View Full Version : Thunder City - Is it still there??

Goldfish Jack
29th Jul 2003, 15:42
Just wonderwing what is going on down south at FACT ?? Have not seen or heard of Thunder City for weeks now - are they still there?

Worked the other night and only counted 5 lights on the hangar - months ago you could even see it from FL310 it was so well lit up!! Is this an indication of their state of affairs??

I was thinking you could use that site as a starter for the new film city that the local municipality wants to develop. Lots of indoor space, plenty of parking, close to an airport, hot and cold running water....... (That is the only time you see it busy nowadays - when they are making a movie)

Just wondering

29th Jul 2003, 19:03

Just when Iv'e already saved 8 dollars for a ride in a really fast, really noisy aeroplane.

I only had $14,492.00 still to go.....

Ah, well


29th Jul 2003, 22:32
The Black Strikemaster ? (not Buccaneer) just flew over my house in the Helderberg 15 minutes ago.

So something is still plotting ;)

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