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20th Jul 2003, 16:19
Just visited (by road) Cromer - Northrepps airfield. 2nm SE of Cromer. The grass runway is 493m 180/360. No fuel.

It is run by one Chris Gurney, a man of much experience but confined to a wheelchair after a serious crash, which has no effect on his enthusiasm and pleasure in running his little part in aviation - for the benefit of others.

Landing fee is a fiver and he gets all kinds of aircraft in there.

Just thought I would mention it because it is one of those strips that is fast disappering, and is certainly worth a trip.

21st Jul 2003, 01:55
CP -Hiya

-this is GREAT little north-south strip....absolute PIG to find but Chris talked me on to downwind!! :O

Some may find it a little short at 493m but r/way 36 goes from 159' to 188' -land uphill........

Chris really enthusiastic, and a destination for paraplegic microlight pilots as usually plenty of able bodied chaps to help them in to the 'clubhouse'.

Not far to the village pub for lunch. Also some B&B's nearby.

Muckleburgh strip (550m and 380m), just up the coast, was recommended to me by Chris 'Just fly up the coast, when you see a Harrier by some buildings, turn left.......' has a tank museum and half decent caff. They pick you up from the strip in a 'Goat' at weekends.

I phly for phood!!

22nd Jul 2003, 05:31
Wouldn't want to put a dampener on it guys, but be careful here.
It is a one way strip really....downhill from the sea end could put the frighteners on you, and it requires caution on the upslope.
The marks are still on the ridge at the road end where a PA28 came to a sudden stop about a couple of months ago.!
Just be careful out there OK.?? If you are not used to strips, then be wary. Just be aware.
I agree about Chris...a man from the Barclays Bank family and from a huge landowning family in the area, but an enthusiast through and through. The strip has an apron the size of a pocket hankie, but oh so friendly. Even has a Terminal 2 out the back by the bog.! Agree with the comment that it is difficult to find....it is a shi.t of a place to spot.

22nd Jul 2003, 19:28
Cromer - best fish and chips in the universe are a 3.50 taxi ride away from the airfeld. Take a cool box with you and an order list for dressed Cromer crabs. Cheap as chips.

Northrepps - great museum, great airfeld - lovely BLT butties in the museum restaurant.

Did Northrepps in the Robin and Cromer in the vintage cabrio.

Go visit!


Sorry - RIAT'd out completely - too much flying lately............

I meant to say Muckleburgh not Northrepps.