View Full Version : Boeing Stratoliner flying again

21st Jul 2003, 09:17
It looks like the Boeing Stratoliner has been restored to airworthy condition and will be at Oshkosh next Monday.

22nd Jul 2003, 06:48
I'm thrilled to see that the Stratoliner is flying again. When it came up to Oshkosh in 2001, I was working out at FISK when I looked toward RIPON and spotted the Stratoliner with all it's lights on flying up the rail road tracks doing the VFR arrival procedures for Oshkosh.

Mike R

22nd Jul 2003, 08:34
Did I miss something? It ran out of fuel? I cannot believe that the crew forgot to check the fuel! What was the reason for the forced ditching? mal-functioning fuel pumps?

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Lu Zuckerman
22nd Jul 2003, 09:28
The story I heard was the pilots wanted to fly a few circuits out of Paine field and didn't want to spring for a full load of fuel. They put in enough to get the job done but they mis calculated on the rate of consumption.


Cyclic Hotline
22nd Jul 2003, 09:42
Lets not confuse the issue with facts?

NTSB report (http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_id=20020401X00435&key=1)

Glad to see her flying again!

Kerosene Kraut
29th Jul 2003, 22:48
Any updates? Where is it now? Got a ground tour in late 2001. So beautiful.

30th Jul 2003, 09:23
KK, it was supposed to have arrived at OSH yesterday. Here's the link to the daily activities at the airshow