View Full Version : Kicking off at Swissport ???

29th Jul 2003, 17:35
Swissport set to strike in row over pay and conditions....
Anyone Know more about this dispute?
Also... which airlines do they handle at LHR? I keep finding conflicting info...

Its all turning a bit pear-shaped at LHR this summer.... pax figures must be taking a dive...

29th Jul 2003, 18:41
Consistently one of the best international handling agencies I've dealt with. :ok:

Silver Tongued Cavalier
30th Jul 2003, 06:01
No, not pay and conditions, 3 long serving Dispatchers and a few groundstaff have been given their notice, by some management "matrix" selection system.

These guys are the best I've ever experienced working with, and hope they keep their chins up!

They handle Aer Lingus, and can be rest assured all the EI pilots are behind you guys and will do everything we can do to "help" ;)

Not turning pear shaped at all at LHR this summer, loads are through the roof, denied boarding compenstion frequently!!

30th Jul 2003, 15:46
Of the 14 redcaps covering the T1 operation Swissport are looking to make 3 redundant. Swissport are also looking to make 5 pax handling supervisors redundant. Everybody has been told to reapply for their jobs. The SARS crisis is being blamed. Swissport get paid for each turnaround. When airlines cut back there service into LHR Swissport started to feel the heat.