ferry flight after fifty years of flying I want some time to enjoy what ever years I have remaining before I die and go to hell.


I also think the PBY is the best aircraft I ever flew, there is just something about the Cat that puts it in a Class all by its self.

The North Atlantic was the only route I had never flown with a Cat so now that has been done and I have flown all the Oceans except the Antartic, the hardest route was the South Atlantic.

I will of course do flight training on Cats as someone has to and it is kind of neat teaching people how to fly them on the water.


Yeh, the Narsaruaq to Goose leg was the longest and most boring, solid cloud all the way from fifteen miles out of Nar. to the Labrador coast. It was really boring....

Remember to follow my Battle with Transport Canada, it will not dissapoint you.

In some ways the cover ups that top management in Transport do to protect those under them is not much better than the Catholic church covering for the pedophile priests......

I am not really stating that a Transport Canada Inspector that uses his power to destroy a client just because they can is as serious as a child molester.....but if one or more TC people deliberately ruin someones business for no reason other than they can, does that not also deserve the contempt and revulsion of the rest of us in Aviation?

But in my mind those who cover up are far worse than the original wrongdoer...........

Sorry for rambling on, but someone has to expose these people, and what the hell my career is over , they can't do anything to me.


31st Jul 2003, 03:42
Chuck - to hell with all politicians and dung-fed inadequately testiculated pseudo-pilots who can't cut it and end up in a penguin place in Ottawaa - thanks for keeping the spirit of the PBY alive for future generations to wonder at!

Chuck Ellsworth
31st Jul 2003, 05:25
Hi B.E.

Yeh, it is pretty depressing when we have to deal with some of the less morally upstanding of our regulators, however the good news is the internet has finally given us power to expose them to public scrutiny.

If you would like to see some real neat film on the Cat I just drove over to the U.S.A go and rent the Merimax film " Below " the movie opens with 21C and has some great shots of it.

By the way it paid me good money to. :O :O


31st Jul 2003, 05:37

Was 21C once ferried down by Graham McP?

And what became of Z-CAT I saw at Harare in 1993?


Chuck Ellsworth
31st Jul 2003, 07:45

Yes Graham bought it in Italy and ferried it to J-Berg, I went to J-Berg in 1997 and gave him and two friends their type rating training on it.

He decided to sell it and I returned to J-Berg in July of 1999 and ferried it to London with a seven month delay in Jeddah doing an engine change.

We next flew it in 2001 for a Merimax movie called " Below " then it was sold to a new owner in Virginia and I just delivered it.

You can look up the new owners web site it is called The Fighter Factory,, look under Google for the web address.

Z- Cat is now in New Zeland and is flown regularly there, it was the former CF-JCV I first flew that one for Austin Airways in 1967 then in 1982 for Air Caledonia in Vancouver.

Geeses, I feel like I am caught in a time warp when I find myself flying these aircraft in 2003, but what the hell it is more interesting than flying the Airbus, that was not really an airplane as I know airplanes, it was a multi colored video game.

:O :O

Aah:; Harrare isn't it sad what has happened to that area? It had such potential until Robert decided to drive Zim back into the stone age....