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30th Jul 2003, 01:53
A post was made on this forum containing a link to a low flying aircraft. It is now removed. It was bought to my attention that it was being used without permission. That is definitely not acceptable on PPRuNe.

This particular instance has been very nicely put to us and we have responded in like manner by placing it out of the way.

The wonderful pictures, and some videos, we see on this forum are often truly breathtaking. We all like to enjoy them. But please remember that if you do NOT have the required permission to use them.....don't!

Otherwise just continue to make this the happy forum it already is. :D

30th Jul 2003, 05:50
Just to make a point here!

It was me that posted the link you are referring to, I am also the sole copyright owner of the footage it was linked to. It was not owned in any way by the person who asked you to remove it.

I have absolutely no objection to the post being removed at the request of that person and fully accept their reasons.

However I take great offence at the suggestion in the post you made that I posted the link without permission.

Having worked in broadcast for over a decade I m FULLY aware of the law regarding copyright

As a moderator you should have checked the facts with me before claiming I did not have the correct permissions. Had you named me in the post I would now be considering legal action.

I will not be posting on this forum again

Grob Driver
30th Jul 2003, 06:56

I can appreciate your anger and frustration at having your post removed, and the accusations of you using material that was not your to use… just so you know… It was a fabulous piece of footage! Thanks for sharing it with us! Any chance of a private message, or a post on here telling us what it was all about?

Sorry you are p1ssed off and don’t want to post on this forum any more. I hope you change you mind… With posts like your first one, you certainly have something to offer the readers of Pprune!


Grob Driver

30th Jul 2003, 14:13
So -

Sconnors a gonner then.....?

Oh come on...someone had to crack it!

Lets hope he picks his rattle up (its next to the teddy)


30th Jul 2003, 15:14
I am sorry that you feel that you have been hard done by. That is your interpretation not mine.

However, be clear that I did not say it was being used without permission. I said that someone contacted PPRuNe to say that it was, and we are then bound to accede to the wishes of the owner of the material. If you think you are the owner of it you should take it up with them. I should also make the point that the link was to a commercial site and we would remove it for that reason anyway.

My duties as a moderator are, in this instance, fulfilled. I had no duty to ask you. As for naming you in the post, I wouldn't do that.

But you did!

30th Jul 2003, 16:59
Just because someone tells you they are the owner of something, it doesn't mean they are.

"My duties as a moderator are, in this instance, fulfilled. I had no duty to ask you."

Actually you did have a duty to CHECK THE FACTS.

30th Jul 2003, 17:36
The moderators' duties are first, and foremost, to protect Danny and this site. Often, posts have to be removed, or editted in order to do that. Don't forget that mods have day jobs, and are busy people... the modding job can't be easy, and certainly must take a lot of time. Frequently the only way to handle their work is to remove any suspect posts asap, leave a message to say why, then follow it up when they have time.

As these forums are fairly anonymous, mods have no idea who posters are in many cases. If you stick around a bit, and let us know your background (which sounds like it will be interesting for a lot of people) then the mods will be able to support you more.

Please don't be in such a hurry to leave. I didn't get time to follow up the link you provided, and would very much appreciate it in a private message.


30th Jul 2003, 18:07
It's NOT THE FACT IT WAS REMOVED that is my issue, I fully understand the reasons why it was taken off , it was the pompous post about copyright material I object to, especially when the facts had not been checked.

Other forums just quietly removed the post with no fuss, your moderator chose to try and show what a hero he was for doing it.

1st Aug 2003, 02:08
I saw it, and thought it was the best clip I had seen for a long time. It was a magnificent shot, and genuinely funny!

When all the fur has stopped flying is there any chance of learning where it can be seen?:ok:

2nd Aug 2003, 04:41
Can I just say I missed it, and I'd be very grateful if Sconnor99 or whateverhisnameis would re-post it so we can all see how good it was.......If he's the copyright owner of course...

So come on chaps, stop squabbling and lets all see it...Oh go on...go on, go on, go on

P.s. how do the all the military forum vid clips (Omani Jags etc etc)manage to stay on the board for months, obviously never posted by the original copyright holders? Maybe their moderator is a softie?

PPRuNe Pop
2nd Aug 2003, 17:21
We are all sofitie's Zlin. You just picked the wrong subject that's all. The answer is no way - sorry. Not on PPRuNe anyway!

3rd Aug 2003, 04:23
Firstly - sconnor99, many thanks for sharing the clip, spectacular and dare I say 'scary'?

As a suggestion to the mods, (please take it in the manner it's intended) - if a post needs removing, wouldn't it simply be better to say 'Sorry, we have removed this post' and leave it at that? There's a truism in the legal profession; 'One can arrive at the right judgement, but for the wrong reasons' - ie, sometimes it's better to just do it, but not explain why.

It's a shame if Sconnor has been driven away - a potentially rich source of interesting footage who could have added greatly to this site.

3rd Aug 2003, 05:51
Please read the start of the thread. A reason was given and we responded. There is no more to add.

But........we try to be fair to everyone and we have to first be sure that PPRuNe, and Danny in particular, are not open to any legal action.

That is why we usually move threads.

The other reason is if they are of a commercial nature, and this one was.

The thread is now closed.